Cord Cutting Help Within A Toxic Friendship

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Over the last two months, I have rearranged my life as well as forcefully changing my lifestyle. It’s not just my life I did this with, it is also my 3 year old daughters life. I moved my daughter and I 1k miles north and into a friends place. She has been claiming we will/are family now, yet doesn’t act like it. She gets into whatever mood she gets into, and simply tells me to move out. I don’t do anything but work on my small business, raise my child, and clean her mothers house since literally no one else does anything here. She lied to me and said the last 20 years, she’s the only one cleaning; I soon found out that was a lie too. She claims the spider infestation is due to her using Void Magick, all it took was for myself to clean her mothers home to diminish the spider infestation. As of yesterday, she’s tried a second time to kick me and my daughter out. It seems as if it’s once a month type of thing with her. She’s went from saying I’m family (even before my daughter and I moving in), to saying I’m a guest. During the whole moving process, she was telling me what I can and cannot bring with me. I didn’t listen because my lifestyle is my own and I’m not about to let someone control my life. (She’s a control freak as I’ve realised whilst living here).

Story cut short, I’m looking for a cord cutting spell or ritual to end all ties with this being. After this, I want nothing to do with her. I will be retracting my approval for her to “heal” my daughter and I magickally.

Send help! Lol

People have posted a few things here, but you might find techniques you like better off BALG, as it’s very popular. I’d recommend search on here and the general web, and reading a handful to see if any draw you.

Here’s one someone poste that worked for them:

I’ve posted this one before as it looked decent.

Synchronistically, @BloodForPoppies just posted an awesome tut that should help you out as well.
Considering the timing, this one could be very effective for you:


Much appreciated!

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