Cord cutting works incredibly well

Like, astoundingly well.

I performed a cord cutting visualization two nights ago on a loved one with some very dark, toxic energy. I can no longer feel the weight of their darkness dragging me down. I am no longer obsessed with their mental health. I still love them and care about them, and I know those cords will grow back, but for now I feel like a huge weight had literally been lifted. I feel so so so much better.

I highly recommend it. I am amazed at how well it worked. I can think clearly about this loved one now instead of just feeling darkness and dread.


Indeed cord cutting rituals are so totally powerful. If it’s a building, a person, an object or whatever, such a cord cutting ritual is always excellent to close a chapter and move properly on


Can you please share on how you did it?

First I meditated to get myself in the right state of mind.
I imagined my loved one standing before me in an empty room.
I told him something along the lines of, “____, I love you very, very much. You are incredibly special to me, and I wish you all the luck in the world. However, you are in a very dark place right now, and you are sending me some dark energy. I know you’re not doing this on purpose, and I don’t blame you for it. However, I need to cut the cord that connects us. I know it will grow back, and I hope it grows back much healthier.”
Then I hugged him in my mind’s eye and stepped back. I envisioned a large pair of scissors cutting the cord that connected us and the cord retracting into both of our chests. I told him I’d see him again soon, and then I envisioned him getting further and further away as I came back into my own awareness.

Then I got up and played Mario Kart.


Right on. A neat hint that Prometheus showed me was to imagine a torch burning away any of the cords, if they grow back. I imagined finding the root of a cord (in my case, it was an alchol dependency) and then turning the torch downward, almost into the root of the cord. Hope this helps.


From personal experience I found saying things akin to: “I revoke my love for *person’s full name”… “I revoke my friendship with *insert persons full name” “I revoke my marriage vow with insert name has helped me tremendously. Depending on the situation I’d say one of those throughout the day with strong emotion and the intent had drastically made me feel distant towards whomever I wished to break from.

This way is handy because you only need you, yourself, your mind, and a strong will.


If I cut the cords, Will only my emotions cease? And can the bond re-form?

The bond can absolutely, 100% reform.

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I have to try this, thanks for posting.

Excellent work!
If the person tends to be quite clingy or likes to dump their emotional shit on you, you may find that they suddenly start making contact quite desperately.
If they are draining you through a cord you are likely to find that they start extending cords quite aggressively in an attempt to re-establish the link.

When I cut I always bubble shield up first with a firm intention that once the severed cord is out of that space it will be obstructed from getting back in. But I realise that may not be ideal in your situation as you are wanting a new, healthy cord to come back in. You could modify the approach with the intention of blocking the cord from re-connecting until it is sufficiently healthy.
Just my thoughts.
Anyhoo, excellent work and I’m glad it went so well for you