Charisma and attraction Magic

The Attraction Code I tell and push everyone to read. It is by far the best thing I ever read. Its extremely empowering, and I recently told my buddy his first book was magick and did not realize it. The book has a 3rd person story of a guy named Patrick, and each chapter depicts a new story of patricks journey, in which he has conversations and interactions with several women, and or 1, while afterward the book has commentaries for what she was thinking, what he was thinking, and what should have been done. The first day I read it I went out and probably talked to every girl in the night club I was at with 2 of my boys, and they were like what the hell as gotten into you. Got a number, slept with her 2 weeks later. She was a good 8. Since that day my sex life changed dramatically. Bartenders, Shot girls, occasional dancers (not my thing but sometimes they are just so hot :smirk_cat:.)… Now I have a great girl who is not as gorgeous, but has all of the other attributes those girls typically dont come with. I knew when I turned 29 (i’m 30) and my mother and grandmother asked me to stop bringing home “Drunken Barbie Bitches”, that I had to change my perspective lmao. But if you want to increase your sex life big time, go with Attraction Code. The code is an equation of INTENTION>FOCUS>MENTAL STATE>EXPRESSION…Evidently the SAME WAY we apply intention and will, our INTENTION must match our EXPRESSION.

On my own note as a former PUA, It is not about what you say, or how you are saying it. We are creature whom have been around for thousands of years, and our internal programming is not as fast to keep up with our fast pace technology and cognitive thinking processes. You’re friend gets these girls because of the way he THINKS, not because of what he says. I know plenty of men out there who are either rich, funny, witty, smart, very good looking, jacked on steroids, but are HORRIBLE with women. You would think they sley girls all day and night, but in reality, they are asking the same questions you are. Sometime you wonder what the hell that girl is doing with that guy, it is because he fulfills the basic fundamental underlying needs of women. When they met him, they could screen and sense he was the man who girls get on their knees for and can give her multiple orgasms… When you have that mindset that YOU are the man who oozes sexuality, trust me, you can go to a bar in an old soccer jersey and pull more women then any other guy in the place.

Now I am not one for tricking, manipulating, or using women. I look at women as my partners, they want what I want, and that alone will make your body language and tone sound genuine and not like you are trying to get something from them, because trust me, they pick up on that quick. Women are smart and wired differently. I treat every girl I bed with the ultimate respect, and make my intention clear. So, I can go on and on and on… This stuff is like magick, the practice never ends. Good Luck.


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great post. I would have to read it again to chew it all.

thanks man ! cheers

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Honestly, my main issue with the whole PUA thing is that i dont like the idea of chasing/persuing women…at least most of them. The average girl you meet at a bar or club doesnt bring much beyond her looks to the table. As arrogant as it may sound, most of the time i view myself as the prize to be acquired…and its become especially difficult the moment i embraced the BALG movement…because my brain cant wrap around the idea of a living God chasing down your typical woman for attention…and then partially being their dancing monkey for a while to get them interested. Pre magical ascent, i was big on PUA because there wasnt much choice…as they wont approach you due to social conditioning. With magic though, you can pull them to you which is my preference. When you pull them to you via magic though…then the ball is kinda in your court, which i know youve come to understand because youve had great success with pulling women via magic before. All you need is to have your mind catch up with your success. Internally, you have to feel deserving of what magic brings to you.

In my opinion, just the fact that youve begun your path of ascension makes you deserving enough of any girl you manage to pull your way. I mean think about it…how many other guys out there have the knowledge ýou have to impart upon her to wield the power of the universe in the palm of her hand? Not even 1 in 10000 men can do this for her. Now include all the other more mundane things you bring to the table, and you’ll start viewing yourself as the prize…as i do. You should feel sorry for girls who arent lucky enough to be ensnared by the magic of your talismans…because these are the women who will grow old, not knowing a damn thing about the nature of the universe, and whose consciousnesses will ultimately be recycled into the next available body (if theyre lucky) without any control on their part.

Now if you need a bit of PUA stuff to help you a bit more, i suggest you look up a guy called james marshall. I have yet to see a guy more knowledgeable in this field. This video from him should help with the charisma bit


I get it… even the gods had sex drives. Even Belial loves women. Even the almighty love the opposite sex. Its part if the creation of everything. See, chasing women is how most men see it, PUA has different methods as magick has different paths and being a dancing monkey is what bad PUA’s teach. The good PUA’s teach men who are afraid of talking to women how to change their inner belief system. Media, marketing, etc has changed the way the natural system works and has created (mainly in the U.S.) an incorrect perception of men chasing women… television commercials are full of “buy this and get more women”… Name more then 5 species on the planet where the female is in the middle while the group of males fight for her. Never… the natural system has always been 1 male impregnating multiple women…

Good PUA’s teach you how to change your belief system so your NATURAL right as a male comes out automatically to which there is no “dancing monkey” required.

Even with magick you can get the girls to you, but once that beauty comes up to you and says hello, and you are all over the place, slouching, nervous, and stuttering, and lack the knowledge to actually escalate the conversation from hello, to her wondering hoe you are in bed, which consists of knowing the proper way to keno escalate, and how to see the windows of opportunity she GIVES TO YOU without saying that she wants you to touch and or kiss her, that magick wont do shit. When you have 0 experience with how hot girls communicate you’re nottttt going to get very far…

Thats just the name of the game.


I hope you don’t think I was insulting you or anything by my post. If so, that wasn’t the intention. As I said, I was fairly pro PUA myself for a time…and the name I dropped is an example of someone who preaches what you say about natural game also. However, I do feel the need to elucidate my point because I’m not sure it’s been fully understood.

When I say persuing woman, what I meant was going out of your way to make your presence known to them, by approaching them first in a bar/club setting and whatnot. What I did not mean to imply is that wanting women and sex is a waste of time. I’m like one of the biggest womanizers around here lol…so that’s definitely not what I meant. I just have a more arrogant mentality (some would say) about this. I believe that most guys (and by extension girls) on this forum, by the simple nature of engaging with their Godself, are the prize to be pursued, not the woman…at least in most interactions of this type.

My perspective concerns how much effort a guy in his path towards godhood should put in to trying to get hot girls to want him. Now this is just my personal belief, but I don’t believe the average girl is worth expending energy learning PUA for…even if it’s the good stuff on natural game. If I have energy points to allot to various areas of my life, boosting my income streams and managing my ascent deserve the bulk of my time, because the payoff is more extensive.

When it comes to girls now, I practice employing the least amount of effort for the greatest amount of results…and I do so via magic. If one pushes their intent strongly enough into a working on this area of their life…you hardly even have time to be nervous or stutter, because before you’ve even uttered your first word, the girl has already grabbed you and stuck her tongue down your mouth…like what happened to jaysalamone here, or what happened to this user here…where the only thing he had time for was to say yes to a girls blatant, direct request for a threesome without the mental gymnastics. Or perhaps something like zer0rez’s experience here where, according to what he told me privately about the experience, had one of the girls magically fly into his town for no apparent reason, and show up on his doorstep “ready to get fucked” as he put it xD

So again just to be clear…I recognize that not all PUA is bad, and that sexual relationships are most definitely fun and worth engaging in. Where you and I differ though it seems is the amount of effort we’re willing to put into getting what we both mutually want. Personally, given the quality thats out there, I cant even justify the time investment learning good PUA theory…and most importantly putting it into practice on a regular basis (because reading and doing are two different things), when I have magic here on the side that can get me what I want faster than any PUA material ever could. Id just rather put that time reading a good book on natural game into reading a new grimoire instead…but at least now, helldevil has a couple schools of thought on this that he can chew over :slight_smile:


I could ask Asmoday if I can write what he taught me about the charm in a sort of channeling, albeit it’s a short information which may appear plain (this isn’t to discard it, I’m sure it’s valuable).


yes go on :slight_smile:

oh I forgot to tell my friend (mentioned in OP) nearly had foursome in a car tomorrow .

and here I am getting turned on by his experience :joy:

Lol not thinking that at all. I see from your posts you are good ppl


No i actually agree with what you are saying now. For myself, when i get into something i put all of my effort into it. When magick was never on my radar, PUA was a chapter of my life that i dove into. But your and my perspective is so different because we have already conquered that area of our lives. If we use magick to get more women, we are good to go. But newbies looking to magick only to increase their sex lives i feel will br let down. If they want one specific girl it kind of makes sense, but they are shooting the life of a rockstar, you kind of nees to know how to work with those types of women. Right now ascent is my priority, but if women was perhaps working on both magick and the basics of talking to girls should be split. So many people do money spells, but are never satisfied because they dont know how to use it. Even EA last week was telling me he is coming out with a money spell division and will also include money MANAGEMENT skill lessons. This is what i am trying to say. You can use magick to bring things to you, but in my opinion to ger the most out of it you have to have some sort of skill set outside of magick to to help aid the physical manifestation.


So, here’s that Asmoday’s communication with a small integration from today: charm is a very important skill to be exerted by humans. It originates from the depths of themselves. To be more charming, transformation is required. To transform, know yourself; that’s the key of everything. To know yourself, interrogate and investigate yourself.
He said that if I’m not much charming, I may not believe that the cause is knowledge of myself (in the sense that at least some time ago I didn’t perceive me as “lacking”), but this is the result of my doubts. Perhaps the same could be true in other cases. “Get rid of doubts and you’ll be free. Free to do, free to own…”


So helldevil…remember that name i dropped…james marshall? Well he has a youtube channel called the natural lifestyles…and i woke up this morning to a new video they uploaded literally called ‘what is charisma and how do you develop it (to get girls)’ lol. Perfect timing for you


haha cool :joy:

I watched his previous video you mentioned and subscribed to his channel .

I am watching his videos . I will watch this latest video soon

I like his videos . he’s funny as well .

but If you have seen his infield action videos , don’t you think he just makes small boring talks with girls? or maybe it works for him ?

let’s get more suggestion( magical + mundane ) incoming !


well thats the whole point of natural game! you arent doing anything special…except being direct with your intent. What you say doesnt matter as much as your authenticity. Im glad you like him though :slight_smile: on the magical side of things, i honestly think youve got it down based on what youve told me. Perhaps instead of targeting specific girls this time, you make a talisman to increase your attractiveness in general. Additionally, id involve both sitri and paimon in this…Sitri to inflame lust in women around you, and paimon to convince them to approach you first.


iv read some of you old post i thought the spirits like hagith and sitri were doing the job :sunglasses:

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yes they did .

but as i have stated many other times … after the girl pops …either i fail to converse with her or the girl doesn’t seem interested after some time.

IT’S like I get signs…but no end result.

that’s why i created this post to increase …to increase personal magnetism


got ya . !!

I will be going with full force and power from next week maybe after my exams finish .

and I have made an oath to not masturbate untill until I get laid :sweat_smile:


haha…good man. i look forward to hearing about your resultd


ok i understand, interesting nonetheless. that you can bring the women in to your life put cant hold on to them Marbas maybe be able to help get rid of some emotional blocks you know that self sabotage.

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Hell devil. I been in the game for while, we diferer in sistems. I tnk its time u left hagit &sitri alone. Honestly. Tru have the same experience whit magic. As you say. I move on. U have read and try a lot. I do tis i use oils and ask deities to bring the girl to me. Body soul mind etc and whatever guarfian she has, be ok whit my wish… I tell you tis. I read a spell, whit salt and picture, pray. First for girl. Then put her picture on pladtic bag, add sea salt. In a sandwich bag in red. A thursday night. Monday. She cnt stop staring on me. And talk a lot. She were shy. I should score but it was lunch.switch stiles

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