First Evocation Sitri Came through

Omg im leaving my job right now and Sitri came through lol. I just joinef the mastering evocation program yesterday. I did my first evocation with Sitri earliet today. I wasnt sure if it was me or my imagination, if it indeed did go the way it was supposed to. You can read my earlier post cause Im not going to go through all the details. In the evocation I asked Sitri to send me std free women that will seek me out for sex. Tonight at work this girl that I work with that i talk to sometimes but thats all. Grabs me and starts making out with me after work out of nowhere. I had to leave so we wouldnt get caught. We have a date for tommorow too. Befor the night was through i started to question my experience earlier today. Thinking it was in my head. No way. This is real.


My man!

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I can guess how this ends…