Charisma and attraction Magic

Hello BALG members .

I want to know about charisma magic to increase one’s sex appeal .

my best friend who looks normal , but girls drool over him. Many girls compliment him about how attractive he is …

so I want to increase my charm too.

any techniques will be appreappreciated .

thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Credit cards is the best technique…


if u have anything else useful to say , then share it .


I knew a guy like that in College, he was fat and ugly (rich as well) but really funny and lots of innuendo and sexualised humour made the girls love him.
Check this book out it’s called “the charisma myth” it’s a learned skill. There was a list of angels posted by @anon20147451 recently that deal with that, I have not tried them but if you want entities to work with then check it out.


Also really laid back, pretty girls are used to having every guy try to fuck them when you’re more laid back and not chasing them they tend to chase.


Also just so you get specific responses are you looking for a girlfriend, multiple sexual partners or validation and attraction from lots of women. Be honest with your self here.
From the post it seems like you’re after the last one.
If you’re after a girlfriend then it wouldn’t matter if the other girls don’t flirt, if you’re trying to bed many again it would mean nothing that most of who you approach aren’t interested or even hate you as long as your pulling at the end of the night. It’s the last one that most guys want and it’s exactly what prevents them from getting it, girls run away from that shit. It’s why they want the bad boys because they couldn’t care less about what they think.


thanks for your responses ! basically I want attraction from lots of girls and then chose one among them and make her my girlfriend.

I do everything like eating clean , going to gym , personal hygiene.

but that charisma factor is still missing .

I will check that book you mentioned :slight_smile:


Take someone you find really attractive who is charismatic. Like James Bond right, he’s good with women he’s a sly man whatever. Now try to personify what he would do to a lesser extent.


Attack the situation from multiple angles. Manipulate her mind into thinking highly of you and as well as to think constantly about you. Then you want to target her root chakra and to instill lust. Then cast a love spell for a relationship and ask her out. At this point sweep her off her feet after you’ve had success with the ritual(s).


As for spirits that can help I suggest Belial for the manipulation aspect of the operation I suggested and a spirit that specializes in lust…


@Rcs4215 I’m tagging Rob here because he was a pua and can probably add more to your situation.


I would look into energy work and glamour magick as well as the advice already given. Spirits of Venus could be helpful as well. Look into Jason Miller’s Invocation of the seducer from his book Sorcerer’s Secrets.


I gess its naturally born. Im a litle overweight. Nice looking and not game, so i use magic. Im weird according to friends bcse im hiperactive, and strong presense, but im funny sometimes, i gess, bringing pastries to work works. And smelling goid. And have some espare change.


Some non-magickal tips on charisma and making a good first impression below - you may nee to work in elements of PUA stuff (like social proof and so on) so as to not appear too needy though, this was written in the context of politics and influence:


In D&D terms (wow i use a lot of that, but it’s so well put together!), charisma is both what you look like and how you carry/present yourself.

So, try some internal magick. As a woman, i will tell you that confidence is attractive, arrogance is not. Gentleness is attractive, weakness is not. Intelligence is attractive, but only when it is also tempered by wisdom. Expand these qualities in yourself, and you have a good start toward charisma.

Another huge thing is attention. When interacting with a person you desire, spend your attention lavishly on them. It will most often get you further than money. Edit- I see this has already been brought up. Seems like something to investigate, doesn’t it?


thank you both the ladies ! it’s always good to have women’s opinion regarding this subject.

@Lady_Eva : I have read PUA BOOks , but they dont appeal to me because they are just too "modern " for my country .

I can challenge these pickup artista to try their techniques in my country without getting jailed for sexual harrasment :joy:

@anastasiya : Interesting responses .

I agree with what you have written. I am reading some articles on building confidence

it is clear that girls attracted to bad guys who get up in fights … have a angry charming look on their face in place of a smiling face.


Right, well I think some of them have female psychology in dating nailed down pretty well, women are complex beings capable of amazing things but our sex drives are run on some legacy software from the stone age, and understanding that even when (actually, ESPECIALLY when) meeting some woman who you think could be your soul mate, who you think more highly of than any other, is important, because her software is still there running that area of her life, regardless of however refined and superior to all other females she may seem.

Women have a good handle on this with men, in fact many think you lovely creatures are all stone age and nothing better, but modern men have tended to lag behind in understanding this, for various reasons.


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The attraction code by Vin Dicarlo will change your life. Another great one, and person friend of mine, Brian Burkes website,


thanks man ! I will check them both :slight_smile: