Can you kill a spiritual being?

Particularly parasites.

And do spirits kill other spirits? I know some beings have reputation for killing certain groups of other spirits. Although I imagine it’s only on the weak ones.


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Straightforward answer. Why is a human soul so difficult to kill?

According to many people here, the astral body dies after the human dies. so it could be artificially done by killing

you are not killing the soul. Just the spirit

also this question has been asked before

Many people claim to have “killed” angels, demons, and gods, but it doesn’t seem to prevent magicians from successfully evoking the very same beings supposedly killed so I don’t know if I really buy the idea.

The Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.


My bad, I missed that thread but also saw another now.

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Very interesting then, thanks for the reply. What do you think about a human dying on the astral post-physical death? It seems many here subscribe to that belief.

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Parasites, so namely “larvae”: impostors, lower beings, can die while other spirits are (traditionally) immortal although it seems that demons, for example, may be “destroyed” on special occasions such as using a prayer to a Saint whose name I don’t remember. In fact there’s a difference between immortal and eternal, Hindu and Buddhist texts say that gods live many centuries but not for eternity.
About the human soul, some esotericists wrote that it’s more a task (i.e. “creating” it) than a reality; one of the different point of views: nothing, afterlife, reincarnation… Amongst these authors, one mentioned ancient wishes such as “May you escape the second death” or the opposite “May you incur in the second death”.

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Nothing is free from death, demons, angels, Gods, parasites, fae, they call can die, reincarnate, etc. Immortality in my opinion isn’t real, maybe partial immortality because even a soul can cease to exist as a soul which could be seen as destroying it’s “original” form i.e ceasing to be a conscious soul and becoming ambient energy. That and given some reincarnated souls are souls of demons, daemons, humans, Gods, angels, whatever under creation. Beings even when reincarnated can be evoked/invoked.


I second this


The astral is not the soul. It is simply one aspect of our being, just as the physical body is. It is not the entirety of us.

Upon physical death, it is said that we shed each “body” as we return to whence we came. The goal of Ascension work of the Left Hand Path is to preserve the consciousness of the individual beyond the dissolution of each shell.


I would say, sort of. You can kill their manifestation. I am not convinced that their essence is ever destroyed.


I’d also like to add these beings do bleed, they are only spirits when they come here, but on their plane they are in some cases flesh and blood, I’ve seen angels bleed, demons bleed, fae bleed, they may not have the same blood as us here on the physical but they still bleed and feel pain. On their plane they are as physical as we are on our plane. When we project to their plane our energy bodies adjust to their plane in a state of a semi physical manifestation, where we can also be harmed there but “death” of the projection doesn’t do much for us, it will leave damage on the energy body sure, but it won’t kill us, however if we hurt them or kill them on their plane/realm then that pain and harm for them is as physical as if we were stabbed or killed here.There are certain beings like elementals who are just embodiments of elemental energies who aren’t as solid as other beings however.


I just now remember the death of Baldr and his reincarnation into Helheim in Norse/Germanic tradition. For some reason I guess I thought spiritual beings didn’t have other aspects that can reincarnate, even though I had known this story before. Well, and many other death/reincarnation stories from various cultures. Thanks @anon48079295, I always find you and @DarkestKnight’s posts to be very insightful. Thanks everyone who replied, this has been very insightful to me.


In Norse myth it is also stated that the Goddess Hel reincarnated a mass ton of Jotun Gods once she took up rulership of Hel as before she did they wandered the 9 worlds as spirits because the gates of Hel were stuck open. There’s also the fact that Horus is believed to constantly reincarnate into the royal family’s lineage to watch over them and lead them, among many other cultural beliefs on reincarnation.


I also remember a scene in one of the sagas, if I remember correctly, where two Berserkers are fighting and the one insults the other by referring to him as an incarnated jötunn.

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Technically, they’re not alive, so no.

I’m pretty bad, I know, at saying things like “kill the parasite”. It’s a convenient and quick way to say, “remove it’s presence from your universe” that everybody understands.

What you can do is disrupt the patterns of energy that make them up so that they cannot interact with you in your version of reality any more. Using the image of ‘killing’ - e.g. by fire - in a working to do this is quite effective ime.

So strong spirits can disrupt lesser entities, if they have a reason to. Sometimes stories of this happening are more metaphorical though, you have to be careful and read between the lines.