Can spirits die?

I’ve seen a few mentions both on here and in occult literature of people killing entities. @Lady_Eva has talked about how she and a group of others killed the troll god, Somnus Dreadwood mentions in his books the practice of devouring other entities during soul travel, and I’ve even seen claims on here recently of Yog-Sothoth and Zozo’s demise at the hands of magicians.

So how is this actually possible? People are obviously still evoking Yog-Sothoth, Zozo will still come if you call loudly enough with an Ouija board, and Lady_Eva even says that “the accretions of egregoric energy take a while to fully disperse” after her metaphysical assassination. So is the spirit death just in the subjective reality tunnel of the specific magician who “killed” it, while the spirit will still live on in the perception of other magicians? Or is it actually possible to permanently extinguish an entity in all reality tunnels simultaneously so that no matter how hard another magician tries, no matter how involved and furious the summoning, that entity will no longer appear before them in an evocation?

It also complicates matters that with enough intent and focused emotional energy, we create our own egregores and thought-forms that answer to the same name as the entity we are trying to call, so even if we do succeed in killing off a spirit, the act of another magician summoning it would be sufficient to create an egregoric “clone” of it. I suspect the only difference, ultimately, would be the power available to the clone, but this might eventually approach the original’s after enough time and enough worshippers directing energy toward it under the same name.

Thoughts? Canst thou kill a God?


Yogsothoth and zozo aren’t dead. Zozo has become a servitor basically.

But the easiest answer is yes


Because enough other beings wanted it dead, what began to answer calls on it after that point would be something that would refuse to take the old entity’s route into parasitic anti-human activity.

Investigate Amut/Ammit, the great devourer of Egyptian afterlife, which destroys the personality to the extent no form of it remains.

Also, no-one would suggest killing a human just means they will be back in their old form in 25+ years in a new body…

With respect (I mean, not to demean your question) the weary assertion heard from some quarters that one cannot kill a spirit because belief just respawns it has more to do with a crossover from gaming and the idea all spirits can only exist when believed into being, than with the accounts of both ancient civilsations and of modern-day shamanic healers who meet with spirits unknown to man, and who don’t seek any kind of worship or attention beyind performing their task. :thinking:

And people who believe that way tend to dodge these questions: “Are Demons Real?” ~ 4 Questions To Dissect.


I once read that the spirits are immortal but not eternal. A theme sometimes occurring in occult literature is destruction of demons but, even if it was possible, maybe a living essence remains.
Larval and other lesser entities can die; according to Hermeticism the human soul itself, after death, become a seed and reincarnates; another esoteric school affirms that the uninitiated has no immortal soul.

There was a former member of this forum that liked to go around and claim he was devouring various demons, and gods, yet there were no problems for people evoking those he claimed to have devoured.

Since spirits are multidimensional, and can appear to millions of magicians all over the world simultaneously, I find such claims highly improbable.

In my opinion, you would have to destroy the spirit on every plane and dimension of its existence, and there are plenty of dimensions we don’t even know about, so to completely wipe out a demon or god is unlikely.


I’m going to weigh in one other thing - modern man has no concept of winning, for the most part.

Hollywood (conveniently?) has made it a kind of progamming that the antagonist always survives and comes back, always - TV series show the same group facing the same situations, largely with a reset button for the overall group and their situation.

You will find a sick comparison to this in the troll god era meme of eternal paradise, but as the I Ching shows, life is change - old things fall away, new things replace them, without taking their form.

There is an unwholesome fixation with eternity and the unchanging that belongs specifically to the Abrahamic cults, and which is appealing to children (who long for security and things not leaving) and this meme that things can never change is drummed into us from babyhood by the one-eyed god of the living room, now being replaced by mummy’s smartphone with even worse results (Elsagate being the best-known).

But the dinosaurs are really dead, and the Spanish Armada really sunk. Nothing will be rebooted for more of the same in next week’s episode.

And @DarkestKnight, with respect, just because one crazy person says a thing, does not mean all people who say anything resembling it are also that crazy person. Ragnarok existed before Sevarn, as a concept, and Set assisted Ra in fighting back Apothis every night, to save what mattered from being devoured. Battles between gods, where some gods die, lie at the foundation of many global civilisations.

(Similarities between the concept of Apothis that attacked the Solar god, whose name was then stolen by the first incarnation of the troll god as “the aten” and the solar imagery when several magicians - not just me - were involved in the timely destruction of the troll god are additional items to consider here.)


I don’t believe spirits can die, personally. I believe their influence can be weakened, but not to a point of death. But that’s just me.


You’re right, @Lady_Eva, but, with respect, it also doesn’t mean they’re not. There are many exaggerated claims made in the occult, and self delusion is a real danger to be guarded against.

Also, I never said it wasn’t possible; I just stated my opinion that it is highly improbable due to the multidimensional nature of spirits.

Ragnarok is a myth about the end of all things, created by humans, like all myths, and it involves gods killing each other, not humans killing gods. Can a god kill another god? Possibly, in my opinion, because one god is just as multidimensional as another. However, Marduk slew Tiamat, and yet magicians can still work with Her.

In the myth of Ra mentioned, the sun god defeated Apophis with the help of the other gods, but the serpent never stayed dead. He would always rise again, and the battle begun anew.


Well destruction of all of creation in general…

@Aiden_Crow and I just talked about this actually.

Beings die, but it isn’t permanent. They always come back. Plus its a lengthy as hell process


It’s also difficult.


My point in mentioning that though was the very real fear Ra could be killed, specifically, consumed - and that it would be final.

When I reported the work I did, it did involve many other gods and demons, magicians, and ancestral and other spirits, working together.


How many have you killed? Genuine question.

Curious what happened. :smiley:

By the way, just as not all humans are alike spiritually, nor are all “mammals” alike (dog, dolphin, bunny) - and it’s same with spirits.

What happens to them is therefore different on a case-by-case basis, not hard to see how a being that can only steal, only mimic and hide and parasitize is considerably different to, for example, a spirit like Bael who takes many forms and has existed in ma ny cultures under different names, often appearing spontaneously. :frog:


Even if most of the gods are killed in Ragnarök, it’s a cycle that repeat itself infinitely. When the battle of the gods is over, it starts over again, and again, and again…maybe with small differencies each time. What does that say about the gods of that particular mythology? That they are, to some extent, immortal? That they, perhaps, are aware of the cycle they’re a part of?

Personal affiliation with different gods and goddesses can be “killed”, when it’s removed. Ignorance kills. It can even kill humans.


Gods? None. Yet. In the process of devouring angels and a god though.

Parasites or similar low entities? A few. They dissolved into white particles and faded away. Haven’t heard from them since.

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I know its a lengthy and tough process due to being in the middle of it… There are hundreds of us targeting the same entities daily and they are still there.

Soon I’ll be able to take larger bites… Power is coming my way

Sorry, @KingOfHearts616 there should have been a comma there between “end of all things” and “created by humans.” I meant the myth was created by humans, not that Ragnarok ended only things created by humans. I edited in the missing comma. lol

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In Mesopotamia, they had myths with dying God’s.

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I am assuming this is more then likely a Paradox.

i belive they can die but the second they die they are reborn as they were before like a Phoenix.


I’m not saying belief just respawns the same spirit, nor do I think that all spirits are necessarily creations of mankind. I do think that we can generate thoughtforms with enough directed energy and intent, though–so even if an entity (regardless of its origin) has been truly killed, someone praying in the name of that entity and visualizing/thinking about its various traits, characteristics and personality (and even better, enough people praying over enough of a period of time) may be able to generate a thoughtform that acts identically to the original entity.

Why, though? If we’re talking about a generated thoughtform here, created from millions of people’s prayers, hopes, beliefs, and fears (not to mention the oodles of pent-up sexual energy built up from the JCI’s enforced guilt complexes), it would (at least initially) behave according to the expectation of its creators. I guess it ultimately depends on how much sentience and capability to self-evolve one attributes to egregores.

RIght, but humans have a fundamentally material component to them that spirits do not. Humans also appear to operate in a linear, unidirectional dimension of time wherein there is a clear distinction between past, present, and future. As such, killing a human ensures that they will be dead (in this material realm) from this moment forward.

Contrariwise, spirits appear to have the ability to access the whole space-time continuum without difficulty. As EA has stated multiple times in his videos, once you call on a spirit, that spirit will have always been with you, is with you now, and will always be with you from that moment forward. They can read the future as easily as they can observe remote goings-on. So it seems strange to me to consider that the act of killing a spirit at one particular time moment would somehow erase it from all of existence, unless the act itself is targeting all manifestations of the spirit at all times and in all realities containing the spirit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

RIght! Many deities have been slain in their mythos (and by other gods, no less), yet we can still evoke them as magicians. But perhaps there is a distinction here between mere death and the “second death” that comprises utter annihilation with no hope of recovery. :thinking:

Note: I have never attempted to slay a God, so these are all just theoretical musings on my part.

Puts “Kill a minor Deity” on his To Do list for homework.