Can learning programming help with magick, such as making servitors?

I’m trying to join this new “job” where it looks like I will be doing “white hat” stuff, and I need to learn programming languages like Python, C++, knowing about OSystems, computer “logic,” networking, protocol, etc., and I’m a complete know-nohting noob at this point, but I’m a logical-minded person, am a computer addict since childhood, and this job would pay a lot if I complete a “learning period” prerequisite period.

Anyway, I ask because I’m wondering if knowing how to program about what “makes things” work, such as automated scripts that can do [scheduled] work for me could help if I want to make “magickal” things, such as servitors, egregores, or anything else in magick I am not thinking of? Or am I just jumping the gun thinking the thinking I will learn will apply in any way to magick?

Yes, computer programming can be applied to magical endeavors. It has been since the early days of Chaos Magick. Research the cybernetic paradigm, which approaches spirits as packets of information rather than autonomous individual beings.


I and others have touched on this subject many times before.