Evoking/Invoking a Computer Language

Is it possible to actually invoke a computer language like Java or HTML? Or any language?

@Lady_Eva has evoked the New Avatar Power book, for example.

@Micah has evoked the Demonic Tongue, for example. With great success.

So I’ll put a list of computer (old and new) languages that I think should be evoked/invoked.

Assembly Language
BASIC/Visual Basic

Operating Systems:

Mac OS

Honorable Mention:
Enochian (!)


Invoke a Computer spirit…

Record the sounds that come out your mouth

I have no knowledge in Binary Code for example, but I could do something like a channeled Binary Code Incantation for…Sex I guess:

0110 110 10010
0010 100 0111
0101 0000 1111

There ya go

Only issue would be a knowing that it is a legit binary Incantation and not the result of randomly punching numbers.


Thought your first account was banned @Micah

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This is my same account @Voodooking
Yeah I was banned
But I came back

Did you ressurect yourself? Lmao.

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Lmao dude you don’t remember we talked about it in PM?

Yes. I do.

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I remember getting some Gnosis about why our phones are called Andorids

It’s because each phone literally comes with it’s own spirit who acts like a Servitor or engine of that phone.

A Literal Android.
With a name.
And all.

This supports Animism which believes that all objects have spirits in them. Also…explains why people are addicted to their phones

They give energy and attention to the being in their phone. It’s a vampiric type thing


Why would you invoke a computer language? Do you want to learn it or do you think you could just like be possessed by it while not actually having to do the programming work?

As an experiment based on the idea that language itself is spirit and to see if this is also true for computer languages. Also, yes it would help in understanding coding, as different languages were made for different purposes.

Assembly Language : Yes
C/C++/C# : Yes
BASIC/Visual Basic : Yes
Pascal : Yes
Python : Yes [Most definitely yes, seen it done before.]
JavaScript : Yes [There was a book about it in the 90s.]
Java :Yes
Ruby : Yes [ Programmable scripts can allow for it.]
HTML : Yes [ Programmable scripts can allow for it.]
Perl : Yes [ Probably the least likely to work since it needs a module.]
CSS : Yes

Hope that helps answer your questions. Yes all of them can be evoked / invoked. The probability of success is pretty low without a pre-script running when you do it. The most likely programs would be ones that can run on their own by simply pressing enter. A lot of the coding you listed wouldn’t be able to do this without a console or module. But yes all of them can work under the right circumstances to be blunt.

I’ve seen it done with the following :
C+, Ruby, Python and Viper.
The telekinesis balloon program was scripted in Ruby and ran with the help of Python.


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Mod-hat off,

That’s an interesting idea. :thinking:


May I suggest Xaturing ?

And thus, Cult Mechanicus has born. For what you can use such invoked language? Programing of reality maybe? But i suspect that user should know syntax of such language…

Yes. Maybe a new computer language can be created just for magick (or other occult purposes).

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During a few bouts of psychosis as well as some mysterious nights on the brink of homelessness I have had alternative operating systems utelized to get me through the challenge.

Your brain cannot handle what its being asked to do so you must flip the script into something doable.

Ex I cant survive being outside on my own duriglng this turmoil
So I change the operating system to Im learning how to ascended with a high priestess.

Everything until the simulation was conpleted was under a new OP so it allowed my brain to rationalize doing astral missions for 5 hours straight and climbing on cacti.

A similar tactic is used before you enter temple, player one assumes the form of creator before adding new elements to the game.

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