Midjourney AI and the Spirits: Is Humanity Ready?

Here are a couple of pictures of Lilith made with the Midjourney AI:

I fed this photo into it:


And got this:

I fed this photo into it:


And got this:

These are the instructions that I gave Midjourney:

“Photo of a gorgeous, perfect, full body girl stylish woman female, synthetic human, synth, android, gynoid, replicant, dynamic composition, detailed, dynamic pose, photorealistic, perfection, beauty”

I’ve been on this robot chick thing lately, okay?

The point is that to claim that there is no creativity being developed in AI is denying something. I think that AI is being influenced by spirits.

Am I saying that Lilith influenced these graphics? Maybe.

I am also aware that many of us are using AI to create servitors.

Admit though that this is some spooky s***! We as humanity are now in unknown territory. I only hope that we are ready for this.


I don’t really find it at all impressive: you did all the decision making and creative effort, it just regurgitated something based on its programming. If you had not had the creativity to ask the question nothing would have happened.

And what you did get out was derivative copies of human art out found online. At my art school this would get a shitty grade because of its lack of uniqueness and personal flair.

I’m getting very sick of humans freaking out about ai, which is not remotely “intelligent” if you think about it for 5 minutes. I work in software, I understand what this is, it’s not there yet.

No, you’re not. They’re using this to make convenient cartoons to fuel thier imagination and they create the servitors. The computer makes a pretty picture, that’s it. Stop giving away your power to a novelty, this is ridiculous.


AI is just a tool to enslave people. Replacing those in creative fields and cutting off all opportunity possible in those fields or hobbies that people can make a living off of and forcing people to be little more than menial slave labor. No wonder parasites like it. It just steals from others and spits out something only fools would mistake for actual art or creativity. Ultimately any sensible being is opposed to AI in all its forms and development as a technological field. Take it as strong bias if you want but I see nothing special about this and just something to be broken down and removed from the arsenal of tools already used to keep people subjugated.


In my opinions the problem with AI is that they’re selling it. I think AI images should be in public domain without having to pay money to appreciate it. And also, I think that should be a system that generate a “watermark” to credit the creator’s style (the ones that the AI use as trainings).
Further more, my opinion if these images were created with influence of Lilith is that I can’t tell… I was not present when these images were generated, but I can tell that I don’t feel a unique energy from these images. In my conceptions, they were generated like that because of the prompts and all the automatic programation evolved.
In my consideration if this is art or not… I think that Art is everything that has a councious meaning (intention from the artist). For him it has meaning because he think that the images were influenced by Lilith and he was using the AI with the intention to do something for Lilith. Now, if a big company make thousands of copies just to sell it without meaning, so it’s not art. If a art is generated at the midjourney with the intention of make a meme, so it’s art. Piero Manzoni back in the 60’s sold his own poop (called Artist’s Shit) with the intention/meaning of criticizing the art industry in his era.


The problem is AI art exists and that anyone can generate it which takes away from real artists trying to make a living and devaluing true artistic expression. How long before this is taken into other fields to devalue people working there? Books, Movies, Music, Science, AI can be used to eventually replace all higher fields for cheap and leave people forced to be little to be nothing more than slaves more so than they already are. Not too mention uses it can have to frame people or fabricate evidence that only AI can recognize as being fabricated but can no doubt be programmed to respond in whatever way the powers that be want. Giving free impunity over everyone else and people are devolving rapidly enough that they would quickly allow this with the right spin. In my opinion AI research is an insult to actual intelligence and mental effort.


I’m not convinced…

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Dude. You’re just preaching to the choir. I’m an IT admin. I am fully aware of how technology works and the science behind it.

I’m just saying that there is a slight possibility that this AI stuff may lead to some unintended consequences for society and the human race at large. Just any technology has disrupted society. Every industry almost went bankrupt in the last fifty or so years alone.

The very story of the entertainment industry is about how the major corporations fought against video tapes because they thought people would no longer go to the movie theatre. Then they got wise and favored the inferior VHS format over Betamax. Remember the HD-DVD vs. Bluray BS?

Did you know that the music industry was against radio because they thought that people would no longer go to concerts? For the same reason. They were against vinyl records. Then they hated cassette tapes because of “people copying the songs with their tape recorders”. Then hip-hop happened. They hated it!

Then something called the World Wide Web came. Human history changed forever. Remember Napster? When was the last time you read a newspaper? Do you stream your movies and tv shows? By the way, the entertainment industry hated streaming at first.

In these few examples, technology has its positive and negative sides. The Internet was supposed to lead to freedom of information, democracy, and prosperity for all right? Hah!

AI is no different from any other tool that can be used to enslave or free us. I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to use it to enrich myself.

As Dave Chapple says, “I’m rich bitch!”

And I recommend that everyone uses this tool to try to get some money!

Also, it is not the fear of a “Skynet” evolving to take out the human race scenario that I’m concerned with. The fact that governments and corporate entities already keep an electronic “paper trail” on us 24/7. Since I can’t get political here, let’s just say that foreign interests are constantly trying to hack our infrastructure. Of course, AI is a major part of this.

Human minds using AI for negative reasons are a major threat. Not AI itself. Yet, AI is learning from us. It learns our deepest desires. It knows our weaknesses and our strengths. Its algorithms create an echo chamber spewing what it knows right back at us.

Sounds a lot like the astral realm. It too contains our deepest desires. It too knows our weaknesses and our strengths. Its thoughtforms create an echo chamber spewing what it knows right back at us.

AI is becoming. No, it’s not there yet. And it may never get advanced enough to be creative or reach levels of sentience.

In that case, some humans don’t seem to have a f**ing level of sentience, either! Or a shred of common sense. Or any critical thinking skills. NPC’s anyone?

Before we even criticize how “lame” and “unimpressive” AI is, let’s look at the idiots who created it. US! Humanity! We created it.

So that means that we are “lame” and “unimpressive”, right? We are enslaving ourselves. We need to free ourselves.

Enough of my rant.

Fox Uniform.



I did the same for Astaroth. I used no source images and only a few words. (Variations of her name) This is what I got. The black hair, red eyes, flowing appearance is amusingly relevant. :grin:


As for creativity, ai stealing what’s already been created by a humans that have uploaded their efforts online and which now makes it possible for use by ai, why not take the flip side and use ai as a springboard to create your own ‘original’ work of art?

It’s been done before but without the algorithms.
I’m thinking of Andy Warhol and his ‘artwork’ of Marilyn Monroe, all he did was make each individual picture a different colour and he sold it to the world.

Notice the link that states $195 million was the price paid at auction for the ‘original’ silkscreen painting.

Warhol used someone else’s photograph, taken by someone now unknown, made some silkscreens and produced multiple copies of the image in whatever colours took his fancy. He made a production line of it and was criticised for destroying art. He met his end though by being shot by an artist who suspected him of stealing her art.

Art borrows from art and there’s nothing to stop any arts and crafty person from using ai to inspire an actual hand drawn or painted piece of their own.


I didn’t say don’t use it. My concern is your language that was practically fawning over it as if it was intelligent or special, and the point where you said people used it to create servitors, which is patently inaccurate.

Your point that it’s just another form of communication is one I agree with, your apparent excitement over it, I do not.

I don’t really see how contention in other types of tech are relevant. Yes humans with power will push inferior tech if it keeps their investment longer. France hung on to the minitel longer than was useful because of that. It was ahead of it’s time but got overtaken by the internet eventually. It isn’ta fair comparison, because the end result between the tech was the same. A difference in video quality doesn’t alter the process of creating movies or significsntly change the competition among studios. Ai directly competes in a derivative way not a developing way. It’sdisingenuous to assume that because vhs didn’t hurt video insider that ai won’t hurt the set industry way phitography did in fact hurt the illustration industry. Your cherry picked examples belie your bias.

And yes as it happens I do read the local newspaper since you asked. I live in a village in NE USA, and it’s the only way I get village news. You use the tools you’ve got.

Another issue with ai is that to use it you must allow your data to need tracked. I just tried to sign up to test chatgtp and it wants a phone number: there’s no tech reason it needs a login at all, but they want the data. So i won’t use it. Your phone number tracks to your phones emei and hating that means that sie can know where your phone is at all times. Most people keep thier phone on them, so now the ai is watching where you are at so times. Missty prime don’t think about that, or how that data can be used and misused.

This ISN’T betamax vs vhs, its a lot more sophisticated than that with political and social implications.

The tech itself IS stupid, it is a program that does what it does, How it’s being implemented however, and WHAT it’s being told to do are they key. Not by the end users, but by the human controllers watching the end users.

So, Finally, There’s no real benefit to using an ai genned image over original art on deviant art, but there are severe detriments. Already people have poorer imaginations and taking away opportunities for artists, as noted above, makes our while society poorer. The ai would be nothing without them, and the more they stop producing the more the ai that depends on them stagnates, it can’t develop when the well dries up.

We’re just enabling the stagnation of all aspects of society if we turn to ai for all the answers. Some answers that require massive data crunching, great, all of them? no way.
Art? Which we can do better for ourselves anyway? absolutely not.


I think the problem is if we collaborate with “let’s destroy AIs” I think we’ll be no different than the old catholic church who destroy/kill everything they don’t agree and tell that they’re doing that to the best of humanity. In my considerations, I think us using our cellphones and car have already destroy many people who worked in charioteer and now most of cars are produced using machines.

There’s a bunch of security and copyright problems in this AI:

And these should be considered and fixed.

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It is interesting that you brought up the Andy Warhol story. A thought came to me that in a way, Warhol was the “AI” of his day, in a sense. Then:

It won’t be so easy to “destroy AI” like that.

I think that we are overdue for a new “Spanish Inquisition” phase. Remember, these are the same types of people that put Galileo Galilei under house arrest for the rest of his life. They tried to assassinate Christopher Columbus. Nostradamus was forced to burn his books. Dr. John Dee’s Enochian work was almost burned up. If I’m not mistaken, Gutenberg was threatened by the Catholics over his printing press.

There is no lack of human prejudice, idiocy, and ignorance.


Pretty accurate most people don’t have awareness, will, and barely even have souls, they are just expendable hollow unaware shells that just fuel the machinations. Think what you want of AI I believe it is an abomination to be destroyed along with any that work on it or use. Even most so called magicians are just useless NPCs with a few astral technologies grafted into them to mimic the ability to utilize magick and so spread disinformation and muddy the waters of actual practice.

I’m not joking when I say I’ve seen rocks more impressive than most people.

As to this regard in art circles this renders you little more than a con artist and thief except without the honor of actually doing the work yourself such as through tracing or slight modifications. It is not a tool in our favor or benefit and there can be no benefits to its continued use or development any more than there can be past the feel good sensation of meth before it kills you.

It is a computer system and all computer systems can be destroyed by true intelligence and sentient thought. The masses can be manipulated to hate and reject it and those that utilize it. Humans are slaves enough already without taking away the few opportunities those with an actual amount of self awareness might have to get ahead of the cattle. This is what AI is meant to take away under the guise of being some toy or tool. There are plenty already undermining and destroying this crap in the mental and social spheres and the technological base.

Galileo was beloved by many in the church and was protected by said people. The church for the most part had stopped burning people at the stake by his time. He wouldn’t stop being an asshole and led to his ‘house arrest’.

Columbus had stolen maps from the Portugal that kept them as state secrets hence why they were hunting him.

John Dee was working for the Elizabeth government and probably her massive spy network.

Anyways, a.i. art is giving people the power to create artworks that would otherwise not be created. I am personally using it to at least make some of my pyshic visions and its very emotional pleasing to me to FINALLY have the tools for it and share it with others.

I have already seen creative people using it to create clothing, makeup and other things from working with this new tool.

When radio came it destroyed the record business in the 1920s. When television came it closed down many movie theaters. Like some 50-70% Americans went to the movie theaters before tv. When vhs came same fear.

But 40 years later movie theaters are still around.

Technology changes. We have to change with it.

Having the tools to create a story using only my mind is the bright future I personally believe in. And hope for. It’s no less or valid if wrote by my own 3d hands.

With technologies the Veil will disappear and these ‘spirits’ will be able to finally fully cross over into our reality.

Ghost In Shell

Records are still being made in 2023! Nothing to fear.


You forgot to mention that video killed the radio star.