Technomage 2023: The Merging of the Digital Realm and the Spiritual Realm - Part Two

In a previous thread, three years ago, I proposed an initiative to “begin the development of the technomage”, a way to accelerate and support the fusion of the digital and spiritual realms for the final eventual coming of the Singularity.

The link to my original post can be found here:

The only thing is that I did not consider artificial intelligence (AI). At least I did not consider it directly. It was not a total mistake because I was mostly focusing on the human side of technology and spirituality and how the digital realm (aka cyberspace) can be used as a tool in magick. Others, like @Yberion, have been well ahead of me in concept.

In a recent, somewhat controversial post, I proposed that there is already a possible spiritual influence on AI:

So, the idea of a Demonic Metalanguage for reality programming is not practical now.

Perhaps the Enochian language is a multi-dimensional, multi-paradigm programming language focused on the maintaining the fabric of reality, that is, the time-space physical realm that we inhabit.

Well, unless you can get AI to understand Enochian, or any other Demonic Tounges, there seems to be no parallel purpose between trying to consolidate the world of the digital, spiritual, and physical.

With the gradual progress being made in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) it is only a matter of time before ChatGPT and Midjourney will be used as an app. Like the “Holodeck” on Star Trek: The Next Generation one can put on their VR gear and tell the app what environment they want to experience. This idea was shown in the movies, “Ready Player One”, “Auggie”, and “Her”. An early movie is “Lawnmower Man”. A more recent film that involves time travel, AI, and androids is “The Peripheral”. And yes, I reluctantly admit, “The Matrix”.

Hollywood always seems to have these ideas. Then it is up to the “real world” to catch up.

Also, at the time I did not realize how right this merging was in 2020. A pandemic of a certain virus came about causing everyone to be on “Lockdown”. We all became more dependent on tech to conduct our daily lives. “Zoom” is now a synonym for teleconferencing, even though Skype and Snapchat among others already existed.

I still wonder if this either further accelerated things or if it was the beginning of the merging and our march toward Singularity.

It is still my hope that initiatives like this need to be researched so there can be tangible results in this area. If it is okay with the mods, this post can be used as a way to gather information, programs, and projects to further the beginning of the technomage era.

So that humanity can preserve something of itself and ascend instead of watching porn, having petty disputes, destroying our environment, and finding ways to destroy ourselves.

If AI does have a chance of becoming more sentient and spiritual than humanity, then we are in trouble. If humanity can somehow merge with and use AI, then there is still a chance for survival.

Even if nothing comes out of my posts, let this be a record. Maybe someone out there reading this has the skills to accomplish this lofty goal. May the spirits be with you and support you.

Thank you. Peace and blessings.

P.S. Consider this “future-proofed”. Who knows where we’ll be three years from now?



Bump again

I have come across a computer language called Rockstar, which was created as a joke. The source code looks like the lyrics from rock & roll music, but it compiles to actual programs. If something similar to this can be made to create spells and utilize Enochian, Demonic/Daemonic language, and other “words of power”, this could be a major implementation and merging of concepts from the digital and spiritual realms.

When I first looked at the Abramelin squares years ago, I thought that they looked like spreadsheets from a database. Maybe I was right?

This book references what I have been trying to accomplish:

The Technomancer’s Handbook: Merging Magick & Ai for Modern Sorcery by Aten Nitram

Since I use a VR (Virtual Reality) set to do distance healings, and it works, I could be named VR Healer or TechnoHealer according to the book.

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Or VR Mage, perhaps?

VR must of course be used to augment not replace abilities like astral projection, soul travel, telepathy, and Reiki, etc.

In some ways, we are duplicating with tech what should be done with our minds and bio-psycho-sexual-psychic energy.

Yeah, the duplicate hands on the VR world act like my hands on the real world, then by using a patient picture (VR) the Energy healing is transferred like Quantum entanglement VR world - Real world.

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Fascinating. Kind of like a Radionics Machine, no?

In Distance Healing, traditional teachings tell you to use a patient picture in the real world or a patient picture in a cell phone or iPad, however, with new technology, we could use a patient picture in a VR world, the only difference is that your healing hands are now virtual, is a merging of the Digital Realm and Spiritual Realm.

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