Can I use scrying to communicate and even manifest demons and or spirits? If so, how can I achieve this? I do not own a black mirror

I have heard of scrying before but have never actually tried it. I have a big mirror that maybe I can use, the reason I want to find out if I can scry to communicate with demons (Sallos) is to get confirmation and try and heighten my senses, and I can literally feel no energy, presences, or hear no voices during rituals or meditating on their sigil. All I have felt is light headed but I assume thats because of my relaxed state.

Yes, you can use scrying and no you don’t need a black mirror. You can check this thread


Thank you so muchh

You can actually use a black screen on your phone, or tv also, but in addition to @Anassa’s very good link, you might find these two useful as well, as they cover the topic from user questions on their struggles with scrying. :grin:


I swear I love this community so much. Thank youuu <33


Well actually you should find your Element. Some scry in water, fire, smoke, earth… Spider webs are awesome, every witch works different


I’ve always been really drawn to fire, should I start with that?


Definitively yes

Awesome, thank you for the tip!

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If you use fire, You’re going to want it to push the candle further back than you might think.

I prefer if it’s at least three feet away from me. I like to actually soak in the tub, and place a candle at the opposite end of the tub, so it’s even further. Doing this always me to access two gateways at once.

Also if you wear contacts or glasses, take them out. It sounds silly, but you’ll get more images if you do at first, as your eye’s wont try as hard to stay focused. You actually kinda want them to unfocus. It’s easier to perceive the images in the flame that way- for me. Almost like you are looking through it, or partially cross eyed even.

The other thing is won’t be images like you might expect. Usually it’s literally in the shape of the flame, not like a picture.


So the images would be inside the flame basically? And will a candle work?

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Yep. I like to use a tealight, cuz it doesn’t waste a good candle :slight_smile:

I’d describe it more as the images will be made of the flame, rather than in them but in them is accurate also.


Thank you so much I really appreciate it. And I would have to make contact with the demon first before I would scry in the flame correct? The problem is i’m horrible at picking up energies or presences. The most i’ve had happen during a petition ritual was the candle light dimming and growing extraordinarly.

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If you’re scrying for communication or answers to questions from an entity yes, connect first then scry.

If you don’t normally sense anything just consider it a one way call, as long as you put in the effort to summon, they can hear you, even if you can’t sense them. Indicate you want to use the flame as a medium and see what happens.

I’d try scrying in the flame just for shits and giggles first though, to see if you are going to need to practice the skill. It’s kinda like seeing shapes in clouds, in the sky.


Seeing shapes in clouds is like second natrue to me. But thank you so much for the feed back I really do appreciate it!!

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That is scrying also, you just probably don’t usually have an intention or question while you are doing it.

The images in the flames, will be the same way, literally made up of the flame you are looking at.


I just finished scrying, I calmed my mind and body with Binural beats and said the demons enn chant thrice and said their name slowly thrice. I looked into the flame and put it 3 feet away like you said. Honestly I couldn’t see anything inside the flame, nor could I make anything out of the flame outside of it just flickering wildy. But I did hear a voice in my head, It responded to my responses of “Will you help me?” and “Are you here?”. The voice which i’m going to assume was Sallos referred to me as child. Although it wasn’t super pronounced it still heard, very subtley. But I do not know weather this him, or just my imagination…

Well scrying needs a lot of exercise like some 3 weeks to months. And if things get rough some people need to buy in the pharma some eye drops or extern use or both cause Starring without blinking a long time is extremly hard and painful at the beginning.

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Yeah I was really close to pouring a waterbottle on my eyeballs at the end of the session lol.

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Not everyone can scry into every medium, and it can take time to develop the skill. Some of us have done it since birth into everything from grass, to table clothes and others need to work at it.

Really could be either, I can’t discern that for you.

I don’t know why you would do it that way tbh. I blink normally, and find that the image usually changes with the blink by the time I re-unfocus my eyes on the medium. I think the only thing you are going to do by not blinking is strain your eyes, I understand we are all different, but I don’t find not blinking to be conducive to actually seeing things. The fog that rolls in on either side of my eyes and then flows out in front of me, does not dissipate when I blink. :woman_shrugging: