Scrying Question:

So I hear you can scry using different mediums. Like you can use a black bowl filled with water, a mirror, the air, fire, eyelids, etc.

Now my question is…does the varying mediums for scrying have different effects on the experience? Also are there situations where you would choose one medium over another, or does it matter?

Also why would someone scry into the air? For what reason? How does that differ from scrying into water or a mirror?

I think a lot of what you’re asking depends on the person. I don’t find many people that scry on a regular basis like I do. I find my the fog rolling in and my scrying eyes active, often unintentionally. Usually I’m just smoking and thinking and next thing you know I’m scrying into something. Scrying is something I didn’t really understand in the beginning, and I think maybe that was because I’ve been doing it since I was a small child. See I can’t make images with my mind, but I can see images on pretty much any surface, they aren’t detailed or anything like that, but usually it’s an outline of sorts. When it just happens randomly, sometimes I challenge myself, to see how many images I can scry out of this one damned leaf.

But for the most part, when people are scrying intentionally, I believe it’s usually due to either wanting to see a spirit, answer a question, or practice the skill. If you can focus your intent on a particularly matter and then scry for a time, and find a way to relate the images you see to the matter you were interested in learning more about, well then, You’ve scryed an answer of sorts. It doesn’t just happen immediately for most people, it’s too easy to loose your intent while scrying, I think to the nature of scrying is to open yourself to see things, but then you’re trying to narrow it down to see only related things, and it can be hard to discern what, if anything relates or what the meaning behind the symbolism is.

A good example for me recently, is @anon48079295, posted a portal, that was designed to guide you to the entrance of his astral temple. At the time he was making the request, I had not yet learned how to go through a portal, let alone astral travel, but I found the fog quickly rolled in, and I was scrying into the portal. I saw several images, which I thought had no relation what so ever. In the end, he confirmed that some of them were his guides, and even learned from the images I saw, that one of them was a guide he had yet to meet. I don’t know how it turned out for him or anything like that, but I didn’t have the intentions of seeing anything, I just did. I didn’t even know what the relation was, until he explained it to me.


I have a tendency to scry on my eyelids alot. Mostly random images, symbols, and other random stuff. Happens alot when I meditate, am thinking about something, or just randomly when my eyes are closed.

The images tend to either be an outline or a faint image projected onto my eyelids. So more vivid then regular mental visualization however the image is usually faint or hazy and will disappear within a few seconds.

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Also, is there any consequence to scrying a sigil of a spirit? This seems to happen to me sometimes and I don’t intend to.

I have a tendency to scry Lady Liliths sigil or part of the sigil sometimes. I just want to make sure it’s not gonna do anything…

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Imop it attracts the spirit/energy of the spirit whose sigil you are scrying into. But it’s not really much different to gazing into a sigil to charge or open it.

How it will effect you, depends on you and likely the spirit.

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I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Although would be nice to only scry when I intend to.

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You’d need to practice turning the ability on and off, rather than allowing it to simply flow if you seek control over it :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to learn how to do that. It just seems to naturally happen alot. So would be nice to have control.

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I was told to imagine the doors in my mind/third eye open, and close to facilitate more control over such circumstances.

i.g.- If you wanted to scry, before you did so, you would imagine the doors fling open, allowing you to scry. When you are done, you would imagine them closing, so that no more images could flow through.

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I was actually thinking of like imagining an on/off switch. When I want my scrying “on” then I mentally flip the switch to “on” so vice versa.

Kinda like a light switch.

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Whatever works man.

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Lady Eva said in one of her tutorials that you need to give the spirit something to inhabit. My reflection in a black obsidian mirror works great. Usually, a few minutes in the outline of my reflection begins to “house” a different face - i.e. the demon. For some reason- the eyes usually glow a certain color/ and often takes on a different shape after awhile.

Here’s the thing- I try to not familiarize myself with the demon, there appearance, their associations, tarot card, whatever. That way- I can check what I see with what the demon is associated with.

Ex: a few nights ago- I evoked Sabnock. I didn’t know much about Sabnock. While chanting his enn- first-the lines of the sigil began to take on a violet tint. Then I shifted the reflection to the obsidian mirror. My reflection became less distinguishable and the reflection in the mirror took on a rounded shape with dull curves and purple eyes.

I finished the ritual and looked up Sabnock. I found that the color he’s associated w/ is purple and he often shows up w/ a lion’s head.

A lion’s mane is exactly that shape I was thought I saw.

So I know he was there because I had no prior knowledge of his appearance.

The funny thing (to me anyway) is that before I got the obsidian mirror- I used my flat screen TV in a dark room and got the same results!

Learn how to use your peripheral vision while gazing and something. This seemed to open up my abilities immensely. I rarely hear things though.

I have a black screen tv. I could use that.

My peripheral vision can help open my senses more?

Yes in a way- if you focus on an object like a candle, while staying focused on the flame- incrementally widen your field of vision while remaining focused on the flame. It really helps if you have natural boundaries to work towards, like if you place the candle in the midpoint of the wall and then work towards points (corners) where the wall meets its perpendicular counterparts. In other words- you frame the candle.