Scrying Troubles

I’ve been having trouble in scrying. I know that you can’t get results quickly at times especially as a beginner. I was very patient as I tried to look through the mirror. But I got no results. My goal is to overcome fear and develop my spiritual senses. What do I do about this? Am I approaching this wrong?

Well what was your intention? Were you trying to see a spirit or just practicing scrying? Most of the time when I scry, it’s accidentally on random surfaces, through random things, into a candle flame, into the air, a pattern on the wall etc.

You just clear your mind and let it go. I don’t see images, but I start making patterns out of whatever is there, be it a leaf or a pattern on my damned table, and the patterns are images- oh that looks like a heart, or a dog or whatever.

I once scryed over 40 images out of a single leaf hanging in front of me on a dying tree. I was curious how many things I could see from one leaf.

If you approach scrying just to practice, without any intent, that’s all you’ll get. Random patterns and shapes that make images that have no intelligible meaning or maybe a glimpse into your own thoughts and feelings but usually nothing more unless a spirit is actively seeking you out.

If it’s to see a spirit, same thing though effort to connect to the spirit prior to scrying is usually needed, they don’t usually just show up cuz you thought well, I’d like to see a spirit today.


Well at first I asked to simply develop my senses. Of course I put intent in but I could only assume that perhaps intent isn’t enough. This was my second time attempting. The first time I wanted to see a glimpse of my past life. I got a slight morph of my face but nothing more.

Well. That can be how it starts, I personally don’t use a mirror, but if you just let things morph and trance out that’s when you start to see related things.

It takes time if you don’t have the skill naturally, and I don’t meet many people that have been scrying into things like the carpet since they were 3 years old and it was nap time like me, so keep practicing, go in with intent, summon first if you’re trying to see a spirit and just let your gaze do what it’s going to do, so that the images can form.

I tend to notice when I blink, that’s when the image will change as the focus comes back. I don’t try to hold an image, I just let the fog come in from both sides of my eyes and see whatever is there to see.

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I’ve never tried to summon a spirit, but I’ve had encounters with spirits in dreams. Recently I had an encounter with a spirit I knew nothing about but I’ve at least heard of. Some powerful angel. It was strange as it was intimate in an innocent way. It was as if I was familiar with them. Like I already had a bond.

But as for contacting spirits go I’m trying to get comfortable with the simple things first before I attempt that. Like scrying and getting to know myself at a spiritual level. Trying to let go of the fear of contacting something. It’s strange because when I was with that spirit I felt loved and safe, but when I went back to reality I feel an anxiety about having a spirit physically with me. It’s mostly because of my fear of the dark though.

When I tried to scry on the mirror it gets foggy and my face gets blurred at times. But then I blink and my face is back to normal. Lol. I don’t get frustrated but I wonder if I should be blinking or not. Haha I wonder if that’s silly. But your advice is very helpful. Thank you!

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You probably do. Most of the spirits in my life, I have past life ties too. Just because I am not familiar with them, doesn’t mean they are not familiar with the essence of who I am.

I hear you on this one, and the best advice I can give is learn how to banish and ward your space so you know that you are safe and work only with spirits once you are comfortable to do so.

I pushed myself on purpose to get over my fear and it’s helped- I can sleep with the light off now (usually once in a while I’ll get bug up my ass) but I’m not sure that’s for everyone.

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I had to persuade myself to scry because I know that if I don’t I’ll never do it and I won’t be able to be open spiritually. I feel wrong if I don’t listen to the calling. Growing up I always had a curiosity to what people call the left hand path. I researched luciferian religion and magick but never went for it, all through middle and high school. Since I’m still young I feel I can’t waste time feeding into my fears.

I still sleep with my tv on. If I try to sleep in the dark, I fall asleep easily but I wake up in the middle of the night scared. I don’t know why. I actually got over my fear for a bit and then it came back.

I’ve read of a lot of ways people banish and ward their spaces. Im actually close to a few people who practice the left hand path. Someone close to me warded my room, though he didn’t explain. What do you do to banish and ward your space?

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Varies by practitioner- there’s a lot of methods for both, most based around visualization until you develop enough skill to feel energy and feel it being done, but I can’t make images with my mind due to anphantasia.

Warding isn’t permanent, it degrades over time unless you have an energy source for to replenish itself on, so even if your friend did ward your space, unless he maintains it, it doesn’t last forever and it’s not perfect- real smart spirits, particularly shadow creatures/people can look for holes in it, learn to move around it’s vibrations by adjusting their own etc.

I personally use a banishing ritual that calls upon angelic forces in eight directions- one for each wall of the home and one for each corner of the home, to banish and protect- it’s real short and easy and I found it in a book called Angelic protection magic by Ben Woodcroft. Most on the forum recommend the LBRP for banishing, but to me it has way too many steps, it’s hard to remember etc, and there are quite a few versions to choose from now that it’s been adapted to so many different outlooks in life.

I also use my own energy, by pushing it out from myself until it flows over every surface of my home and sorta encases me in a giant bubble- which is basically what warding is, but it also pushes out anything unwanted.

You can google or search the forum for banishing shielding and warding techniques. I also created a servitor that can do it for you if you summon her until you gain the skills yourself, but I still recommend developing the skills, so that you don’t need to rely on something else.

As far as lhp goes, Eh. I don’t subscribe to the way people view rhp or lhp and make each decision based on my internal compass and not the worlds.

I’ve known angels that could kill and torture someone, and demons that heal so. I’d take all that shit with a grain of salt.

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I remember this post from a couple of weeks ago. It was such an interesting read!

I want to see things through my own eyes and not through the world’s eyes. Which is the main reason I looked into the lhp in the first place. The angels are good and demons are evil thing is something I roll my eyes at every time I see it.

I’m ashamed to say that at some point I took it way too seriously and lost my way, but in the end it was just me trying to find myself. A little phase that came and gone and I’m glad for it.

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Perhaps asking the spirits to show you what you’re doing wrong or to show you what you need to do?
Acknowledge them in all your ways, give them credit and respect, feed them and exalt them. Acknowledge them and they will Acknowledge you.

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I don’t believe she is ready to go down that route yet.

Magic’s fundamentally a mental art. It’s always about entering and harnessing the currents of things from a casting state of mind. Divination doesn’t differ in this respect from any other occult art.