Can anyone help me with free spellcasting to regain the love of my life and have him never abuse me again?

It might have a better effect if you contact Hagith on a Friday (Venus day) in the hour of Venus. That’s how it’s supposed to be done in the original grimoire, haven’t been able to test that though. You might get better results in general if you use the ritual in Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne, since more people have used that ritual for these wonderful spirits.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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You might manage to get him back with magick but what you can’t do is change his whole personality so basically all you will be doing is making it easier for an abuser to get back in your life. I’d be grateful to be away from him if I were you and start working on your self esteem etc before considering a relationship again.


No problem. If you do plan on contacting him in the supposedly appropriate time, do remember that planetary hours aren’t the same as normal hours. Each planatery day begins at sunrise, and each hour isn’t necessarily 60 minutes long.

Hi, I’m not sure what your response means. Contact whom? Could you expand on or explain your response? Thank you so much.

Hi, thank you Soo much, but…Can majick help heal personality disorders? Can the power of magick, which maybe incorrectly, I am not sure, I believe to be without limits…can majick heal an abuser so he is no longer an abuser? Can majick heal personality disorders?

I admit, I don’t think I know true love, or at least I have not received it…but I give it. With devotion, absolute loyalty, unconditionally. I know what it is to give true love, but I have yet to receive it. I love so deeply, so truly, even when being beaten I will not lift a finger to harm the one I love. It comes from a place that is older than me, greater than me, stronger than me. It is what I believe love should be. Do into others…etc. But how great is it that it cannot alter a dark heart or heal a broken soul? Not much then, if I can’t deserve it to be reciprocated. I only know, I know nothing, but I’m willing to learn.

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Here are a few threads that be useful.

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Thank you very much. But I don’t want to curse him. I was to heal him. Everything that we are, good or bad, as individuals comes from a place of joy or pain, so why would I hate someone who was created by more pain than maybe he knew how to handle? He told me once that maybe I was treated badly because the person I was with (hypothetically) felt they did not deserve my love. If majick is as powerful, as limitless as I believe, can we not heal those we love, instead of condemn them?

Thank you. Yes, I’ll do that. Been working on that recently. Trying to become more complete within myself, but I am weary of losing my humility, or giving money or such trappings much importance. I’d like to become someone that usable to be without becoming a slave to my ego or superficial needs. I’m trying but I’m having a bit of a trip trying to find balance among all things. Thank you.

Drop that zero and get with a hero, yourself. Fuck that guy. Forget about his dusty ass.

Pick yourself up and look through my threads to find anything that might help you. And move on to better yourself.


Thank you so very much. I’ve never heard of this. Thank you. I’m so grateful. :grin::cupid::hugs:

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Thank you. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

@DantalionsGodaughter Please properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do above. It is a rule here and required. Just click the link I provided under your initial post and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your posts until our rule is respected.

angel of love isn’t permanent, however, it can get you in some good state for some time so that you can get yourself out of the gutter to get resources. IT helps. Not all magick is permanent anyways. they get weaker as time goes by. We often have to cast them again.

YOu can curse the guy to teach him lesson so they won’t mistreat others. Your doing good for the world.

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I’m not the first (and probably not the last) to tell you to drop this guy. You’ll find a better one.

If you need any tips on how to get by while homeless in a city, I can help you (I’ve been homeless many times lol).

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Hi, I’m sorry, I am unsure how to do that, but am happy to try. I have been told by healers and “Brujos” I am a healer and have an inmate ability for magick. I have never had a teacher but have tried on my own. Have had good results, but am at such a low point in my life, that I cannot find the strength to do any “work” for myself at this time. The relationship I was in, cost me my free and clear home which I paid cash $50,000. I’ve been sent to the hospital 6 times. I have been choked, strangled, slapped, beaten, punched, suffocated, strung up by my kneck, stabbed with deer antlers in the chest and I ad my chest (my heart) stopped on (literally). I have been blamed for my beatings and treated as if everything was all in my head, as if I were insane. The day I caught him cheating with proof, I was grabbed by the throat, thrown into the driveway and had a box full of my dead mother’s sentimental belongings she had left for me, thrown at me and destroyed, then stopped on by him with his foot on the ground. I feel I don’t know who I am anymore or why I’m here. I gave this person all my respect, my love, my loyalty, my devotion, my fidelity, sexual lust and constant satisfaction and tried every moment to make him happy. If the physical torture we’re not enough, I was constantly told I was worthless, garbage, didn’t deserve to live, told I should kill myself…finally I did. Obviously I failed. I need help and don’t know where to seek it. I am lost and don’t know how to overcome my broken heart, damaged mind and cannibalized soul. I ask myself every day what I did to deserve this? Why is every bit of me that I gave and every ounce of love and every effort and sacrifice without any value, whatsoever? Why did I have to experience this and now, how can I go forward, feeli g like nothing. Knowing the best of me wasn’t good enough to be worthy of love from the man I adored? Can magick help me? Be stronger? Be better? Be saved?

Thank you. Yes I’ve been homeless too. Thank you. But I believed love was supposed to be through the bad and good, unconditional, devoted, without limits…so that’s how I love. I don’t know why I was treated that way, but I only feel I failed. If my love were what it should have been, if I were…more, better, whatever, he would have loved me, not hurt me and been faithful. How can I be better? I’m willing to do anything. I never want my heart ripped out again. Now I have lost everything for him and he has abandoned me for a married lover. Yet I never cheated and he called me “whore” and “piece of shit” constantly. I wouldn’t even look at another man. I don’t understand. I’m sorry. I once ran my own not-for-profit and managed a restaurant and he belittled all my achievements, said I was nothing. So often, I now believe him. Now I’m alone and feel lost without him. What has he done to me? Who am I now?

I feel the help I need is spiritual. I have tried the conventional avenues and I am still crushed. Just flotsam and jetsam, nothing more, nothing less now. But I’m trying. I hope I can find some spiritual guidance. Some majick to bring me back to life and help reconstruct me and protect me. Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe even a friend, even though I’m unworthy of it. Thank you.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, so he is a poor boy who has suffered too much in this life? He begs your forgiveness while crying with his face on your chest? And then you end up beaten because he can’t take someone his own size. He is fucking manipulating you. Let it go for for real. Otherwise you’re in for a rude awakening. I don’t give two fucks if he sometimes accepts his part on what he does to you, he does it to push the right buttons in your mind. And you don’t have to curse him, either, you need to heal and put your wellbeing first. YOU ARE BEING WARNED.

I’ll see myself out.