Can anyone help me with free spellcasting to regain the love of my life and have him never abuse me again?

Thank you. I am truly willing to do that work. I don’t want anyone else suffering what I have. The part of me that says I deserve it is the same part of me that proclaims nobody else does. There is a court date coming up. Can the fundamental flaws in myself or others, personality disorders and other such as this be helped or altered by magick? And if so, how? Thank you so much.

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Yo . . . I’m not a psychologist, but I think you have some kind of Stockholm syndrome from this guy. He sounds dangerous, and you should probably avoid him, and tell his new gf how dangerous he is too.
I understand what you’re feeling. I’ve been there. It only fucks you up worse over time if you stay in a toxic environment like that.
It’s not your fault. This guy is fucked up. Don’t blame yourself. This guy probably does this to other women.


I agree. In so many ways, but can the part of me that gives unconditional love be regulated? So I can know when to give of myself completely and when not to? After all that has happened, one tends to question oneself constantly, from being berrated, undermined and tortured. Can majick help me create a new center? To begin again? I have never felt empty or “blocked” before, but it is a constant companion now…this sense of “nothingness”. The common venues for aid have been examined and some resources exercised, but the weakness I feel now is spiritual. Can this be resolved or helped, strengthened, improved through majick? What would you suggest? Anything would be appreciated and I will gladly work on it. Thank you very much.

Yes, it can. As long as you don’t sabotage yourself.

And sorry for becoming mad a little earlier. I’m a little worried because of things I see constantly, that are related to this topic but has nothing to do, personally, with you.

There are many spirits, demons and angels who can help, one way or another. I think the important thing here is that we understand your process, detect the issues on it and call down those who can solve it.

The first thing, in my humble opinion, is for you to recover from this. After that, we can work in making sure this doesn’t happen to you again.

The angel Lavel and the demon Botis can work together for the exact purpose, among other things, of making someone recover from the pain of a broken relationship.


I actually tried telling, warning people, but nobody believed me. Even with photos. I know it seems unreal, but he is a manager of retail/service store, I am new in city and since he began turning people against me early on (now I understand why- isolation), no one believes me. I’m just the crazy woman, he is the good man. Nobody listened. He once called his mother to be his alibi, in case he killed me. Yet nobody seems to think this is a red flag. I feel like I’m in an alternate reality. This has not helped me untangle myself from his life for it only makes me doubt myself. Even though my practical mind tells me this is how he designed it. Which is why I was marginalized early on in the relationship. It’s very frustrating and painful all at the same time. Even the authorities have sided with him at times when I had marks and bruises and he didn’t have a hair out of place, because I was hysterical from being physically attacked. In their minds, it only reinforced my “instability”. :frowning:
Insult added to injury, as I wouldn’t life a finger to harm him even to protect myself. The last time, he slapped me once and strangled/choked me four times and only stopped because I squeaked through crushed trechia, “we have court” so I couldn’t be marked.

Oh thank you! I’m actually emotional because of your response. To know there is hope to overcome this pain, is more than I have expected but all I prayed for recently. Thank you for caring. The fact that it enraged you only signifies how unacceptable this is to you, which helps me feel so much less…alone. Thank you. I have not received much help from any of those put in place to defend those who cannot or will not defend themselves. You don’t know it, but you are being a great help in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you for acknowledging me. Thank you. I would love to do this.

I sent you a private message. I will do what I can for you, which isn’t a lot, because I’m a newbie in magic. But be sure of this: you are NOT alone. A lot of people here will be willing to help you.

And welcome to your family, please make an introduction as the Knight told you and everything will be fine.

Thank you so much. My family turned away from me because I wouldn’t abandon him I don’t blame them. So what you have said has taken me from being stranded on an island to seeing a ship in the distance. Thank you. Thank you. :heartpulse:

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Thanks for all your help I just bit my lip and bought the blackthorne book (I think I buy too many books sometimes).

I will try it this Friday and I will keep you posted on the results. Thanks again for your suggestion and wishing you all the best!

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I’m so sorry you had to endure this kind of pain. It really unravels one from the deepest depths because we love from a place of vulnerability. I hope you are better now and no longer being hurt by anyone. I know you are right. Thank you. :heartpulse:


Things are very nice for me now. Thanks!

I’m just worried about you.
It’s a very vulnerable place.
If you ever need someone to talk to, please send me a message.

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In my opinion no. You can’t change a persons personality. You might be able to manipulate their actions short term but that’s it. Also even if you could…that person that’s abusing you. That’s him…that’s the real him. Even if you could accomplish what you want with magick, you would be in a relationship with a puppet and a fantasy and underneath that he would still be the abuser who would treat you like shit given half the chance. Why waste your energy on someone like that when their are a ton of men out there you wouldn’t have to change in order to make them decent human beings.


This will be a long process so be ready. But I can work magick to manifest situations that will result in emotional barriers being brought down and ,if you two make it through it, will result in a mutual understanding and respect for one another.

What often happens in this day and age is that it is easier to let go and move onto the next once our dark sides start coming out.

Using galdr to cross you two and manifest situations that give you both the opportunity to express your repressed baggage and emotions and allow you two, with a whole lot of effort, to work through them and accept one another as is. This is hard, that’s why people would rather have multiple superficial relationships rather than one meaningful one.

The spirit that will oversee this work will be amon, we may also involve aset, but my deal is with amon so he will be the primary spirit involved.

This process can take a year or a month, it depends on the people involved and how many barriers need to be dealt with to enable you two to connect on a truly spiritual and intimate level of understanding.

The issue with this is that since he doesnt want you, but you want him, it is going to be hardwe for you. Because he is not necessarily willing to work through the obstacles, but you are, which means you will not only be dealing with your self, but you will also have to reflect on why HE feels the way he does and convince him to reflect and come to the same conclusions.

This is sort of like couples spiritual therapy, I do not perform lust spells nor do I impose on free will. So I will not guarantee that you will end up together, hell by the end you may not want to be, because you will start to figure out who he is beyond the love shades.

If you are interested, please pm me. I do not accept offerings of monetary value(protecting my ego). So this is a free service. Any exchanges will be made between you and amon, and aset if we need her.

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He does want me, but I believe there are repressed moments of abuse in his past that are causi g fear and confusion. He says he lives me and he is sorry for the abuse but he doesn’t know how to repair himself and repair our situation. Thank you so much for your help. He has a threshold of lies he cannot cross. Which he maintains as steadfastly as if his life depended on it. If we could overcome those, I believe we would be very happy together for all the right reasons.

I’m sorry, I’m really new, how do I PM you?

Friend of mine who had a cell mate who was in jail for beating the shit out of his wife asked the guy once as to why he beat up his wife. Now this is going to sound crude but it’s just what the guy said. His response to the question was this…
“if you’re good to a woman treat her well, be faithful, kind supportive etc. She’s guaranteed to treat you like dirt get bored of you and cheat on you. But if you put the fear of god in that bitch she’ll obey your every command and never leave your side.Thats why I do it.”

This thread is honestly making me believe that there is some level of truth to that statement. Lady, have some respect for yourself and find another guy.


Yes studies have been done on that method, it’s a classic manipulation method that strangely has been observed to work on some animals as well. When someone gives you something amazing that only they can provide, takes it away (even through violence), and then offers it again… it can be very hard to escape that because of how our brain works, sadly.


If all you say is true. Next time he lays a hand on you .kill the mother f…ker. It’s self defense. Love yourself first. Or learn self defense first so you can get confidence and knowledge about the law to protect yourself.

Stop trying to figure out forget it for a while and then sit alone and think what have you got from this person, does he value you as much as he should ? Can you achieve your goals and have a comfortable life with him? Has he sacrificed anything for you?are you proud people seeing you with that person and knowing what happens? does it worth it to get abused? Being a man is a heavy role if he cant even act like a human then hes worthless its not an opinion its a statement of a fact. A female’s role is to be an important person achieve things in her life find the best possible man to live happy and most of all be a woman that is proud of herself . Please show respect to yourself and let him go to hell im sure lucifer will make a nice torturing training program for him :slight_smile:

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No, don’t be telling her to do that dude! First of all a self defense plea is really hard to prove in a domestic. The first thing they ask is why didn’t you call the police, then why didn’t you run away, why didn’t you etc etc and if she doesn’t have a legit reason for each question all the way to the end it doesn’t hold up. Secondly what happens when she says some guy on a forum told me to do it? Then they say, what forum, who? Then you get in trouble for inciting a violent incident. The whole thing goes south, what she does is call the police that’s what she’s supposed to do.