Can anyone help me with free spellcasting to regain the love of my life and have him never abuse me again?

Hi. I am new to the world of magick in general and am experiencing the most difficult and painful moment of my life. I have been abused, lost my home for seeking help, and have been abandoned by the only person I know in the new city where I live, for catching my man cheating. Can anyone help me get my love back, my life back and heal me of clinical major depressive disorder which has been worsened. By external factors?


Welcome @DantalionsGodaughter We don’t do free magick here, but we will show you how to do it yourself. However, it is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have.



Welcome to the forum DG, sorry to hear about how you are feeling.

If I am understanding clearly you want help in getting back a man who cheated on you who is also abusive that abandoned you when you caught him cheating. You are feeling even more vulnerable as this man is the only man you knew in a new city you are living in?

If I am correct, please re-read what I just wrote and let the absurdity sink in. I think it would be much better for you to do spells for healing, money, new relationships and friendships than spells to get such a person back into your life.

Sometimes the best spell caster is YOU!

I would recommend several spell books that can be bought cheaply on amazon. NAP by Gray, Union of Power by Henry Archer, Ben Woodcroft’s works and Anna riva candle magick books come to mind immediately.

If you can’t buy any of these get some candles use appropriate colors, buy appropriate oils concentrate on your desires and pour them into the lit and until candle. Research magical herbs and take baths in these herbs etc

Wishing you all the very best!!


Nap by gray. Cnt find tat book. U mean new avatar power,? Thanks


I think it may be best for you to take some time to think if this is really what you want. Weigh out the pros and cons drawing from the entire experience. You mentioned he cheated and abused you before. There is no guarantee it won’t happen again, even with magic involved.

In the meantime, I do have a recommendation to help break the streak of misfortune you have had. It is called an Uncrossing Bath. While it is usually used to remove curses, it can help with bad luck and help to clear your head. Draw a bath and pour in a handful of salt (table salt is fine) as well as a cup of black coffee. Soak in the bath and allow yourself to relax. Allow the pain to be felt and released into the water, leaving your body. When you drain the bath, see those memories and thoughts go down the drain with the water.

If you do not have a bathtub, you can modify this into a foot soak using a bowl. I’ve even premade it in a plastic water bottle and used it as a hand and face wash in the past. It is effective either way.


Its recently been re-released. It should be easier to find online than it was in the past.

To expand on the advice of others, It may be best that you move on. You can ask the Olympic Spirit of Venus, Hagith to bring you genuine friends, a lover that will give you true respect etc.


I’ll correct you here for OP and say it’s actually titled The Magick of Angels and Demons. It works with both the 72 Shem Angels and the 72 Goetia Demons, extremely powerful book, highly recommend it, it can also help you a lot here.


what is a “Olympic spirit”? Is he a demon?

It’s not really a demon or an angel, it’s a different kind of spirit… seemingly a Planetary Spirit/Intelligence as they are linked to the 7 planets, and I’ve heard Planetary Intelligences also work very similar to them.

In the lore, the 7 Olympic Spirits rule the entire universe.


Lucifer is a one stop shop for all of this. He’s the bringer of light. I recommend making a pact until you set a path for yourself. He has phenomenal healing powers and will guide you in the right direction always. Make a pact with him.

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Not worth it girl focus on fixing your life first and then finding a strong man with heart brains and some money…magick dosent fix life it aids your intent and acions .


Get yourself together. get basics met, then learn magick to cast bane spell on him for the hurt he did. simple plan. Also use magick to help you improve your life. that’s a given. Anyone who abuse another should be punish.


I’m currently reading Archer’s “The Magick of Angels and Demons” and there is a pair that can help you to heal from this. Not to get this person back in your life, not to stop him from abusing you, but to heal, which seems like the best for you.

If, and only if, you want to heal, I’ll look out the book again for the specific duo that can help you with this. I won’t do you any good giving you any info in how to get him back. Also, I don’t have any idea about it, so it’s the same thing.

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I saw your post a few days ago but wasn’t sure if I should respond. But it came back up and now I think I can offer some help and advice. Like some have already asked: why the hell do you want this poor excuse of a human being back? I would consider it a gift from God that he removed himself from your life. Please do not go back to someone who treats you like trash. You need introspection and to figure out your next move. Leave that person in the past. But if you want to curse them then you can definitely do that. There are several rituals that can help you find friends. I recommend Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise for you. Follow all the rituals in that book and it can help you grow to love yourself more and attract friends and a new love in your life.


Fuck that been there. Study magick, learn everything you can and I promise you won’t need anyone to love you.


I was lazy and typing on my iPad when I wrote that but union of power is in the title :grin:

An amazing book I have it in hard copy and soft copy. That book helped me big time last year twice. I tried to contact the author to give an additional donation but got nowhere. That’s how grateful I am.


Hello I am not familiar with this spirt and saw your clarification about it not being an angel or demon. I have another question though are there any specific techniques that would lead to better results when contacting this spirit? Thanks in advance for your reply.

I bought two of zanna’s books and I have found the effects to be non permanent. I did the soulmate one and I met this guy that was so much like me it was scary. I felt so good we just gelled and had so much in common. Except…he has a history of making poor financial decisions, was not caring was more interested in finding out when I could come over for sex than how my day actually went, was really cheap and had some jealousy directed at people who were successful in life. I was really sick with a horrible flu and he didn’t call me until like 3 days after to check up on me.

Did her spell for friends in general and the results are just not sustained.

Luckily for me I am very slow in engaging in penetrative sex so I found out about his negative incompatible traits before I had sex with him,


Well I’ve had some success with some rituals in that book. I guess results can vary.