Born magic vs learned magic

I’ve been thinking about magical development and the role our lineage plays in either stunting or increasing our potential.
So you’ve got two groups of people; those who are naturally able to control magic and those who must learn. Effectively, the first group learns simply by doing magic, and thus becoming more in tune with their work. When this happens, information about new rituals, techniques and spiritual abilities simply become available to them. For them, magic is a natural part of being alive.
The second group, the ones who aren’t born into it, must learn over time and only become better when they learn a new technique from a source. For them, magic is like any other skill we learn in life.
When they first start practising, there isn’t much difference between the two groups. The born magic user has the potential to progress faster, but that’s about it. The real difference comes when it comes to selecting an energetic current.
Think of people moving from current to current like a drop of oil in a pipette, and currents they are ill suited to like cups of water. You can drop them in, but they’ll never truly mix into the current.
For the born magic user, there exists a current that is the ideal fit for their energy. When they find it, its like dropping that oil into a cup of the same type of oil: the oil droplet becomes indistinguishable from the cup of oil. In terms of magic, the user will begin to “spread out” through the current. They become slightly less themselves and more of the current, and the current becomes a little bit more like them. This is also around the time the user begins to discover what is commonly called higher selves, or god forms. It’s not that they are genuinely part of the god form, it’s more that their energy has melted into the current and spread out. As this happens, the users energy melds with the parts of the current that best suits them. So it’s not that the god form is part of them, it’s that the god form and the user are both components of the current, and thus the same.
Returning to the person born without natural magical potential. They will always find only cups of water. They can mix with a current and use it, but they’ll always be separate. It did occur to me that you could connect many non magical people to create a current for them; sort of like filling a cup using many drops of oil.
Anyway, just something I was thinking about and thought might be worth sharing


That was so extremely well written and was such an excellent analogy! Thank you! You’re absolutely right on.

As for those who learn…perhaps their current isn’t magic. Maybe they just aren’t ready in that stage of their soul journey. It’s definitely something to ponder on.

Good thread!


Basically in my view in evolution you end up with those that are not natural born and after sufficient progress is made in one or more lives they start becoming a natural born as their spirit evolves and carries unconscious knowledge of their previous lives. Sometimes this evolution is also accelerated by beings influencing an unborn child to create a link and bond for faster evolution of that individual usually as a favor or repayment or part of their own plans for the world that need the influence of material agents whose life path would if enhanced in this fashion naturally aid them.



That’s certainly a possibility. Even if you subscribe to the idea that souls aren’t entities in and of themselves, it would still work provided the soul of the dead was absorbed by a living being soon enough

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Personally I believe that all practitioners have a current. And all can find it. But people are impatient and jump from current to current, changing more often than they change shirts, either because they want to fit in and feel they belong somewhere or because they believe they can master all paths within a month or two. Fyi: You can’t.
And you have people who are not compatible with a current and they stick there because…i don’t know, it’s cool. It’s bad ass in their mind. And what happens then?? This:

Thank you for the post :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that my words do boil down to personal experience, and opinion, and as such are not meant to offend anyone, or demean anyone’s viewpoints. With this in mind, I would like to completely reject the idea of magic as either a learned skill, or an inborn talent.

That is a gross oversimplification, and a misleading one at that, because it limits the idea of magic to a simple human term, rather than the omnipresent cosmic breath of existence. In discussing magic, we are talking about the creator, maintainer and destroyer of not just this universe, but all others.

However, things do have different energy patterns, which mesh better with other energy patterns, because they interact with similar ways. Some families most definitely do have greater magical potential, which does not mean that every individual in it has it. Some individuals are born stronger than others, stronger than some become in a lifetime, and even, stronger than some ever could be in a lifetime. But being born on this planet, in this society, and in this reality, means you might have the very bare minimum (or not!) to practice the magic taught on these forums.

On the other hand, regardless of your birth, magic will always be a trial on its own. Even those born with heightened abilities, or magical abilities will have to learn their magic somehow, even if it is just by trial and error or vicarious learning. Make no mistake, magic is a part of nature, and as all will challenge the fittest to survive. Not everyone was made for this, and you will be filtered according to how much you can handle.

It is within your best interest to work hard, to become as strong, and as adaptable, as creative and as powerful, and as calm and as godly, to maintain states of heightened power and use all of your potential to the maximum. In other words, to break limits.

So many muggles who have dabbled claim that magic is a game about short term gains, through long term sacrifices. This is a half truth, which comes from their misleading schemata about magic being a product of the Devil. True transformation through magic is, as all transformation in life, costly, and the more thorough, and great it is, the dirtier and messier it gets, but the better of you’ll be at the end of it all.


That’s an interesting view point and although you’ve said you completely reject my proposed model, I think you’re alot closer to it than you think.

I’d say this is essentially what I was saying, but worded slightly differently.

I’d say this is where we start to differ; I agree that magic is always a challenge, but the process by which the born sorcerer improves is certainly by strengthening their connection to the energies that magic seeks to manipulate. This deeper understanding of energy allows the sorcerer to better utilise what already lays within them.
The interesting thing is that, when placed outside their appropriate current, the difference between the born sorcerer and the learned is almost removed entirely. The born sorcerer, although naturally skilled, is ultimately limited to their own current. This opens the gate to closed mindedness, in so much as he may not consider the world outside his own current, as it’s simply not something he is attuned to.

For me, this was by far the most interesting part of your post. The meat and potatoes, if you will. I would say magic is, by definition, a human process.
Let’s start by defining magic. We could say that it’s the act of casting a spell; not incorrect, but not terribly useful. Alternatively, we could be a tad more precise and say that it’s the means through which an energetically sentient entity seeks to manipulate the world around them, by altering some aspect of the energy that flows through existence. This is the more useful definition because it draws attention to the difference between the act of manipulating energy and the energy itself.
Magic is a concept unique to entities that are sentient, in terms of the energetic world. I suppose we could always link this back to the point about different types of people and say that, by the definition of magic, those who are incapable of practising magic are little more than inanimate objects ( on an energetic level )
Even if we equate magic with the energy it manipulates, I’d say that to attribute the maintenance of the universe to it is to give it too much credit so to speak. The energy that magic manipulates flows through all aspects of reality, yes, but doesn’t truly manipulate reality until some outside force changes it’s nature.
Think of it like a river. The river will continue to flow along the same route, provided it is allowed to do so: it has little impact on the fields either side of the river. Magic is like building a dam across the river to change the natural course of the river.
Our magic, without energy, does nothing. But when applied to these energetic currents, it alters their flow and results in an impact in our reality


From doing jiu jitsu over the past decade, I’ve learned there are different types of black belts. Some are masters bc they are killers. Some are masters because they are teachers. Some are athletic and learn quickly. Some are not and it takes longer. And then you have every other factor (intellect, mental stability, physical limitations, size, etc…).

But ultimately, a black belt is a person who has slaved and suffered and earned that right. Regardless if they can run faster or jump higher or learn quicker.

What I mean is everyone has their natural presdisposition to fulfill a certain role and in doing so, when combined with other perspectives and experiences, you are able to strengthen yourself and the world around you.

The issue is that people see themselves as singular organisms.

So would you say the ego can be a filter to fog up how people persevere magical currents?

I think our controlled-consciousness is a giant roadblock.