I am Cursed Please Help!

I a positive either I cursed myself through a few curses backfire and I think the order of Baphomet cursed me so how can I make it good with Baphomet and what can I do are they friends with

Lucifer can I make offering to Lucifer all my money stoped when A fellow from Baphomet told me agressive things. I am sure of this and a couple of my mistakes which

I made good I screamed demandly of Michael and Azazel I made it right I felt it immediatly still there is soething Else How can I build myself a Shield what can

I do Ziko from the Necronomicon helped me too. also a jinn fucked me up :frowning: I will never demand ad try to control spirits it always fuckes up

On top of that when I was little someone cursed multiple times my family

if you believe you are, you are fucking yourself even more

talk to Vine


Firstly, the Necronomicon is a completely fictional grimoire used by H.P. Lovecraft in his writing. That’s not to say that it wasn’t inspired by other grimoires, such as the Egyptian Book of The Dead, but it’s a fictional work used to essentially canonize Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos.
Secondly, as 13lueGemini mentions, if you believe that you’re cursed, whether or not someone hurled a hex at you, the psychological effects alone will screw you.
There are many ways to shield yourself, and considering your belief that a curse was cast, moving forward depends on many factors, or really very few, depending on your path. Are you familiar with binding and banishing rituals? Do you have access to any bay leaves, a black candle, salt. Do you know how to create ritual space?
Or go nuclear and take 13lueGemini’s advice and get in touch with Vine.

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I started some defence it is okay now a few curses backfired aswell so I dont know if I dont pay attention and I am cursed it can get worse its a disease

So you mean to tell me you posted this just to tell us you’re cursed? Well congratulations.

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…well, there’s this.

You’re jumping all over the place and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. One minute you’re in a Baphomet order, next you call Lucifer, next you call arcangel Michael and archdemon Azazel, next Ziko from the 52 names of the Necronomicon.


Do you even know the 3 basic types of magick? Do you know how to begin doing the work properly?

About these curses. Do you understand how your own mental blocks fuck you up before anyone else even looks at you? Have you done anything to remove your limiting beliefs and uncross yourself? If not, how do you expect to undo what others do to you if you can’t undo what you do to yourself?

Finally. do you have any serious magickal training? Or did you just jump into this thing hoping to command the darkest demons to be your personal maid, butler, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, and shoeshine boy?

Food for thought


no wanted some help and protection spells

i use prayers and offerings

I was never in a baphomet order a guy told me agresivly hello from the baphomet order I thought he cursed me


I work in the basis of trial end error which brought very difficult situation but I learned

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I know when people don’t take you seriously, you feel even more hopeless. Take salt baths.
Large amounts of Epsom salt in baths and soak at least 30 min with a wet towel (with salt) on face.
Download Robert Bruce’s program on Psychic Self Defense here in the course section.


This. Salt baths work very well


I love witches bottles :slight_smile: they work constantly.

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I made another tread

Totally. I don’t feel any curse on him. I only feel his own fears and limitations, delusions.
The solution to that is working with oneself!