Biggest EX LOVE RETURN rules thread with rules you need to keep!

Hello everyone.

In this thread I would like to provide the basic rules of getting back with an ex lover.
This is rules apply to you even if you pay for a professional!

This thread is both suit for men and women too!

First, I would like to cover the MUST that you have to accept if you want to get back with anyone.

The rules you must keep and do before you do ANY spell work:

  1. No contact, Never ever contact your target! Let him/her (does not matter later if I write her or him change it to your situation) make the contact, don’t message him, don’t call him, don’t messenger,Instagram, WhatsApp, viber ANYTHING!, unfollow and unfriend all social profiles. (But don’t block, since your target won’t be able to contact you, if you are blocked don’t worry!)

  2. Collect every personal items from the relationship movie tickets, train tickets, sweatshirt, teddy bears that he gave you, photos in phone or in pc, sent emails, ANYTHING that would remind you of him. If you are able PUT THEM INTO FIRE!, if you don’t just throw it away. Also delete all notes, applications, images from your phone that would remind you of him. (I mean don’t remove the weather app because you got a memory that “ohhh once I checked a weather when I went to him and it was about to rain” But direct apps, like if there was a game you played both, an app for “how long are we together for" etc)
    So like EVERYTHING that surrounds you, should never make you sad or Bring up the memories! (If you have friends in common, if possible cut the contacts with them, don’t allow any information from you to get to him, so he will be in mystery about what could be with you? You should not receive information about him too! ) So DO NOT stalk him anywhere, online or offline!

  3. Be the one who has the power, if you contact him or seek him like “hey, I’m here if you need me” that’s never gonna work. People always feel a need for things they can’t have at the moment, BE SOMETHING HE CANT HAVE AND HE WILL WANT YOU!

  4. If possible go to the gym get a better shape, later this will be good also for forgetting about your spells casted.

  5. Many people say that ex love spells work better if you start to hate the person. I mean you don’t want him to return by love, but by the force of the spells. You want him to feel the pain that he caused you by left you away. Later when he returned you can and you should do lovespells but to return the spells you will do mostly won’t be love spells, rather they will be banishing work that will make the target miserable until return.

  6. Don’t ever be afraid the powers of the spells, YES he might feel depressed and sad, and lethargic, BUT THATS THE POINT, make him weak to realise he is only good when he is with you.

  7. If he contacts you don’t be like a happy dog when the owner arrives, you can be like that in the inside but don’t show it to him, act cold and slowly warm up, (So do not reply instantly, do not say “Omg I have been waiting for this since months” “Omg finally I have been crying for days after you”) Act like a strong independent person.

  8. This is the hardest one, but you have to stop being obsessed with your ex, you can’t think about him every minute, YOU HAVE TO STOP DAYDREAMING! , you will need to kill all thoughts regarding your ex!

  9. Forget about karma or anything that you would make you think that “Ohhh im so bad person doing these works and breaking his will” If you hesitating about this just close this windows since nothing listed under this could work with hesitation!

  10. You can date other people, but never ever get serious, NEVER feel love for someone else, since the inner needs of you will be smaller for your ex and that can kill all the work! (So sex is okay, dating someone for months, romantic things etc NOT!!)

  11. Change something in your life that is big! Change your car, your haircolor, your shape (mentioned above gym) Your clothes or the general style you look)) (if you don’t have really money enough for this, read books that will change your thinking, with PDFs that basically free

  12. Most important NEVER EVER share with anyone that you want to get back with your ex, that you are doing spells, that you are going to the gym because you want him to come back, NO! keep this as a secret that ONLY YOU know!

  13. Don’t drink heavy or take drugs, be clean!!

  14. Don’t let your body go “down” Make yourself twice as much hygienic, buy cremes to your face, a new perfume, anything that would make you more appeal! (This is important because if you are like, “Im all day in bed and I eat ice cream straight out of the box, and I cry for my ex” Just imagine if he would see that, would he come back?) If he sees that your are getting more appealing and better and better the more he will want you!

Okay so these are the basic things about your life that you need to accept 100%

Now move to the rules of the spells

General rules when you do spells for ex love return:

  1. The day for love spells is Friday (if the specific spell does not says else) but since the spells under this are not all love spells, IN GENERAL IT DOES NOT MATTER WHEN YOU DO IT BY DAY!

  2. For better results TRY to cast all spells when: Its dark outside, and your target is likely to sleep!

  3. Moon phases: Full moon is said to be the best, but in general you can skip looking that.

  4. If the spell does not say it, what should you do with the remains of a casting (candles, papers etc) One of my masters said a good rule to me : "If you burry something close to your target’s home burry everything involved during the casting, if you burry something in your land burry just the essence of the spell, so like a picture, the jar you get the idea) So easy example, an example spell needs 2 red candles 1 picture of the target and 2 cigarettes and a rose. If you decide to burry it next to your ex’s house you take a bag and you burry EVERYTHING, if you burry in your garden you burry only the picture of him and the candles and everything else is thrown away. (Most asked question btw) BUT some spell will tell you that what you need to do with the remains ofc then do that, this only applies when the spell does not specify that what to do with the remains.

  5. NO ONE can see that you are casting spells, and ANYTHING related to your spell castings (candles, pens, ANYTHING) empty some closed place in your home where you will store things related to your spells.

  6. If you live with your parents, or the case is “Well somebody might come in” and you can’t be 100% relax yourself knowing that nothing will interrupt you, well… sorry but better pay to a professional, because easy spells, may work in that “environment”, but since love related spells are the hardest ones you must have 100% peace! So you should not give up getting back together but better pay for a professional!

  7. All limitations should be cleared from you! As I mentioned above, karma and things like this should not worry you anytime! If you are religious and at 11PM you evolve the darkest spirits possible and at 11:30 you are praying to god to forgive for it DON’T EVER START TO DO ANY SPELL from this thread! After a casting you should come out from the energies smooth and life your life as nothing happened if you can’t manage to do that, as I said DON’T DO SPELLS!

  8. You should not worry too much, so if a candle falls while you setting up your spell, you should not be like “OMG it won’t work, I messed up omgg” be strong and if something seems negative, allow that thing only to strength your will! So if a candle goes out sudden LIGHT 2 MORE and show how much you want it and how strong your will is! (This also applies if you read an ENN or prayer or a text of a spell, if you make a mistake, don’t cry and stop it, continue as if nothing happened, but make sure you read it again In a correct way)

  9. Don’t do 150 spells in 5 days, but don’t be like I did 1 spell and its done. Only you feel how hard the situation is, so choose the amount of spells according to that! (Some may say that this is a BS and there are spells that as one stands and works, but in my experience the best if you configure this as a project where you cast 1-2-3-10 spells each slighty different ofc)

  10. It’s funny because I have never read that anywhere before, but when you blow out the candle, be like a 9 year old in your birthday, WISH FOR WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE before you blow the candles and then blow out the candle(s).

  11. This might be the most said part, don’t wait for results, easy example: If you did a contact spell, don’t look at your phone in every minute like “oh is he messaged me?” Let the spell take place, don’t kill it with your obsession! This also applies to spells what are casted for bigger things than a message!

  12. Don’t do any divination on a spell like you do a tarot reading about “Is this spell worked?” Don’t do that.

  13. Don’t do the same spell again and again, do each spell only once, Some spells even take YEARS to work, but in general you should redo a spell if you don’t see ANY sign after 30-45 days.

  14. Be open to signs! Spells, demons, usually send you signs that your request is accepted!

  15. Always list who you called and what spells you did because you will need to thank them after your request is fulfilled!

  16. If you got results or part results don’t hence. Or don’t be an egoist thinking “ohhh I have soo much power hahaha”, It is almost 100% required that after you got results you call everyone that helped you (demons, or anyone you will be working with) and thank them and offer them anything! (Thats why you need the list mentioned in point 15.)

  17. Most of us have a book where we write down our experiences after a cast or anything that would make sense in the future, but we can’t understand it now, Well it’s up to you if you do that I would recommend it, but the point 15. LIST is a must!

  18. Don’t do spells if you are ill, heavily exhausted, drunk, or under influence of drugs. Also don’t do spells if you have deadlines after that coming short, so you CAN’T ever rush a spell, so like, “HUHHH I will do this spell I have 10 minutes and I have to go” No… don’t be like that, cast spells before you sleep and don’t have anything planned just sleeping.

  19. Help yourself first and spells will help you out too!

  20. Don’t interrupt spells, so like don’t be like “oh I’m hungry I need to eat and I will continue” Only start a spell if you are 100% sure that you can sit down and end it in one sitting! (Ofc a spell with 7 days candle or so does not requires you to sit there for 7 days)

  21. Don’t hold your emotions back while you are doing a spellcasting, the best advice is to be yourself while cast.

Okay so these are the rules you need to keep for yourself and with spells.
Remember if you don’t keep these rules you are limiting yourself and the spells to work better.

Sorry for the English mistakes im not native English.

Wish you the best, but don’t forget one thing “If he or she is your ex that happened for a reason”

Have a nice day, Hope I could help you a little bit.


Don’t go to fortune tellers they are full of bullshit ! I am getting major major shocking signs from demons about a man I want, went to tarot reader she said it’s my minds manifestation only and doesn’t mean anything ! Now I don’t know who to believe :rage: I’m still going to go with my intuition because same happened before with another guy long time ago and in the end it did happen!


Very informative post by the way ! I’ve made lots of these mistakes which made me get results in bits and pieces only ! Sharing stories with friends is the biggest one of them!


Well I would not say that this direct. Some of them are not professional and some of them are. You may had no luck with your chosen one.

I tell everyone to read divination themselves because that’s something you can trust 100%


Also when you are waiting for someone/something you get readings often from the place of desperation, and nothing good comes out of that :unamused:


Wonderful post!
I have a question on No Contact rule : How would this apply to someone who work or study together and meet and talk everyday. The relationship may not be there but they are friends. Can you pls help.


Well I may sound mainstream, but you should leave that place, I mean for instance if this is any university it’s hard then I may consider casting a spell for the target to leave the place.

If you work together just swap work place BUT act like you are going to a better place, don’t give your ex the feeling that you are leaving because of him or her, act like your life just got better you found a better place, hence to your colleagues I would say be a little arrogant, it may sound idiotic first, but inside your ex , It will plant some thoughts like “damm she just gone… and even to a better place” so this is applies under the rule of “be better than your ex, be someone he wants not someone he can get”


Yeah…great advice, but kind of hard to do no contact when a child is involved like in my case. Since my son’s father will call in the Calvary if I go no contact with him, I tend to do a varied version, which is keeping the answers short, to the point, and about our child and our child ONLY. No initiating any contact, no formalities, no nothing. Just very boring, short and matter of fact. That’s for instances even aside from doing any work, like if we’re not vibing like we should and need to reset things…always works for me.


Ofc cases like this is really hard to change with magic. Well… I was never been a situation like this, but the most important in a case like this, to be honest… Is not you. It’s the future of the children. That he will have everything he needs in this life, the very best. A strong base in himself what he can build his life on.


Just an extra if you choose to hire a professional, read this about how to determine if someone is a scammer:
A real caster will never tell you that her spells will work 100%
A real caster would NEVER hurry you like “order this pay now fast fast fast…”
A real caster never has discounts, it’s magic not the blackfriday
A real caster will send you photo or video proof of the casting (MAKE sure you always asks that before you order that what kind of evidence you will get of the work done)

Signs you should look for when you talk with someone who pretends to be or a real caster:
Real magicians usually write short, and summarised and they don’t reply fast always. If someone always replies immediately to your messages what do you think when she does the spells? (just think)
Fake magicians will lead the conversation to a sale, they will ask your budget, they will push you into situations where you have to admit that there is nothing you can do, and you need their help.
Usually they say something like “I see that you have a block, but I can clear that block from you”
Also Why would they see anything without any information about you? Even if you tell them your name or anything, do you think a real caster would just open a ritual or do a divination during your conversation, for free just to tell you that “this and that is the case?” No a real magican, asks you what you want in your life to manifest, and after you paid, she may do a divination that helps her to make the best out of you casting!
Real magicians never bargain about the price, they will say it almost in the beginning and they will stick to that.
I’m not racist but usually the scammers are from the Middle East or Africa, you will notice immediately that their English is terrible, so I recommend choosing someone you have 100% understanding even by language.
Having only a WhatsApp number and nothing else, most of the time is fake.
Comments under youtube videos (and nowadays on instagram or/and facebook) saying that “Hey this man helped me … and here is his WhatsApp number” ARE ALL FAKE
Advertisements coming up in google are all fake, real magicians would never advertise themselves on google ads. Just imagine, if 100 orders would come in, she would never be able to serve that. They have a clients by results not by ads.
Real magicians are not like anyone on Fiverr, well sorry to tell that, but on that page there is no limitation of the orders come in. No real caster would ever allow that, just imagine “Ohh well I have to do 27 spells today” Makes no sense right?
Poorly built websites with only a PayPal gateway? Forget that!
If someone says that she does a special spell just for you, close that chat, obvious fake!

Signs that you are talking with a real magican:
Try this: Say to her: “I need a few days or more to think this out, I will contact you when I’m ready”
If she replies something like “Okay, just text me when you are ready” Thats real, if she texts ANYTHING that is about “Well you have to make the payment now because I won’t be available, or I’m travelling, or ANYTHING that says you need to order this NOW don’t THINK” that’s fake.
A real caster can provide more than one contact, so like an email address and a phone number, a facebook page, so not just one source of communication.
Real casters will never upsell you so like “Hey If you order this and you add an extra that is half priced”
A good sign if the magican tells you that she needs to get materials for your casting so she can’t start it right after the payment.
A real magican would never hence about how much power she or he has! Or hence with something like “Pfff I managed to do this, your case is soo easy, I even did this and that and etc etc …”

A few other tips:
If you found a real magican, respect him or her. That’s rare that you can buy something like real magic, and this is a pleasure FOR YOU, to talk to that person.
So it’s not like “Im going to the store and because I have the money Im the king in that place” No, in a magical trade, does not matter how much you pay, YOU SHOULD respect the magican, and thank him or her that she or he allowed you to receive something that you would never get.
Real spells starts at minimum 100 dollar but I might said low amount. I don’t say that all spells under 100 are just a scam, but just imagine if you order a 7 day candle spell that requires meditation and a casting ritual everyday, how would that cost 10 dollar?.

Try to hire someone who has a youtube Chanel, I would say that’s the best since they have an audience so they would been exposed in the past if they scam people.

Well that’s all I would like to add to the thread.

Have a nice day


Great post, I can say that when I was younger, struggling (and failing) to do love spells on a kinda-ex, I did almost all of those wrong, and failed! :laughing:

Thank you for posting in this level of detail, I think it’s the first post of its kind of here, and will hopefully assist others. :+1:


Also I will answer the most asked questions about this topic too.

So I hope if you read this you won’t spam threads with all these questions that I will cover now.

1. Im desperate How can I get my ex back?
There are more than 100 spells detailed, sigil magic, book recommendations, video recommendations everything on this forum, use the search function BUT first read the rules in this thread

2. Why nothing worked for me already?
Imagine that you have a headache and you google up “how to kill headache” there are millions of ways to do it, but its 100% that in your case most of them won’t work same with magic, you have to find your own solution that applies to your own case

3. What are spells, what is this whole evocation and sigils and demons thing?
You will HAVE to learn, just imagine If I tell you that "Here is the fastest car in the world, I give it to you so now you can drive to the beach in 1 hour instead of 4 hours, and you take the car, but you have never ever driven even the tenth power of that car, most likely you will crash it due to the lack of experience. Same with spells, you will have to know, what you do, and why you do that you will have to read books, websites, PDFs. If you don’t know anything use google, you will find the answer for everything. If it’s a spell google love spells, if you see in a thread sigil, just google sigil magic. This simple

4. I don’t have the tools, the materials, a place for a spell what should I do?
Above I said that the minimum you need is peace and 100% trust of nothing will interrupt your casting, about materials well… there are so many sites selling occult supplies, YES you will need to order them YES it will cost you money, and guess what NOBODY will order them instead of you. I don’t want to be mean, but we are adults… if you need a painkiller you don’t sit in your chair and think “how could I replace that” you go straight to the pharmacy and get it, same with magic. +(If there is something you can’t get or afford that’s a sign of the universe that you should not do that spell)

5. I did a spell 12 days ago and someone said it works in a week, why does not that work then??
I Will say an example easy to imagine: Imagine that your spellcasting is that you drop a bowling ball into a pool, in a small pool it goes to the bottom in a few seconds, in a bigger it takes a few minutes, and this goes up to the infinity. Your ball to arrive to the bottom usually will never be the same time as It did for others because EVERY case is based on a different level of deepness.

6. I have not seen anything during a spellcasting or an evocation, is this a fail?
No, this is only shows you that what level on your spiritual senses are, if you did not see or hear anything that’s not a sign of fail. Chances are the same whether you see or hear anything.

7. I don’t have money to buy all this books, and candles and supplies and anything what should I do?
Once my master told me that "If you can’t afford to do something, the first you should do is to make yourself able to afford it, so if you can’t afford these things your financial situation is a bigger problem than your ex love. But I’m sure that there are spells that you can do for a few bucks of supplies. Sigil magic (after you learned it) costs almost nothing.

8. I Feel like nothing is working and it’s just getting worse day by day what should I do?
If you are not something that suits a happy well being relationship your ex won’t comeback to you, make yourself happy, and love yourself that’s the basic. (Even if this sounds mainstream) really, grow your ego, grow your carrier, appearance, hygiene everything. Make yourself something that everyone wants, so chances that your ex wants that goes up too!

9. When will he comeback?
Without a divination nobody will be able to tell you that, even divinations show “what will happen if there is no change in the path” remember that

10. I have an excuse for this and that, is that okay if I…? (And all questions like this)
If a question starts with Is that okay if I? Then the answer is usually NO, there is a reason that why does the spell or the ritual say what it says, so for example "I don’t have a bottle of whiskey, is this okay if I use wine? No! If you are not able to get the tools of the spells CHOSE something else.

11. What do I need to do if this or that is my case?
Always choose spells that NOT works on the surface, but in the root of the problem. Easy example: If you have a headache everyday for a month you don’t cast a spell to kill the headache today, you cast a spell to find and kill the source of the pain. Same with love, if your ex left you because you was smelly (sorry I have no better example) NOTHING will change between you no matter how much spells you do, if you don’t remove the reasons of the break up (there are some small chance that this could work as you two get together again without any change inside the root problems, but that will end to fast break up again).

12. He cheated, did not tell me why he left, what to do?
Well, ask yourself, "Do I want to use my spiritual abilities to get a good relationship to myself, or to get back with someone who disrespected, cheated, used me? For some reason if you choose that you want that person who used you etc, Well… Love spells won’t work, better go for sigil magic, and banishing spells to return the negativity to them that they gave you, if you combine this with “love” work, chances are that he will realise he was wrong and will beg to you for sorry.

13. It’s been years, other relationship etc etc what to do then?
Well usually as time goes love fade away, slower or faster but in everyone, if you try to get back with someone from the past (I say after 6-8 months) or someone that involved in a relationship, you will need layered work, that’s covering all of the topics of the love matters

14. After I casted the spell, I feel like instead of the target it affects me, what to do?
You can always do a clear and cut spell, but since you are not a professional (chances are if you read this) usually that’s a good sign, because that shows you that the energies were moved. Also my master once told me that, some love spells even if they don’t mention it, has effect on both of the persons. So don’t worry on this, if you feel like at some point that you can’t handle the effects anymore, just clear and cut the spell you did. BUT REMEMBER that means you give up on the desired results!


Thanks for starting this thread @sermehan . Really informative and detailed.


I have a question : which day is more powerful for love rituals ? Friday or full moon , next week Saturday is full moon , should I do it on Friday or Saturday?

I’d go with Full Moon personally.


Ive had spells work that costed less than that and the caster i go to has a number and email etc

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Some spell casters dont take videos or photos of thier rituals because others have stolen photos of work to pass of as thier own …
But the spells have still worked even without the photo evidence

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Well, would you PM me those contacts?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@sermehan Terrific thread! This is one of the most talked about topics on here, and you’ve made a great reference for many. Thanks for taking the time.

Im thinking the same after the cleansing to get a spell done at the full moon
I heard it gives it more power

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