Biggest EX LOVE RETURN rules thread with rules you need to keep!

I am going to be honest. I have heard this advice many many times and will have to respectively disagree. Every situation and person is different. If the person is going thru a hard time already and they need you or are prideful it is not always necessary to be standoffish or no contact. I realize that this happens to be a rule not just in witchcraft, but also in therapy, but I disagree. And I speak from experience when I say this. I do agree with you @anon48508954, that being cold and short is the best way in certain circumstances. I feel that when we say “absolutely no contact” we are creating a desperation in people that creates a lust for results. This is just my experience and my point of view.


I deleted my previous post because I’ve been bombarded with numerous PMs asking for more information about the spellcaster I mentioned.

The last time I was nice enough to take time out to offer advice to someone after reading their story they PMd me, they then turned around and insulted me & the info I gave them so I’m not subjecting myself to that again…I don’t have the patience for it. I’m a very nice person and am willing to help out when I can and I’m not here for any negativity, I just want to talk about magick.


All of the rules are very important but No. 7 is already my favourite. I have always acted like a puppy when he returned to me … I don’t know… like 100 times already…and went on treating me like a puppy and everything ended up in confrontations from my side, next break up, next return work and everything over and over again. Well, yesterday I received a text after I dont know which number of break up. “Hey idiot, would you please at least send me a text of few words to tell me if you’re ok”. Hmmm, sadly but puppy had passed away. My answer was “Depends who is asking. Who the f*ck are you to ask me how I am? Are you my friend, my lover, my colleague? First determine yourself who are you. If you will be constantly nobody - i have no further conversations with you.” Then I received some kissing emoticons and other bulsit, but no specific answer so I went silent again and didn’t even reply. I’m not a puppy anymore.


How does one find a real caster/magician if google is mostly fake, and Facebook etc? What are the other options to even find one?

Mostly right, but as someone who got results here and there, I need to say that the part that talks about doing it only Fridays is incorrect.

IF, again, IF any spirit has an specific day to work, you should respect that day. IF the hoodoo spell is intendend to be done on a specific day, you should work this day. And if there’s no specificity, then you can work at any day that you want. This thing about Friday is more about the “collective thought” that Friday rules over love. Unless you’re on esoteric magick, working with planetary hours or, idk, the spell is pretty specific about the day, you shouldn’t worry about this.

I double dare someone calling Cigana on the Friday, unless you’re best friends with her. lol

The best thing you can do about love spells is to work on yourself first, and here we agree pretty much. Later, every love spell needs a plan, because no love ends by a specific thing. And even if it does, this specific thing leads to many consequences as you break up. Sometimes people can hate you, sometimes they can despise you, sometimes they can be with other person, sometimes is just a matter of ego, not matter, you should always sit, take a pen, take some notes on what are the things that lead to the break up, and make the spell plans to provoke the changes in the target and in yourself! Only after you get all noted, then you proceed to any rituals you want.

In the rest, I agree pretty much.

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The answer is: don’t go for Google. Is to be asking for being scammed. Some people asks 70 dollars, but after you do it, they’ll find something wrong and will ask you more money for that. And more. And more… In the end, you’ll finish by paying thousand of dollars by a thing that you could hire a real professional magician for 10-20% the total value and work with them.

Here on the top of the forum’s page are some magicians that really do their jobs on the “ritual for hire” tab, for example. In the forum itself are plenty of people who will really work on your case (but is significantly the minority who works with love spell since you need to be EXTREMELY patient for that, really). These people will put their asses on the line for you. If it’ll gonna work is a different matter since magick doesn’t work this way, instantly. Maybe, it can take more than an year, maybe two, no matter what kind of magick you does. We can’t schedule a specific time foe that to work, although sometimes a divination may gave you a “deadline”. Even if it is the case, it can happen pretty fast, like days, or be delayed by many factors and take years.

The trick is to set the spell and try to forget. Do another thing, even some meditations to clean the mind. No matter what, if you’re going to hire someone, just do it, let they do the magick, and just forget by being totally sure that it’ll be delivered. This makes the difference.

In the end, if you can’t find someone trustworthy who does this for you by distance, the trick is to do a research and find someone who you can talk personally.


Oh how badly I needed to read this. Great advice

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Hi,First timer an Very New to this
Very Fascinated with the Power of Magic an Spells,It ried some Youtube Spells but don’t think its working ,“LUST n SEX spell”
On a Specific woman
,we all live n share the same house,so I have access to any personal things I need,PLEASE HELP

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Thank you so much for positing this.
This is all incredible information.


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I have some questions.

First- my ex left me 18 months ago, and it´s married. I have talked with a medium friend that has incorporated a entitu, that said that in some time, our paths will cross again. The entity said that she need to get married, it´s part of her process, even thouh that marry is a mistake.

But I know that there is another woman in my path, that I haven´t meet yet.

If I do a spell, it´s no possible to be confusing everything and things will not go the way their must go?

It´s not better to let the destiny take care of things?

Or there are some spells that can just open our ways, without messing with the free will and closing my path to other people?


If a do a spell

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Welcome @SPQR233 It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


I made several demon petitions from DOM (Ritual 1) for my ex that blocked me, to contact me and have warmer feelings for me. Until now no result. Is it a good idea to attack the person with Glasya Labolas to put her in a depressive state, to make her weaker and easier to be affected? I want to break this stubborn behavior and make her unblock me and contact me.

Not sure if this counts but I did a spell asking aphroditite and the spirit of venus for some love at a time where I had given up looking for it via conventional means. A few hours later a ex contacted me asking to meet up and talk. It didn’t work out long term because the same factors that drove us apart before still existed but it was a very very pleasantly nice experience. They opened up to me in way that I had never seen them do before and I was taken aback.


This is very, very important. No matter what you do to get an ex back, if you don’t work on the things that made you broke up, you’ll break up again.

Let’s say your ex left you because you had no job and you sat all day on the couch watching TV. You do your magick or whatever mind game you need and she comes back. But after a while she’ll see that you’re still sitting on your ass all day watching TV, so she’ll leave you again.

When you do love magick to get someone back, you must apply no contact and while you wait for them to come back you MUST work on yourself: go to the gym, get a new haircut, new clothes, a new perfume, get a new job, quit drinking, anything.

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The issues that drove us apart were a little deeper than that although yes some what you say is true. I get it though and the greater lesson Aphrodite was trying teach me. If you want a good partner you have to be a better partner which applied equally to them as it did to me. Ultimately I was the one who ended it again because the issues were never going to get better long term and we were both quite fixed in on perspectives but in different ways.

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Yes of course, I was talking in general, not particularly about your situation. It’s just something people don’t understand, how you can’t expect someone to come back to you if you’re still the same person they broke up with