Belial really doesn’t like addiction

I think it’s time I open up a bit more on this site since we aren’t all so different here and I won’t be called crazy like on the other “magic and spirit” based sites.

To start off, I work with Lucifer enough that I’ve taken to wearring a necklace:

To show my dedication. I’ve also tried to better my health for him (almost went anorexic and then suicidal, a couple times in the past but pulled back)

Last month I was thinking of reaching out to Belial to help me with my addiction but I was against the idea. But on August 12, while thinking again of calling to him, I suddenly got the urge to seriously quit this time.

After my last post on here and reading the advice given. I finally came to the thought that maybe he really did help so this morning I tried to make contact but after failing to get through mentally and not even feeling his presence physically, I gave up and went to sleep.

I saw him in dream. I know he hates addiction but I didn’t expect that.

We exchanged Hello’s then he asked me if I worked with Lucifer and I gave him the same answered as I did at the start of this post. “Yes, I do. I see Him as my king.”

This answer seemed to changed the whole feel of the conversation from calm to hostile.

He chided me as if I was a child (given his age vs mine, I guess I am in his eyes) about how if I truly followed Lucifer then I would have tried harder to quit on my own and tried to get stronger mentally so my eye would be open properly (way to hit at the sensitive spots). I tried to tell him that I have been slowly trying just going step by step but he would have none of it.

He had me hold up both of my hands before drapping a chain across the palms of both my hands. He said “Free yourself” as it began to sink into my hand and become sealed it in by my skin healing over it. Of course I panicked, how else would anyone react?

He ignored me franctically pulling my hands in different directions to try to get it out. Instead he calmly came me a speech of:

“Let go of your addiction. You’ve chained yourself now you have to find the strength to be free.”

Funny how all I wanted was confirmation of it was him but end up with a whole chiding followed by a speech. Though it did help clear up my doubts about actually quitting (up until this morning I kept thinking “What’s the worse that could happen if I go back?”) so it was worth it.


We all need a wake up call sometimes, and the spirits have no issues providing that. But they do it in love. They want us to succeed, and they wouldn’t even bother if they thought we couldn’t make it. Keep up the good work!


Excellent experience! Thanks for sharing! You can do it!!!


Thanks, thats why I mentioned it clearing up my doubt because I had a thought sinilar to what you said: Why would he bother with me if i where to fail?

Specially since they must have better things to do then take time for us so meetings are special in my opinion.


Thanks. It was nice to finally share a meeting, the interactions are special to me since their rare specially someone new (never met Belial as I mentioned).

My first meeting with Belial (only one thus far) was in a dream as well. He was much nicer to you than he was to me, lol. But he had a deep message that I know I will need to go back to him for guidance on. It always warms my heart and gives me motivation to commit to my exercises whenever a spirit visits me in the dream state. Imagine what it’s like for them knowing we are not even fully conscious and lucid?


If a chain embedded in my hands is nicer then what he did to you, I’m not sure if i want to know what happened (though please do tell) lol

I imagine that us seeing them while we’re not conscious or lucid is a sort of test because will we remember that meeting? Will we act on it? Who knows but it’d be nice to find out.

I was in a black robe, in a house on a cliff by the sea. Suddenly, a mob came out of the treeline coming after me. I jumped into the water. A girl/boy reached out their hand to save me, their face I could barely make out from beneath the surface. Next thing I know, I’m in my bed and the figure is beside me with their back to me. “Hey!”, I say to him/her. Bastard turns around with the face looking like it did from under the water, but there is no water, and says “I tried to save you from yourself”. They’re right near my face! Scared the shit out of me! I jumped out of bed shouting and trying to turn lights on (none would turn on). He/she’s just laughing the entire time. Only when I woke up did I realize it was Belial and not just a nightmare… :cry:

I had asked him for something. I don’t remember since it was a while back. He showed up alright… I think his message is related to a past life and a warning that I should not repeat that same mistake. I also think he might really have tried to help in that past life. I’ve been avoiding him tbh until I get stronger. Feel like I’m not ready yet to talk to him again. Still can only use dreams so far to communicate.

I think it’s a relationship building thing. I’ve had a few entities communicate with me in dreams, and mostly it’s introductions and a message or task to do. Things that I will have to work at. They want us to keep working so we can communicate reliably (scrying, astral projection, etc) and then they can really get to work on teaching us.


I think your idea of its meaning is spot on and I know what you mean with the dreams.

In person I can feel and slightly hear (imagine bad reception) them but in dreams its way better to communicate.

Have you tried third eye opening? That’s what I’m doing and have seen some good results from it even thought it hasn’t been anything permanant but the temporary results are nice.

If you’d like I could link a mediation playlist that I set up with different videos for different results and link the two videos that I find most effective separately.

Yeah, I’m doing an AP meditation and I am doing scrying practice every day as well. Just a matter of time. I do like the fact we at least have the dream state for now, lol.


Thats great.

I meditate, or for a calmer day, listen to this;
The Center of the Universe (1 hour all Chakra activation/stimulation/meditation) - YouTube
or something thats more calming (like rain sounds or something).

For sleeping I’ll listen to this: SERIOUSLY INTENSE: MULTIVERSE LUCID DREAM MUSIC| BEST LUCID SLEEP |Binaural Beats Meditation | DREAM - YouTube
to either deepen a dream or, if I’m to tired, I’ll use lucid dreaming as meditation for the day.


Just briefly listened to that first one. I usually stay away from those meditation videos, but that one I actually in that brief moment felt pressure on my brow. Nice one. Thanks for sharing!


Your welcome and yeah meditation videos can be a bit much but stimulations can be handy.

The lucid dream video has 21 layers of beats so it can have its uses.

Just to add in my own experience. I used to have some nasty addictions. Working through the Qliphoth rid me of most of my conscious addictions


I’ve heard of the Qliphoth but never understood it. Could you explain so maybe it’ll catch my interest too?


Tree of life and tree of death. Husks of existence that are governed by arch demons. Inviting them into your life is a path towards Deification. There’s a lot to it. Most magi that have walked the path don’t regret it


Wow @Lamb-of-Hell-666, what a strong experience and it’s good that you face your addiction. I have that problem too and posted about it. You have to put work in yourself, but you need support to change.

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Thanks, I agree about support that’s why I’ve reached out here and to Belial. To get the best of both, ya know? Here and with friends is the gentle support and with him its the harsh suppor

If you don’t mind, could you link your post? I wouldn’t mind reading it though I did just look through your profile and saw that we have the same opinion over what “Veronica” did to Asmodeus’s sigil.

I personally liked that movie until I noticed that. The movie was nice and all, wasn’t that scary except for that one scene when the demon first appeared to her in her room (reminded me of something I personally fear).

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Here it is : I need your help to come clean

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Sounds great. Would you recommend any books on it? I know there are plenty but getting an opinion from practitioner is always better.