Belial Information and all you need to know when working with him

i had worked a lot with this demon he was with me since birth and i had worked for years with him,and i feel like it would bw good to post everything that i know about belial



Element - Earth and fire
Direction - south
planet - Black sun and
Incense - Dragons blood and sandalwood
Colours - Green,Black,red and yellow
Stones - Obsidian,Onyx,citrine amethyst and quartz

Goetic (most used)


Demonic Chants

Itz ra’cha belial
(From Ea.koeting the book of azazel)

Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial
(From demonolatry)

Amiataz Al’taltu akoma belial tara maza
(channeled by me)

Shee’ahhll ahokoman versssshhh’shalisha varnatz’setcan
oh manka belial on’mahka belial,vav belialssss

(channeled by me)

Litany of belial


alcohol (beer,rum,wine etc)
your time,interest
homemade food
your energy

Invocations of belial

draw his sigi, with your spiritual vision reflect it in your heart chakra
like a mirror reflects light and images,see his sigil on your heart chakra
and chant “Itz ra cha belial”
then try to structere with your scying vision belial’s sigil
then chant again “Itz ra cha belial”
then start rythimically breathing his essense and gateway to you
and feel him solidifying his body into your body sort of becoming one with him.

Calling his masks and aspects

Advices with working with belial

Do not bow to belial respect him but dont bow to him
prove yourself as strong,resist and be your own god and master
and before you know it he will respect for this,but his challanges dont stop he will test you a lot,and you need go through them,resist your resitance.


Very interesting and there are definitely similarities between the information you provided and some of what I have channelled while working with him. Would you say that his major lessons varied on the individual? I got less of the need for resistance from him and more of a focus on actions and timing, especially when it concerns magic and conflicts.


he teaches what we need in order to ascend for me it was resistance and many other people was too but his second most importand lesson for me was disiplance and resilience.


Gotcha, that makes sense


Amazing demonic Chants :hearts:



thank you :slight_smile: will post more.


All that I like. Now I know what to do with that nice piece of obsidian I have. Belial name is poping up in my head from some time, so I think to start working with him.


Go for it :metal:


Loved you’re work!!!:+1::+1::+1:
But which animals are symbolized with belial?


I would put deer, elephants for the connection with ganesha, but as belial the Demon i would aslo Add Scorpions, goats, Bull and wolf.


Interesting that goats and wolves are his thing…i once had an acid trip and I saw god was an interstellar space goat… No joke lmao. Since ive been on this forum he has been suggested to work with multiple times and he has popped up in my headspace a lot lately. Ive been refraining from doing ritual with him yet, as it is in regards to relationship issues and I wanted to make Sure I was solid on what I want before i start working with him. I feel like he has been talking to me a lot lately. Asking me to work with him more formally than what i have. Just been talking to him mentally, havent done a ritual yet. Looks like that’s about to switch. Awesome info by the by!!!


No one has yet mentioned in this thread how much Belial and his legions like to shape shift into cats. So, I got this older lady wearing a hooded cloak, and as I was asking questions, she went and shape shifted into a scary black cat, like you know the old “wait till martin comes” type of cat. So, and I’ve also seen him as a cat, or a cat in a judges wig. (Yeah, I’ve been asking for some pretty big and complex things so yeah, fun.)


@Jastiv Cats? I did not know that. I literally just started working with him officially yesterday. Have been debating the notion for a bit. But like I said in my previous post i needed to make sure I knew what I wanted.
In regards to cats do you think he ever appears as a cougar? Or mountain lion…i know they are the same thing essentially, just covering my bases cause I’m ignorant. lol

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He or she can appear as feline (both the larger and smaller cats) and also as an anthropomorphic cat figure. I think it has to do with people’s idea of cats, and Belial expressing those ideas. Cats form an independent opinion of you that doesn’t seem to have to do with anyone else’s idea. They also express that patience, that waiting for the right moment to pounce upon something, and also the larger variety can express the idea of being wild and dangerous.
Belial also likes the William Blake Poem, Tyger Tyger and I have used that to call upon him.


thank you! I’ll have to read that poem and see what happens :hugs:

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Use the seal of Belial and Shahtan upon Azazel.


Hello everyone!
Yesterday I talked to Belial and asked him to do something for me. Also offered him something after the job is done.
In the Night, I had a dream… or maybe I was awake… but it was as if a bee was in front of my face and I think I put my head under my blanket for „protection“. Then I suddenly thought it’s probably a sign from Belial. I hope he accepted our „deal“… what do you think?

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I offered him some wine yesterday while focusing on the sigil; today I feel real drained and not super in control of myself. Is that normal?

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Thank you.

I am in love with Belial.
I’ve seen him a few times through my dreams and once through my meditation. He is amazing, powerful, and very intemidating.
The last time he showed himself in my dream he said he was there to “take me home, but because I was scared of him I was not ready.”
I am so pissed at myself.
I’m not scared of him though.

This is what he looks likewhen I see him.