Calling different masks and aspects of belial

these are different short incantacions to call many different aspects,masks and titles of belial,for example the earth elemental,the formed abyss and so on

Belial-The lord of the element of earth

(this invocation and incantacion calls the earth aspect of belial,this is great for earth element oparations)

Mah’juno itz vanzello terris belius

i call upon the demonic king of the element of earth
whose name is belial,lawless
he who brings stability of all kinds,and knowladge over and beyond earth
he who is the power of earth,the elemental king of earth

come belial king of earth
Terra belial,terra belial

The demonic king-The infernal

ar’jahno ar’jahno tas tris vellis belial infernok mala’tasa
i call upon the demonic king belial
who rules many regions of the infernal empire
choosen by the infernal emperor lucifer
king belial,the infernal king,lawless and wicked…i call thee
mahneris belial

-(channeled name for the infernal aspect)

The formed abyss,the demonic gatekeeper

itz ra’cha belial
i call upon the first gatekeeper of the nine and four
belial the wicked one,the lawless one
the abyss personified i call thee
belial the gatekeeper
open your gates to me

i will post more of his aspects another time,these are for now,keep in mind that these dont limit the spirit these are just masks and aspects



I work oft with Belial Scorpion God so if you channel one incantation too would be great.


Please, don’t forget to add the Qliphoth of Daath’s aspect of him, Belial.
A qliphoth with his name on it is definitely a powerful part to work with!!!


Fascinating idea. :+1:


Thank you eva,
yesterday i just did a pact with him
(starting my gatekeeper journey) its been one day since then and i am already put into tests yet i get great gifts i intuitively know that i should call his aspects so i expressed that intuition here

will do,

i will do too,

tommorow or maybe in 3 days i will post other aspects of himself too


Awesome!!! :sunny:

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Interesting, and what is the advantage of calling upon belial in the conventional way rather than a mask of belial? Does it just intensify a particular quality already present in Belial in “normal” interactions?

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its almost the time to work with these and more of his aspects.

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lets say you want to work and master the earth element well the earth aspect of belial would be great.

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Hail King Belial.


Hail the immortal resistor belial!


love your tatto i feel his energy!


Have Lucifer to.


i channeled a name to call his daathic aspect

“daetha ramha belial’ol”


its very easy to use,you chant lit like any other chant.

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