King Belial.. What if offering is less

I really want to ask help from King Belial on a legal matter (visa urgently needed, last application form submitted, cant submit another one until do something in the current country for a whole year idk, friend in depression since long time, sad, and its been a long time visa hasnt come, so this time it MUST be accepted)… I just want help from King Belial but… I’m so afraid my offering will be less…

it says
He must be presented with offerings, sacrifices and gifts, or else he will not give true answers to demands.
Im like… Its so important but i dont know if Belial would accept little offerings? I know it might be ok if given with good heart and respect but… Idk…
(an apple and a cup of water? :cry:

And as on

Maybe semen too? Idk if it would be disrespectful

And btw i HAVE to eat that apple later on cuz cant dispose or cant throw away, I’ll ofc tell him about it tho…

Oof confused

And also… Could someone please please pleaseee be able to ask his answer after I ask him for help? Its really urgently I need the help and… I really need to be sure he wants to help in that… I can ofc talk to him with the sigil but… I really wish to know his answer cuz its a really big important matter… Could someone maybe be able to hear him?

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I don’t think any offering would really be deemed “less” by him. A lot of demons like insense, I’ve never seen an entity turn down water or Alchual. Though Alchual in my opinion is better than water. Just research spirit offerings and then read up on belial and see what works. Read up on him throuhgly. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Remember to breathe. It’s your first time so I’m sure he won’t be a stick about it. <3

Depends on what it is he wants and how much.

When in doubt, offer up a favorite food or drink as an offering.