BALG Discord Groups Do Not Exist

Groups formed outside this forum will not receive the same moderation or any other protections, including simple things like people being who they claim to be, and posts on this forum where people reply with a known username.

If you get offered an invite to a Discord or have issues with one, this forum and its moderators have no sway over them, so feel free to report people who send you links as spam, by clicking the three dots … at the bottom of any PM or post.

The sender will not be notified.

There are NO BALG forum approved Discord groups. and what happens on them is not overseen by the rules on here.


Just bumping this for everyone as a reminder.

What happens on these groups needs to stay off the forum: grudges and cliquesformed on these groups, and more lax approaches to insults and bad behaviour will NOT be tolerated here just because they have their origin on a Discord group which has forum members on it.