Background music during spellwork and other rituals

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I am fond of playing music while casting spells, etc. It sets the vibe and draws out the appropriate energy and emotions from me, thus adding potency to my workings. Here are some of my picks:

  1. Vampirism and Saturnian cursing - Masked Ball by Jocelyn Pook (Eyes Wide Shut OST)
  2. Martian cursing - 7 Words by Deftones
  3. Venusian magick - Froot by MARINA
  4. Ascension meditation - Colouring of Pigeons by The Knife.

Post your magickal background playlist recommendations!

We actually already have several thread like this you might like to check out

This one is updated the most:

And there’s…

Also lookup binural beats. Those are popular for meditation and ritual work.


Sorry, my bad. Let’s just delete this haha.

I tried the Sigma Male Grind Set music, I just kept dancing.