Astral Parasites keep coming

Hello everyone, I keep getting Astral parasites on me and I’ve paid so much for removals. How can i prevent the from coming more? And how can I protect my energy and heal it?

It’s harsh but you kill them. Or try to. Then they don’t come back, but also, it sends the right message out there that you are not to be messed with and stops new ones from bothering you so much. (They can see what you do to trespassers.)

After your next good banishing, also that you set up “wards” and “shields” to stop astral wildlife, ghosts and such from wandering into your space accidentally. It’s no good throwing the drunks out of the bar if you don’t lock the door so they can’t just walk right back in :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of tutorials you can perform yourself here to get these basics straight:

Beyond that these things do happen, and you can even create some yourself, so having quick hygiene techniques to practice recognizing and getting rid of them quickly rounds out your protections.