Astral immortality or "just" not incarnating?

So I want to avoid the death of my consciousness and the loss of memories, in order to continue enjoying magick, and to stay in contact with a spirit I’ve met – forever :star_struck:

What avenues are available?

Reincarnation with memories doesn’t seem to happen very often :wink: and thus doesn’t sound like a good plan. Yes, we can do past life regressions, but who knows if I get that idea in the next life? This approach strikes me as unreliable :-1:t2:

Physical immortality would solve the problem, but seems out of reach for my (and seemingly most everyone’s?) magickal abilities :flushed:.

Astral immortality (N.D. Blackwood: “Its objective is neither more, nor less, than obtaining the Immortality of transhuman consciousness.”) seems like the way forward :star_struck:. I’ve read Draugadrottinn and like its methods to achieving astral travel :+1:t2:, but it seems like the “final step” there includes making pacts with pre-existing vampiric entities, which doesn’t sound alluring to me. I’d like to do this via my own magick :woman_mage:t2: . “Self-Initiation Without A Master” (in the Deification Spellbook linked above) sounds exactly like what I’m looking for… Any experiences with the book? Can you recommend it?

Also, I’ve just found this, which is a very similar question and a pretty good answer – basically master astral travel and then cut the link to your physical body upon death. I would however like to know more.

Another thing that’s very relevant to this is – what happens naturally after death? For example, C. Kendall writes

"We are the only beings that have a body in all realms, and exist in all planes simultaneously.
You’re thoughts and perception and belief may create a certain vibration within you before death.

Carrying you to the afterlife you believe in."

and I’ve also read other occultists stating that we get into some kind of afterlife-world where we can meet other spirits etc… If this is the case, then I have no need for the astral immortality, as I don’t care about being close to earth. I just care about being able to do magick and keeping in contact with a specific spirit. However, is this really true? If so, why does anyone incarnate? I mean, imagine being a spirit in some spirit world – no disease, no ageing, no death of loved ones :smiling_face:. Then you look at earth, see billions of people in poverty, malnutrition, pain… and then you decide that that’s where you want to go? :scream:

So, my question is basically: Do we only loose our memories on re-incarnation, which is a choice and can simply be avoided by staying in some afterlife-world? Or is it not so easy and we need astral immortality to remain ourselves?

This was quite a rambling post, so I guess all opinions on these topics are welcome, even disregarding my specific questions :grin:


You can ask an entity to get you out of the reincarnation cycle by making a relationship with them. I read a book which said the goal of a relationship with an entity is to escape reincarnation and merge with them.


@Shamn thanks :smiling_face: – any details though? Which book was it? What kind of entities can do that?

Also, I’m reading the current AMA with N.D. Blackwood :+1:t2: – he gives a good answer here:

Technically speaking, to avoid the second death, the death of the astral body, you need to sustain it with what compose it : energy/life essence. It the current of vampirism this is done by extracting this essence from living beings.
Regarding the crystalization process. The human beings are generally described to have a physical body, a mental body, an energetic and astral bodies, and one or multiple “superior bodies” that could be assimilated to the western concept of soul.
That soul is the link to the creation/God/The cycle of life/death/and rebirth that goes with it and is supposed to be “permanant”.
The crystalisation of the astral and mental bodies is done by cutting them from the superior body, and by the same occasion from God/the cycle, while it by a connection to something else : the vampiric strain/the essence of a vampiric mentor.
This create a new being

I’ll need to ask him about that, as preserving just the ego without the soul is not an option for me…


It was a book by someone called Mirta on reddit. She mentions how she will merge with lucifer the longer she devotes and makes a pact with him. Usually bigger entities can do it but I am not sure if weaker entities can do it too.

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Some authors “believed” either in soul becoming only a spiritual seed then incarnating in a new body (modern hermeticism inspired to Kremmerz’s teachings) or in, basically, vanishing (Ur Group).
According to them a solution would be initiation by following an easy, long lunar path of purification, or a dangerous quick solar path of will assertion and spiritual practice of the ancient alchemical recipes. This for the first school of thought; the second one considered important to achieve concentration on one single thing, becoming also able to realize mental void, and shifting consciousness to the “heart” as center of the being.

The only place that has I know that has that kind of information is probably Keoting’s soul travel course.

I own the book and have read it but haven’t practiced any of it. It is very practical and has a nice progression through the six thresholds. I’m not sure it is what you’re looking for because it’s post-mortem practice is how to have a conscious reincarnation. The option he gives if you don’t want to reincarnate is to see his other book.

Also on the deification spellbook has another book Adversarial Magic that also talks about non-physical immortality. The idea in that book is that at your core you have a spark, it starts out weak and would get snuffed out at your death. So he shows you how to cultivate the spark into an inferno. The thing I like about it is that he gives a way measuring the strength of the spark, by seeing how well you can influence reality. Most other techniques you have to wait till you die to find out if they are working.

So I don’t really have an answer to this, but I’ve wondering the same thing. I’ve been thinking about like this: If after death we just stop existing or are forced to reincarnate, then there is nothing we can do. If we are automatically immortal or have the option to reincarnate, then there is nothing we need to do it, it’s already done. If immortality is possible but not automatic, then there is action to be taken. I think it is better to take the route where action is possible. It would also be pretty annoying to find out immortality was possible but I didn’t get it because I did nothing.The practices of immortality make you more magically potent anyway. So I don’t really know, but I’m still working at immortality anyway.

As for physical immortality I doubt it is possible, but I was wondering if I should do some sort of grand rite for it just in case. Maybe it would help me live long enough to see a cure to aging. Idk.


Wow, thanks a lot for this detailed answer :hugs:

I’ve just ordered it, let’s see. The description does say " The priceless text that I deliver to you here offers a different approach to the process of creating an Immortal body, traditionally known as the Body of Black Light. […] Its objective is neither more, nor less, than obtaining the Immortality of transhuman consciousness. […] there will be no question of calling on the assistance of deities, demons, or spirits to lend you a hand or take you under their patronage." – so there must be something on the topic :star_struck:

This also sounds very interesting, especially the measuring part. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, that if we found a way to measure the strength of our magick on something “irrelevant” like raising the temperature of thermometers, or moving candle flames, we could then use the techniques proven in that way on the relevant things, like health and immortality. However, I had no success with the immediately visible stuff like moving candle flames… so my most recent idea was this, but I hope to find something better in the new spellbook.

This is absolutely amazing :star_struck: – I really like the way you think :+1:t2:

“The practices of immortality make you more magically potent anyway” – an excellent argument that immediately made me buy the spellbook :smiley: – let’s see, what they authors have to offer.

Also, what specific practices do you recommend? (if you feel that I shouldn’t ask about practical advice without offering some in return :wink:, I’ve written about my practical approach to magick here :star_struck:)

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There’s another option, which is in the current incarnation to deliberately regain your memories. This is seen in things like “past life regression” and can be done on your own with shamanic journeying techniques where you visit past lives and ask questions of them, in a way that parallels remote viewing.

And of course Remove Viewing itself can be used to do this.

Add to that, that you can retain these memories without having to hang on to the qi body and be stuck in the Earth place as a ghost, feeding to stay alive. There’s more options than that.

Becoming an ascended master is more like this level of being: they do not need to “feed” like basic parasites, they are not ghosts, but they have personality and memory and self determination, so, there’s clearly a way.

This is what I employ, it’s slow but has an advantages:
I get back more details on OTHER life memories I’m interested in - I’ve had some shitty, shitty lives I don’t want or need to know more about, but I’m currently deep diving into my life as a priestess of Amun in prehistorical Egypt, much more interesting (and crazy sounding I know but if that’s real I want to know what ‘she’ knew)

So my strategy for this is twofold: 1) use the power inherent in being human in this life to gain memories and also understanding and skills, to know myself, in every way, and 2) take the route of the ascended masters.

I would mention, all the lives I remember without exception have some connection to magick, or, extreme stress. I have priestess, druid and alchemist on one hand, (so far) or extreme loss or torture on the other (often both). This aspect stopped me from looking for more past lives for a while as the “hook” into the life was upsetting. But this massive output of energy I think is what made the impression easy to find during journeying. Just something to be prepared for if you try this route.

In my experience, this can happen anyway. They will find you, you automatically attract and cross paths if you are both incarnate in the same spacetime (you may not recognise them without memory or ability to read unique spirit signatures, but you can feel they’re special and as a mage can look into that), or you can use the above to first learn about the person in a past life, and then once you know they exist it’s easy to find them.

The exception is if they are incarnate they may not be able to respond, it’s like they’re asleep to the astral world and only awake to their immediate physical world. My lady love (I was male) from many many lives ago is like that: when I felt the energy I would have torn my world apart to reach her if I could, but she’s not around, not unless I time travel and talk to who she was, which is more like talking to a copy of who she was and not what I wanted. I can’t find her sleeping form anywhere at all and fear she dissipated and never became an important spirit.

Because if this I revised my opinion that all spirits are always immortal: it seems they can return to source and not keep a personal identity at any incarnate level, energy or otherwise. I feel there’s a system of incarnating down through many bodies, and there’s one at the “top” that hold the initial personality, like the meniscus around a drop of water making it a distinct entity, and like a drop can return to the ocean, it can also be undone. I don’t know how rare that is, but it’s a long way off from just the 2nd death. It’s like, the 20th death or more, something like that.

Bottom line: do more magick, do shit tons of all kind of psychic development and generate lots and lots of energy, make yourself a permanent, indelible mark on the universe, and also work with an entity to get escorted through the transitions.

Ebuhuel has an open offer for the last given to anyone who reads the offer and goes and asks him: by my UPG, don’t know if anyone else has tried talking to him yet.


It’s been repeated so much, we don’t really want to hear it and it sounds so damned cliché…
We don’t really, fully know happens after death. None of us do. I think some of us mortals come close to understanding parts of it and the wisest of us find ways to explain some of it on some level. But the entire thing will forever remain a mystery

I think you should be careful about messing with reincarnation and have a well thought out reason and motivation for doing something quite so disruptive of the general natural order. As the main function seems to be growth and the advance of the “soul”.
Don’t get me wrong, there might be very good reasons and very powerful methods to drop out of the process, other than the natural way of fulfilling your experience to the fullest of your capabilities.

If your main reasoning is to continue doing magick and stay in contact with a spirit, there are probably other, less disruptive ways to do this.
First I think it might benefit you to look deep into yourself and ask yourself honestly why you actually really want to hang on to this one incarnation so badly. Is it your wish and purpose to truly continue the path you are taking without interuption. …Or is it the fear of losing identity?
Now… not to project of course, because to be honest, I went through a short “wanting to stop reincarnation” phase myself and after stripping the reasons I made up for myself, I gathered after some introspection that I did turn out to be afraid of losing my ego/ identity. Which is foolish, because identity/ ego is just a vehicle to help you move through this life. It is not really you at the core and self preservation is just the needed survival mechanism to make it as far as your lifeforce can take you.

Now as for continuing magick. Humans have probably done magick in some form or another for as long as we’ve developed a more complex mind. The chance that you will continue this path, if this is the beneficial and not the harmful/ regressive way to go for you, most probably you will be born with a seemingly natural talent or in circumstances that sets you ahead of many others in a future incarnation. If you keep giving this path your full dedication, you eventually might be able to become one of those ascended masters and rise above the need to rinse and repeat every detail of your incarnations.
And if your affinity with this spirit is really this strong. It may already have been there on previous incarnations. You can also spend this life solidifying this connection, so you will become part of it’s current (assuming you are talking about an angel/demon/deity kind of spirit). That way the chance that you will stay connected to that spirit in afterlife and further incarnations is getting even greater.
Also, whatever your choice may be. You might benefit from devoting at least some effort to practices like lucid dreaming and astal projection. Combined with overcoming a fear of death (which is basically a fear of loosing ego and entering the unknown for most of us) being experienced in those might help a little with the initial confusion after death and be able to set a course to an afterlife zone that connects with that spirit and/ or magick practices.

Really wanted to add this part but forgot…
It sounds like you feel you are living up to your potential and have a lot of fun doing so. Don’t get trapped into being afraid of what you might loose at the end of it. Enjoy it now, to it’s fullest. It will eventually bring you a lot further than fear of future losses and forgetting to fully enjoy where you are right now.


So the first step I am taking is based on something Don Webb in How to Become a Modern Magus. I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something like “if you can’t fill a rainy afternoon then you’re not ready for eternity.” Basically step one for me is becoming someone I wouldn’t mind being for all of eternity. At first I thought this meant a lot of self modification, but over the last six months I’ve been realizing the best course is to uncover and act upon my true will. Every step closer to that and the negatives traits I have either disappear or turn out to be strengths.

The other part is based on Adversarial Magic that I already talked about. I have a heavy focus on practical results based magick. One because it just makes life better and more enjoyable, and two I think it is a safe bet that the more I can affect things non-physically the stronger the non-physical part of me is. (Also three, it only thing I’m good at.)

The last part is the part I haven’t really figured yet. I can do spells and cause results in the physical world but I don’t have any way to perceive the spiritual world. I don’t astral project, talk to spirits, scry, etc. The path I’d like to take is the path laid out in the soul travel course. Of course, I’ll make that decision if and when I figure out how to connect to the wider spiritual world. At this point I would like to try a conscious reincarnation, but that’s just a hypothetical at this point.

Now what I’m currently actively doing to remedy my spiritual blindness is to raise my Kundalini. At present I’m slowly and deliberately working through Energy Work by Robert Bruce. I already have his Kundalini course and plan on doing it after finishing, although I’ve heard Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master recommended a lot so I plan on reading that between now and then and deciding which to follow.

These aren’t really recommendations but just things I’ve been doing and thinking about. Hopefully you find something helpful in it.

Also loved the post about the true will and the HGA.

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I have a bit of a request, when you read Initiation Without a Master could you let me know if its astral projection instructions are the same or not. I don’t have Draugadrottrinn but I’d consider buying it to just read that portion.


Wow, so many thoughtful answers :+1:t2: – I’m glad I joined the forum :smiling_face:

I know about this, but I’m just worried that – given I never felt the impulse to do it in this life – I might also not get that idea in the next one.

This of course sounds very interesting :+1:t2: – but what is that route? Any books or links you can recommend?

Yes, this can happen, but can is not quite enough for us… You know how the typical marriage vow is “…till death do us part” :broken_heart: ? Well, we don’t find that quite acceptable…

That’s good advice, thanks – will do :star_struck:

Yeah, I also have that impression. Some people say that they know, but they all seem to know somewhat different things :smiley:

Such as?

This sounds plausible, but note that it depends on knowing what happens after death. Knowing the “rules” of reincarnation. Maybe, I’ll instead reincarnate as a person in an impoverished place, and have to struggle for food and clean water every day. Note how many people live this way. Who would choose that? Insofar as we don’t know the rules, it’s pretty much Russian roulette :scream:, and I’d rather avoid it.

Good advice – I’m definitely doing that :+1:t2:

Also very good advice, thanks :smiling_face: – and I do :star_struck: . The spirit I want to stay close to seems to say something similar, that I don’t have to worry much, and should just stay focussed on doing magick and on learning. And the learning part is exactly why I’m asking these questions :nerd_face:

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This is Brilliant! And you are very right in pointing it out :smiley:
My bad in putting it a little bluntly. I didn’t want to make my post any longer and more deluded than it already was ^^
As a footnote. In all my views I have the full realization that I might be completely wrong (and that’s fine, it’s allowed me to life a very rich life so far in a spiritual sense. I like to share my views, but in no way do I want or feel the need to pose as if my opinion is The Truth).

Karma is another one of those widely misused and misinterpreted concepts. I’ve had the pleasure of examining and contemplate it… well my whole life actually and have my own extensive theory on it. It might be simpler than we think, but like with death and the afterlife. We will never have the full picture we need and will never have the ability to fully comprehend it anyway.

Growth might do better out of a place of safety but hardly ever comes out of a place of complete comfort.
I am a big believer in that we might not always be born into the situation we want, but the one we need most of the times. It is our responsibility to do with it as we see fit in terms of our growth and everything I’ve seen so far seems to be either propelled by growth and evolution or at least serve that function be it in terms of nurture or catalyst.

Reincarnation is what makes the most sense in terms of growth for me, and judging from your questions it might be your opinion as well. In that sense the less disruptive way of continuing to grow spiritually and do magick is to enjoy and embrace it now and grow as much as you can. That way you will probably continue your growth as needed in a next life (possibly with the aid of your spirit) . You will navigate your way into what you need the next life automatically.
If I’m wrong and it’s a game of randomness, we don’t have any control over it anyway. So why put lost effort and invite fear in terms of some possible future. Why not just enjoy the fruits right now and be well fed? It might set you of a better start in a hungry future anyway ^^

As for the less disruptive way of staying connected to your spirit, is also what I proposed in the previous post. Enjoy and solidify your connection now is the only way I can think of. Also trust that your spirit will do what it can to ensure the mutual connection stays strong in life and after death. Listen to it’s guidance, it might just nudge and guide you to be prepared for whatever future comes while you just have all the fun right now ^^

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I of course fully support this :star_struck: – you might already know it but here’s a short and very inspiring read on that topic – Crowley’s Liber II

This sounds amazing :muscle:t2: – I can’t quite say the same about me, I still struggle with distraction, with sudden impulses to read the news or play some video game :flushed: … Any advice on how you make your steps?

Thanks so much :smiling_face: – that means a lot to me :blush:.

Also, since you’ve already read that, …

… maybe it ties into this. I believe that the Guardian Angel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is always the spirit that’s closest to us, and thus the easiest to reach.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Spellbook (though ordering from Germany, it will probably take a week or two to reach me :laughing:)…

… and I’ll try to keep this in mind. Hopefully, by then I’ll have unlocked the “ability” to write PMs in this forum :smiley: .

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@Naoxar it is against the rules here to link to outside groups or communities so I have edited your post to remove the link to another forum.

I agree, it’s definitely a risk. That’s why I’m interested in the ascension route. I do think the more magickal you are in any life the more attracted you are to magick in others, but there’s no guarantee and just ending up in an environment where you’re distracted from such thing, like this current human western civilization, can throw you off.

That makes me wonder, since we are in such a spiritually distracting civilization right now, how good many mages really must be to get this far regardless. But we are starting from scratch with no ascended physical human guidance and all figuring it out together and that’s hard.

This one is after you have used the books to get in touch with magick, and your psychic abilities, you just have to practice on your own. Although there are many entities very available and keen to help, it takes a certain level of skill to be able to get that from them reliably. It’s like an exponential curve in learning through once you get over the intermediate stuff. Even having raised kundalini once is only just the start.

So, you keep doing it, exploring and learning and finding your way by feel, until you fully and complete know who you are, in context, at all levels of being and how the universe (which is also you and you can feel it) interacts with all of your manifestations, and regain your own memories. Imo. There’s no book for that. You are unique. You’ll be on your own as a human, but, you’re not on your own spiritually.

Until you get your memories back and find that you have many true loves, and the human version of love is dependent on the human condition, of it’s limitations and survival and procreation needs as an animal. Marriage is sacred and I’m not putting it down but it’s a limitation for animals. You have very probably already been married. Maybe to this entity, probably even, and also to others.

In my case for example, I mentioned my Lady love from a life where I was male. It makes me weep when I recall t he memories and I miss her terrible… and I also miss my husband from Egypt who’s arms I died in giving birth to our only son, who is still with me today in Spirit. So these questions and challenges for my human mores have been forefront for me lately.

I don’t have an answer, but I realise I am not my other selves, and that’s the caveat: human emotions are so strong that when in them, you think you will always feel only one way, you can’t imagine feeling anything else or extra, and that’s can’t be the case when your spiritual life spans a billion years. There is more to experience, and love like this, I think, is a facet deep incarnation.

It’s like, in an incarnation you are in a box, and your emotions, hormones, culture, history, experience, body and all that influence completely how you feel within that box, and it feels like this is how it is, permanently. But it’s not. And you have to start remembering the other boxes to get the comparisons. But then you also start to find the cross-box consistencies and relationships that are not only for one box. The ones in spirit tend to be of that type, but how you feel about them from within each box still changes.

But there’s more, and different. I beat myself up for not being “loyal” for a while, but eh, don’t do a “me”, it’s useless when you are multidimensional and have many lives in many times on many planets - there is only now, let the new now be what it will be when it comes. That’s my best advice while acknowledging I’m still working on this myself. :smiley: :sweat_smile:

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I though of something else - similar route, that combines the vampiric route, and the ascension route, in that while I’m hearing (my UPG only, from my sprit guide ex-husband who is technically a vampiric ghost still, albeit 6k years old) that it’s possible to use the vampiric hungry ghost state to continue your learning and ascend out of being tied to a feeding process.

So it’s not now or never, and in that case vampirism (as a spirit, used to stay in this current box, basically) is a tool to facilitate the goal, rather than the goal in itself.

(I realize using “being in the box” as a metaphor has negative connotations and I kind of mean it that way. But I’m Aquarian with 4 planets in Aquarius (Capricorn if you use Tropical) and my personal attitude to being human is complicated but mostly claustrophobic.)

Ah, there’s another piece as well: what if you are already ascended, and chose to incarnate? Are you memories now really lost, or only shut out of the box? In which case, by dying both deaths you release the restrictions of the box and remember who you are.
This is the same model used by lightworkers, and may be what you get with incarnate angelics and similar level beings.
In THIS case, the entire point of living is the experience, there’s nothing to worry about or strive for, and then declining the 2nd death would be detrimental and a kind of stagnation, as you are maintaining limitation out of fear of the unknown because you forgot it.

The bottom line is still the same: learn more about yourself to know who you are, if you’re ascended, if this is your first, who your friends are and where you’re going.

Alright so as I mentioned only in the last six months ish has this even entered my awareness as important. You are almost certainly more knowledgeable than I. So I’ll just talk about my thinking on this.

So I’ve been aware of the idea of true will for quite awhile, as an occultist how could I not be. I would occasionally look it up and try to understand but I’m not a thelemite so it wasn’t critical. I understood it a some grand purpose that would effect every aspect of my life. I still see it that way, but at the time the grandness of it made it feel out of reach. I figured at some point in my path I would unlock it.

At some point I read a book called The Shamanic Secret Commandment to a Perfect Life. It basically teaches to what you’re passionate about without compromise and things will work out. I thought about my most successful magick and realized that during those times I was following the “Commandment”. It made sense to me and I quickly got an opportunity to test it.

I was considering moving to a new city. I was thinking things like “I’ll wait a year so it the job I’m at will look better on my resume”, “I won’t make a decision to I have everything lined up for me in the new city” and other such responsible thoughts. I decided to test “the Commandment” and narrowed down my options to yes and move immediately or just no. The decision was still hard because I’m an indecisive person, but eventually I realized the answer was yes. I put in a 30 day notice at work and decided in one month I would be in the new city. I did some ritual for a new job and went to work. By the end of that 30 days I found an apartment, they even let me move in a day early, a new job that paid better, and and some unexpected money that helped me pay the deposit and all the fees for the apartment. Family who don’t know about my practices were commenting about how everything just seemed to just work out for me.

In the midst of this I suddenly thought “wait this book just repackaged the true will and sold it to me as a self help book.” So now I don’t call it the “Commandment” but call it true will. I’m grateful that it help me understand it but also that you don’t have to wait for a some grand revelation. You can look at the different aspects of your life and figure out your will in regard to that one aspect, which will hopefully lead to the overall true will. This doesn’t always work as there are some aspects of my life that I have no clue what I want.

So my recommendation is the break down your life into different aspects. Go over them one by one and decide what you want out of each of them. Some you may not know what you want, some you may have an idea but it is more of whim. When you find a desire that runs deeper than mere whim, that truly excites you, make it happen. By physical actions and by magick make it happen and do not compromise.

Also, at some point in the future your desire may change. That doesn’t mean you were wrong, just that you completed what needed to be done.

Now for me, sometimes I get so distracted by new types of magick or trying to open my astral senses that I forget to do anything practical for months on end and my life stagnates. So for this year I’ve decided to make practical magick with methods I know work for me my top priority. The magick that works the absolute best for me is the creation of servitors. So my new years resolution is to create one servitor every month, and to make them for the things I actually want. Not the responsible things, not the things that will bring one step closer to the the things I want, but the desires themselves. Also spacing them out to one a month gives me plenty of time to think them through.

I keep almost starting the process of contacting the angel but been putting it off. I keep telling myself that once I contact a spirit at least once then I’ll start. But this is making me think I’ve been shooting myself in the foot. I’ll rethink my reasoning.

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Thanks :smiling_face: – I agree on both points and of course plan to continue doing that :blush:

However, insofar as…

… and …

… I still consider it worthwhile to also invest some effort into those practices (which might end up “just” being astral travel and energy work :smiley:, as surely vampirism :woman_vampire:t2: isn’t the only way to acquire energy)

I’d like to believe that, but find it very difficult in the light of the gigantic amount of people living in extreme poverty.

I respectfully disagree with your view, even though I understand that it is held by many while my view is held by almost nobody :flushed:. To talk about this, I’ve reposted the article from the…

… deleted link to the BALG forum: True Will, True Love and the Holy Guardian Angel

@Bruh , we might also continue the topic of the True Will and …

… over there, to avoid derailing the Astral Immortality thread :smiley:

This of course is extremely interesting :star_struck: !

But insofar as there’s no clear path to this…

… I guess I’ll just continue doing Magick :woman_mage:t2: , learning (e.g. by reading the Deification Spellbook) and staying connected :revolving_hearts: . Then I’ll see where that leads me. More specifically, I’m really looking forward to seeing which practices I can adapt from the various parts of the Spellbook.

Thanks a lot to everyone for your answers in this thread :hugs: – seems like there’s a really helpful and knowledgeable community here.