Are YHWH and the Demiurge/Yaldabaoth two different beings?

Are YHWH and the Demiurge/Yaldabaoth two different beings? This lines up with @Mikan and his vision of the Infernal Empire, but is this really the god that they are going to go to war against?

I honestly thought that there were beings in the Infernal Empire (which I think encompasses all of the spiritual realms afaik) which are far stronger than YHWH, so I thought that there must be a different god that the Infernal Empire was going to war against.


Yhvh and Yaldaboath/the Demiurge are the same entity. Trust me, Beelzebub absolutely hates Yhvh (and so do I), he made it very clear the Yhvh and his angels are spiritual criminals, and that’s why they are contacting people, not just for liberation and ascent, but also to draft them in preparation for the great battle.

Before Yhvh had his hand in physical affairs, before he had worshipers, he was extremely weak, but after over 3 millennia worth of worshipers, he has become strong by luring the gullible into his “heaven” after they die, then they love it there so much they never want to leave and trust Yhvh fully, as they are there longer and longer, they get sucked to the middle where Yhvh’s throne is, and to the right of it is a vortex which destroys soul/spirit/consciousness, changing it into consumable energy, the vortex feels to the former person who steps into it as if they are in an eternity of bliss, but the process only lasts 4.5 earth minuets, then Yhvh siphons the energy into himself, and the next former person in line does the same as the previous. On top of that, when someone physically worships him, they get some of their energy removed by Yhvh, and he makes them feel good, making Yhvh more powerful, and the worshipers weaker, but they feel more powerful than before because of Yhvh’s malevolent illusion. And since this has all been going on at all times for over 3,000 years, Yhvh has grown disgustingly powerful, and the Infernal Gods are finished with how Yhvh violates the free will of others, manipulating them to their own demise, and want to hit him with all we got, that way we will eliminate the problem, without having to try this a second time.

I would be interested in seeing @Mikan ‘s view of the Infernal Empire! Could you send me a link to that?


According to @Orismen YHWH has not been active on the Earth, although he compares him to Yaldabaoth. It seems more likely that Yaldabaoth is merely using YHWH’s name in order to feed himself, but @Orismen 's experience suggests that there is a real YHWH who sent his “son” Jesus Christ, who then withdrew from Earthly affairs afterwards.

A message from both lucifer, satan and the 6 about their identities and origins

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The link I posted is from @Mikan

Interesting! To my understanding, Yhvh is one of the masks that Yaldaboath uses. Maybe Beelzebub was referring to Yaldaboath’s Yhvh mask?

Also, according to Beelzebub, Jesus was a powerful sorcerer, who also disliked Yhvh. He told me to look it up and I’d find it to be true, even in the bible. So I looked into it and I found a section in the gospel of John, in which Jesus essentially tells the Jews they worship the devil, and the way Jesus described the devil is as a liar and murderer from the beginning, so I cross referenced that with the accounts of the god of the Old Testament: Yhvh, and it matches up. Also, looking at Jesus’ actions according to the gospels, he acts contrary to Yhvh. If Jesus was the son of Yhvh, why would he allude to him being the devil? Along with that, the Apocryphon of John basically says that Yhvh and Elohim are masks of Yaldaboath. I was blown away when I found that yet another thing he told me could be externally proven, albeit not having knowledge of these things before he told me.

Now, that’s just my personal experience, and study. What are your thoughts on that?

Also, thank you so much for the link! I’m going to check it out ASAP!


Oh, and also, Beelzebub told me exactly what you said earlier, that the Infernal Empire runs through all the planes of existence, both within and outside of them, as it is all encompassing!

My main concern at this point is not necessarily the names or the masks, but the Angels. I don’t think that Yaldabaoth created the Angels, because I believe some of the Angels state that they don’t actually belong to the Judeo-Christian faith, that many of these Angels (more specifically what the Archangels will tell you) have functions that go beyond the Judeo-Christian paradigm.

It made sense to me that there is a much bigger god that goes further back then YHWH or Yaldabaoth. I just don’t know whether this god is relevant to the concerns of the Infernal Empire.

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You’re absolutely right, Beelzebub made it clear to me that some angels are emanations of Yaldaboath Yhvh, but some are far greater and older than Yhvh Yaldaboath himself, and have no ties to him whatsoever. And he explained that like himself and his Infernal brothers, Yhvh Yaldaboath was present all throughout history as well, and going by different names, El in Canaan, and Enlil in Sumer.

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Oh, and in regards to Jesus Christ, I think this page brings up an interesting article about Yaldabaoth and Jesus.

The name Demiurge, was later used to call one of the Gnostic gods or angels (known as the archons, “rulers”), named Yaldabaoth, Ialdabaoth or Jaldabaoth. In the Gnostic myth, Ialdabaoth was the arrogant God of Israel (Yahweh), but not the true Supreme Being that Jesus had often referred to as the Good Father or Heavenly Father. Yaldabaoth was indeed the creator of the physical, material world, but it was a world without soul. It was Sophia who gave soul to mankind or breathes life into a body. Yaldabaoth was arrogant ruler, boasting that there was no other god but him. The Aeon or goddess Sophia (Wisdom, but she was also known as Pistis “Faith”) proved Yaldabaoth wrong, by appearing to him as limitless light.

Who do you think is the God or Goddess that created these more ancient Angels?

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I agree with some Gnostic teachings, I think that the God which emanated the ancient angels (and the planes, and the Ancient Gods and Goddesses) is Poimandres/GOD/The One/The All/The Ultimate/The Conscious Abyss/The True God/The Great Dragon, when it came to me in meditation, it told me that it is the source, and the GOD of the Gods. What about you? Who do you think created/emanated the ancient angels?


Honestly, I think it is the God that is above Metatron. However, I think the Angels said something interesting along the lines of, " We serve the inner god of the magician," so it could be that too.


Or both, because if they were created to serve the Magician, or alternatively to serve The One, they can easily do both, since all things are emanations of The One, and those who practice Magick realize their Devine nature, there is no difference, only through illusion of the lower realms is there any perceived separation.


That makes sense, since the Angels seem to embody an attitude of cosmic balance more than anything else, which seems to suggest that in their view, everything will be made right by The All because everything is destined to “return” to a final Heaven (as in actual Heaven, not Christian astral heaven).

Thus, it makes sense that they will serve the light of the Absolute once a person realizes that their inner light is the entirety of the Absolute, realizing that there is no difference between you and anything else.

It also explains why when another Magician asks, " What is beyond the Throne of God?" that they just up and leave, because as emanations of the All, they can’t think of anything else beyond the Absolute.

However, this begs the question," Isn’t there something beyond the Absolute? Before the primordial Void? Before the primordial Chaos? Before the Light?"

“I know there are many hidden secrets and many hidden truths left to stay that way. I’m talking before and beyond ancient magic. My first question is, do anyone else experience these feels? Next, does anyone have access to the knowledge? Yes, I know I need to talk to the spirits about it, but have yet to fully acquire the ability to see and speak with them; but I have a feeling even then they will not tell me, in fear I sense. I have come to believe something is even older than the primordial, before anything. And yet, I feel that this knowledge is kept secret from even the highest powers. Any help with this would be nice.”

This is another topic, but I think it’s important because with this knowledge, there exists the possibility of accessing secrets beyond the forces of creation itself (i.e Magick), and taking our ascension outside of the perspective of what is normally considered our destiny (i.e going back to the Heaven at the end of time). We should be able to break the cycle, and go beyond magick.


That’s very interesting, but I personally don’t believe that there is anything beyond the Absolute, and here’s why: since the Absolute is the greatest thing in existence, and is the entirety of existence itself, that would imply that the only thing outside of The All is literal nonexistence, for nothing can exist without existence, therefore, The Absolute is existence, and nothing can ever exist outside of existence. But bear in mind, this is just my personal belief

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That little shit Yhvh almost got me sucked into his loop whole of worship.

It offends me that people think this guy is the creator.


I think they are the same being. It’s also my belief that Yaldabaoth/Jehova is the false divinity with which Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and possibly other groups merge upon dying. He sucks the life out of them, turns them into docile sheeple. Just look at how devoid of life the Buddhist monks are.

The Demiurge is clever, so watch your back.


By the way on my clock, i read 11:11 just after I finished reading your post.
And I’m watching an EA video and he just mentioned what you said.


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Yeah, Yhvh is by far the most evil entity I’ve ever encountered. It’s really sad that the majority of the world’s population worships this monster as if he’s God…

When I watched that video, that was the exact moment that any doubts I had about my experiences just melted away! I was seriously shocked I just laughed the entire time in the fact that this powerful sorcerer verified so much I’ve learned directly from Beelzebub over the past 7 months! I was shook!