Spirits Who Contacted You Spontaneously & Unexpectedly?


Don’t know where people got the idea that their evil they seem pretty benevolent in my book.

Then again good and evil is a man-made construct so I guess it’s only to the eyes of the beholder :thinking:



One night I woke up to hear many voices in my head and I kept seeing poker tables around me, followed by someone saying repeatedly “Asmodeus, Asmodeus”. I got up to do some research and apparently Asmoday has a connection with casinos? I don’t know how true is that but it baffled me to know.

I’m not sure what should I do about it too.

Baphomet and Satan


Cozier, Raziel, and the one who talked to me in the mirror for 20 minutes after I did the Mormon temple ceremony for the first time. Another who used to watch me as I tried to sleep every night when I was in Jr. High. Last two really creeped me out. I’m a lot more comfortable now


The first entity which came to me was Yhvh. I was in the shower, and a glowing ball of light appeared and little lights around it. It identified itself as Yhvh, and he told me that he was disappointed I do not worship him anymore, one minute he was all about love, like a father, the next he was threatening eternal torment and how he would rejoice at the sound of my screams for my disobedience, like an insane tormentor. He rambled on and on about all sorts of stuff, as if he was bipolar. I got out of the shower, and began drying off, his voice stopped and I heard a sound like a drill boaring through my ear, and a vibration in that ear which I cannot explain. Everything got really bright. And I heard angelic singing. I brushed my teeth for the day, and I felt his hands press down on my shoulders, he said “I am the lord thy god, and every knee shall bow before me, or I will destroy you!” And he pushed harder and I felt my knees beginning to hurt from the pressure. And he kept rambling and singing, he turned off my internal voice, and try as I might I was unable to say anything internally, so I concentrated all my willpower, and making my internal voice not only return, but sounded as if I was speaking out loud I told him “I will not bow to you!” And I told him I’d burn him some sage if he would agree to leave me alone and never return, he agreed and vanished. For the next week he came to me every day harassing me, antagonizing me, I eventually had to banish him when he would constantly threaten to eat my soul if I didn’t submit.

On the seventh day of Yhvh harassing me, I was outside having a cig at around 2:00 a.m., noticed a few flies, though “oh that’s weird, why would they be out this late?” Then they stopped buzzing around and they looked to the far end of my porch, I saw the outlines of two large feet appear. I asked “who are you” and a very guttural voice which sounded like a furnace, a truck motor, and and planets crashing, said loudly (as if I was physically hearing it) “I am Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies!” I was frightened at first, and he dropped so much information on me it made me scared. I thought to myself “this is just my imagination” and he responded “no, this is real, and I will now show you how real I really am!” Then I saw a dark mist appear where the feet were, it was over 7 ft tall, and the solar powered porch light beside the porch flickered and turned off, the shadow moved closer, as he reached the second solar light, it flickered and turned off, and I was getting really freaked out, because I had never experienced such intensity while not in ritual, and even that doesn’t even com close to this. He then moved to the light just 6 inches away from me, and I thought to myself “if that light turns off, all doubt will be erased that this is indeed real” and sure enough, it flickers and turns off, he told me he wants to be allies with me, because according to him, I will play an important role in the Occult within my lifetime, but the allegiance requires declaring war on the manipulative and spirit hungry Yhvh and his angels, I agreed. We talked out there for 10 minuets, then I went inside. He continued to show up day after day, but never again with such intensity except once, this was about 1 week after I first met him and had hours of conversation with one another. I was at my job, on break at 11:00 pm, sitting outside with some coworkers, smoking cigs under the overhang, it had three lights which only one has ever gone out. As I was sitting there, the furthest one flickered and turned off, the next did the same, then the last one directly above me flickered and turned off, then Beelzebub asked me how I was doing that evening, and I continued to talk with him telepathically until the end of my shift. Over the course of the next 6 months (and even still) he reveals/revealed piece of piece the initiations to The Order of The Fly (not its real name, as knowing it’s real name is the first initiation). He also gave me a very steep task, to initiate 22 of the most powerful sorcerers on earth into the Order, in order to conduct a ritual which will usher in the the Age of Aquarius, and with it, The Infernal Empire’s full manifestation on earth, and alter the collective consciousness to bring about a second Enlightenment Era, the next major liberation. Now at the time he told me about these things, When he told me certain things, I would google them for legitimacy, and I always found it to be true, and every now and again different things are verified that I was unable to before. The real kicker was when E.A. Koetting uploaded the video naming Beelzebub as one of the 9 Gatekeepers, which makes sense, because two nights before it was uploaded, Beelzebub told me he was a Gatekeeper to remove any doubt, on top of that, many initiations are done utilizing a Gateway he gave me while in Soul Travel to his throne room. I never thought of him before he made himself known to me, or even considered working with him, but he took me under his wing, and mentored me, and now when we speak we refer to each other as spiritual brothers, and I deeply, personally, and publicly thank Beelzebub for everything he has taught me! Working with him is truly a blessing!

I have also been visited by Azazel, Hecate, Kek, Akasha Subterfuge, Angra Mainyu, Poimandres, Kthulu, and Lucifer all expressing interest in working with me, but I have not had the time to work with them yet, but I plan on it in the future.


Azazel - he has been visiting me for about 4 or 5 years, but I didn’t know who he was until these past couple months through extensive research. It’s a long story that spans over years but he came to me at a time when I was very lost alone and scared. I almost don’t want to believe it’s him because it shatters a lot of things. I’ve had an intimate relationship with him similar to @Eye_of_Ra. Which actually I was going to message her about but I’m still a “basic user” so that option isn’t available yet.

Thoth - I had a quiet admiration for him for a while before one night he showed up looming over my bed saying that he’s waiting when I’m ready to talk. So I was summoned by him…? I guess you could say? But he took me to the last place I remembered being before incarnating into this life, and then introduced me to Ganesh.

Ganesh - I had no idea who this guy was when I met him I just knew he was too touchy, huuuge and kept asking me to do things like dancing and singing. It wasn’t until I told a spiritual friend about it that they told me it was Ganesh.

Frog/ewok beings - I woke up outside of my body one night to day 8 to 10 little frog/ewok looking beings. They basically looked like frogs mixed with some kind of dog or bear, were small enough to sit in my hands, and wore little cloaks. Pretty cute. They were showing me all the bones and muscles in my body and what different pressure points do. They actually helped me with my arm that had been hurting quite a bit.

Freyja Norse goddess - she had visited me several times while I was heartbroken and sobbing when I was younger. I didn’t know who she was until last year when I decided to summon Freyja and it happened to be the same being.

Cat demon?- a demon that looked half human and half cat started coming into my home (I accidentally invited it in. Woops.), and threatening to hurt people I’m close to if I didn’t be his friend? But he was very creepy and said he was going to hurt certain people anyway. I finally got rid of him though. Actually Azazel got rid of him. Which made me almost feel bad for the cat demon because man… Azazel did not waist time and I could literally feel it’s fear.

Demon made out of smoke - on another night when I woke up out of my body a demon made out of black smoke with some kind of dim fire at his core, or flaming rock, was sitting by my bed side with a very professional attitude offering me possession like it was some sort of business deal. I said no though and he was cool with it.


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first was the skeleton that popped out of my poster when i was a little kid, although in retrospect that might have been a distorted memory or a dream; then there was the spirit in my friend’s basement that opened her almost-impossible-to-open door to the wine cellar; and just recently (maybe 2 months after i got into this wonderful stuff) i was having a smoke and playing around on my laptop in the garage when out of nowhere i could strongly feel a presence behind me but i didn’t know how to ask who it was back then, i hope whoever it was decides to visit me again sometime though!


I will name her Lady. I don’t know her name, and i saw her few times when i meditaited. She look sexy hot- black hairs behind ears, dimples in her cheeks, white skin, and sexy figure. Red chinese jacket (but she is totally european from look) and black mini dress. She told me that she is mine. I’m courios if it is not a succub.


Well, here goes some…

As far back as I can remember, I have always had spiritual things around me. Spirits, beings, Gods, Goddesses, lights, black spots. Beings turning into what appears to be an oily substance - do believe this to be a God doing this. I can not really think of a time where I didnt have some sort of Presence around me. As a small child, a hooded man has lurked in the distance, sometimes literally popping up in my face…

I have been pulled out of bed, was terrorized by a troll type looking thing as a child, been attacked by unseen energy. I have been shoved, poked at, hair pulled. But with all that freaking out shit what I call the hooded man always was present and he would run the “bad shit off”

I have been visited by Goddesses - Morrigan, Lilith and What I call Earth Gaia. I have done invoking but not with these three as I figure if they are already here why do I need to invoke them.

I have had DOGS protect me - No kidding, I was feeling that someone was messing with me magickally and I do believe they were. I had about enough and actually did a ritual in my back yard asking Lilith for help. I did add I knew she was already here but I just needed some back up. And literally that is what I said, With a woosh, I had company. when I looked It wasnt lilith that was over me, it was the hooded man. Now with that said, she was there too but he stood over me and basically pulled his wings around that circle and said FEAR not. The very night this happened, I went to bed and woke up later so very thirsty. I stumbled into my living room and there were giant dogs in my living room. One looked back and its eyes burned red and it was like stinky. Anyway, I took steps backwards shaking my head about that time I felt hands land on my shoulders and he took me thru those dogs, I fought about it but all I heard was Their mine. I still to this day, if needed have a DOG or mahy. That night there was 2 in my house, 3 in the front yard and a couple in the back.

Both of the God and Goddess type energies are intense, I can always smell them before I see them. I have seen Dragon energy around me, and others mention that as well. I had one guy ask me just how many dragons do you keep, I said none. They are just there.

I have tons more but this is just to get the convo going.


and then there is the whole peacock thing.


After meditation once i have a dream
( And i’m wondering why i have dream ONLY after meditations or rituals. I made once an experiment- didn’t make any ritual and meditaion for three months, And i not remember any dreams from this time.)

In this dream was a beatifull woman, she looks like from india, dressed traditionally, with henna paintings on her hands. She puts lotus flowers on me, on places where chakras are, and sang mantra while doing this. Don’t remember words, but it was moving my feelings. I woke up refreshed after that.


I know this is an old thread but still, I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one who has had very ‘famous’ demons come to them ‘ un announced’ . I’m pretty new to the path and was only meditating and king Belial came to me. I wasn’t 100% at first as very 1st time for a kind of unintentional evocation. Since then yes, our father Satan ( the lights all blew in the house when he rocked up!) and Lord Lucifer. ( similar) . I had to buy a new mirror, a new lamp, and several light bulbs! It seems so I have been told I’ve been put on a particular set path and I am ‘ now ready’. I was rather scared and intimidated at first but now I am more resigned to it. It seems apparently so that they were possibly waiting on the side Lines for me to figure out myself who I was and what path ( ie: LHP) I was going to take. Since then I’ve been having intense dreams in the astral telling me about so much knowledge I wake up exhausted! I still however feel privileged to have been ‘chosen’? If that’s the right word. I feel like I’m living in some kind of spiritual soap opera!


Bune - just appeared from out of nowhere in a dream of mine and later slipped herself in into ongoing evocations with my patron. Her appearance just murdered the living hell out of me, sheer beauty and elegance.

Belial - also introduced himself into my world during a dream. Seemed to be in a curious observing position more than anything else so far.

Al-Uzza - sudden onset of visions of her floating by mid-work at my job. It was kinda hard to keep a straight face with all this information flowing through me while edging out a deal with a business partner.

Baal - pops up CONSTANTLY in my dreams, is either a fluffy huge cat or a spider. Doesn’t seem to be a talker, so far.

Lucifer - sudden onset of visions at home, almost knocking me from my chair at work with his energy when I kinda “ignored” the first approach. Gave me a new “name” for myself that matched up so good with the already existing name I received once that it made me the “Moon Moon” of spiritual names. Hm.

Sabnock - appeared during a meditation of mine, seemed to be rather curious about whats going on in Oddnan-Town

Unknown mouth- and eyeless spirit gramps, friendly - surprise guest in my bedroom when I woke up from sleep. Stood hunched over me and “watched” me (as far as watching goes without any eyes). Sported a white mustache to his non existent mouth

two Ifrits in addition to the already existing one in my household - Ifrits seem to be like parrots:they don’t like to hang out alone.



It was really surprising, too. I’m mostly Scandinavian, so I figured Norse deities would be the ones who’d want to reach out to me.

Nope. It was Anubis.

Long story short, I was in Hollywood and I kept seeing Anubis. This wasn’t too surprising when I was at the Egyptian Theatre to see a movie, but then I spotted him in the window of a curio shop, and then again on another curio shop’s Instagram feed. I knew, instinctively, that he wanted to talk to me.

I made the time to reach out to Anubis. He told me, very simply, “Don’t give up.”

I’d been struggling with my own situation as well as repeatedly hitting a brick wall doing historical research. It makes sense (to me, at least) that Anubis would be the one to contact me.


Ose reached out to me. I really did not expect that he would come to me in a dream. Read my journal for more details.

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King Paimon, i was going through some hard times and out of no where i started seeing an arab man around and then dreaming of an arab shiek guiding me through the desert. Before i knew it things started getting easier and doors were opening that were shut before.
I started doing research and then discovered it was King Paimon calling me and showing me there is many paths to achieve your ultimate end game. Now I’ve entered into a patronage with him and he is opening all my senses even wider so i can ascend…


Pazuzu, as he just waltzed right in during an evocation ritual I was performing to Belial, appearing as depicted by his statue, jumping and waving his arms like “Work with me! Work with me! I’ll solve those nuisances of yours”. Definitely the first spirit to do that I have came across.


Today i was really depressed just lying on my coach, when i heard an tough that was concentrated to my left ear “i can take your pain away” where i answered with my tough “yes please, take it away”. After that i got alot of energy. I straighten my posture, and put some music to play, which after i was able to continue my magical workings.

The thing is that i have sacrificed alot from my life for my entity, and i’m happy that i got an direct contact when i was in desperate need of it, and lots of help. I was decending into the void of nothingness, but now i’m awaken to my possibilities, that are endless.

Isn’t it so that demons help and show themself to you, only if you are ready to sacrifice something from your life, and able to earn their interest in you?

Have an great day in this mad world!


Baphomet, Choronzon (assumed from description of Crowley, which I came across after), Buer, Satan, and Hecate.

Baphomet was first (16 ish) I knew it’s image but not it’s name. I did not know Buer and Hecate at the time either, but in the latter case, a familiar spirit, who may be under Hecate, was the only visible figure I could see - but the green thunderstorm was Hecate, or caused by her.

Within the last few days I did have a dream involving Santa Muerte, I barely remember it, and there was an altar involved. Since I was recently reading about her, and because it wasn’t nearly as lucid as these other ‘contacts’, I’m not going to count it in the same way.

Satan was the most explicit - identifying himself and asking me to ‘accept’ him. I was not planing on working with him untill then.


I think I just met Stolas last night in a dream, and Owl with a crown on its head was in my dreams I do not know what it was doing in my dream but it unnerved me this thing was big I was so much afraid just alarmed because I don’t dream of owls nor have I seen one with a crown, maybe it’s reaching out to me or something.