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Okay everyone, question of knowledge. I know there are many hidden secrets and many hidden truths left to stay that way. I’m talking before and beyond ancient magic. My first question is, do anyone else experience these feels? Next, does anyone have access to the knowledge? Yes, I know I need to talk to the spirits about it, but have yet to fully acquire the ability to see and speak with them; but I have a feeling even then they will not tell me, in fear I sense. I have come to believe something is even older than the primordial, before anything. And yet, I feel that this knowledge is kept secret from even the highest powers. Any help with this would be nice.


If you feel they won’t tell you, its probably because they see you will go off “half-cocked” because you haven’t understood some surrounding knowledge first. Learning to fight from horseback requires you to first a) be able to ride and b) swing a sword in a controlled fashion. If you learn this secret beyond time before really understanding time, or some other key factor of existence, then you will tie your own shoelaces together without realizing it. When Gods trip and fall, planets crack beneath them


It “might” be wise to see it as things being obscured from us due to a lack of receptiveness, instead of considering it to be “hidden”. Hidden seems to assume that someone is purposefully guarding knowledge. From my experience, those that behave as though they are keepers of some sacred knowledge are just mindless asshats.

Gurus, yogis and the most enlightened individuals on earth, don’t get enlightened by reading instruction manuals or paying for initiation. They pretty much just sit there and let it all sink in. Spirits might illuminate you on certain things, but they can’t spoon feed you the universe’s’ secrets. You need to transform yourself into a receptive vessel first. The spirits might have some more powerful revelations at that point.

You mentioned that you haven’t got all your spirit communication mojo figured out yet. Speaking with spirits isn’t terribly difficult. I’m sure you read about the theta-gamma-sync, but you might want to check out some advice on getting your mind to release your body a bit, to free up some focus to talk with spirits prior to the theta-gamma-sync.

You can try this one here:

Also, not to toot my own horn, but I wrote an opinion piece in the New Magician Help section that might help make you receptive:


Okay, thank you. I’ll attempt these! Also, I do feel that some knowledge is hidden or kept secret though, out of fear I feel like I mentioned earlier. Just get the feeling of something evil that is being hidden to protect the world or worlds. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like something is missing.

You might be right.

Right now however, mankind doesn’t know evil from a hole in the ground. Billions of people follow the evils of the Abrahamic faiths and believe they have free will. They are all slaves that spend most of their time naval gazing instead of reaching out to the divine by themselves. The hordes of zombies use proxies in the form of priests and imams to be the link to the divine for them. In turn, priests and imams have the zombies do unspeakable things, such as murder and continue to be mindless servants.

So there are LOTS of things that are obscured. We have major issues right now.

Evil really does rule the world as well. That is one hidden truth.

You can take the Pope’s messages as say, wow, makes sense! Be kind, rewind, love, stop fighting, …etc. It’s all great stuff right? Sure … but that’s just politics.

When is the last time a Pope delivered a message that EMPOWERED people? Huh?

Be good sheep and don’t ask any questions. :wink:

That is evil, because they drew a line in the sand that can’t be crossed. Obey!!!


That makes sense, and it is in our will and in my desire at least to find all the knowledge I can. They say knowledge is power but how you use it really defines what power is. I do agree with you in that they blindly follow laws and rules like little sheep without asking why. I’ve seen it occur in my family even. Before returning to magic, I have a small time of turning towards Christ. As you can see, it didn’t work out and wasn’t within my fate. Alas, I know I can change my fate, I have a deep calling towards the darkness and magic. But I must ask, why haven’t more of us attempted to change the world drastically? Return the world to the way it should be, and bring out the truth? I know many won’t accept it at first, and cause utter chaos, but why do we allow people to go about and worship a lie? This may be deep, but lol something’s need to be asked and answered. I apologize if I seem too edgy or off or anything of the matter.

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All the magick in the world won’t erase laws, corporate attorneys, and a gigantic order of Abrahamic ceremonial magicians that have a few different labels but preach all the same slavery.

Winning “Hearts and Minds” is a bit of what BALG is about. That’s what we can do.

The more we get the clueless soccer moms to tune into Yoga the better. Not just the physical side, but spiritual.

The more young adults get sick of Abrahamic faiths the better. Unfortunately, and we see this today, the godless horde is also quite mindless. Look at suckers buying all the garbage apple pukes out into the world. Reality tv? lol. Being godless unfortunately doesn’t mean they are more than just ignorant pollution machines.

The concept of Lucifer needs to stop sounding dirty and evil and people must be shown that Lucifer’s light, is the philosophy and approach that will shine a light on all those evil bastards. With internal illumination, we don’t need Islam and Christianity, because they do NOTHING for us. All that charity work they do? It’s on OUR dime. We can setup charities without them.

So now that the young adults are godless, apple garbage junky pollution machines, they might need to go through some sort of fire in order to grasp desperately at magick. We see new users everyday. People that need an ''edge".

The god-fearing as well as godless yet mindless are cattle that have been used for centuries by the evil doers, but we can use them too. Get a magick edge, and you can get the job instead of the other guy … and things like that. It is a bit petty and small, but we need to survive as well! We need to prosper too!. There are simply too many people on the planet right now and that’s because of generation of clued-out god-fearing self-righteous zombies were told to reproduce like bunny rabbits. It feeds industry. Makes people rich.

We are SCREWED friend. Even if everybody turned on Lucifer’s lamp, there are simply too many of us right now. Too much garbage, pollution.

Maybe the fact that we are screwed is another hidden truth. hehehe.

Don’t let me get you down, I’m just ranting about stuff we all know.


Not at all, I enjoy a good rant, and as long as you don’t mind my rants I’ll enjoy yours. I do believe we are mass populated and the masses are far more mindless then they were. Restoring to the time of great prosperity and truth would require a war almost. A war we aren’t ready to fight. True, we need to survive as well, but I believe we should be doing more than just the little things. You are right about lucifer not being entirely evil. But like all things and beings, the perception varies from person to person even when exposed to the truth. No one should fear god, or any gods, but they should learn to believe and respect such beings. And yet, they are seen as myths simply because it doesn’t fit the modern day religious beliefs. So, they are down casted or even outcasted. I feel this to be extremely sad, and knowing I can’t do anything yet about it upsets me more. But, there will come a time when all is revealed and when everyone sees everything for what it really is. Just takes time.

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Maybe a hidden truth is that the world can’t unite, because it is all just tyranny anyways.

Look, seriously, I seek spiritual illumination , but I also need a shit-ton of money to achieve my goals.

Some people turn to black magick because they are being abused, or want to win back a loved one, or get a job …etc. Many of us just have short term goals.

Maybe a hidden truth as that we can only ever hope to help ourselves to whatever it is we each want.

I like your rant too!!!

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I have many short term goals, I admit with a few long term ones as well. I’m here to be able talk to spirits, learn all that I can, be able to control whomever (kinda more just to be able to), shapeshift physically, be able to wield the powers of darkness like creation and destruction, be able to obtain whatever I wish, travel the world, gain a shit ton of money as well for my goals and luxuries, and maybe… JUST MAYBE… take over the world lol. But also bring the world back into the enlightenment it has long lost.

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Oh, and love, to be loved and be able to have whoever I choose love me to love me.

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