Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

Cool, will incorporate more snd more daily.
I know past prayers in another group, I used a rosary for counting set times, but a timer on a phone works for me as well. Thanks.
Thank you for channelling these, Ive personally been incorporating them in every day or every other day, especially when certain types of events occur. They are highly potent and useful.

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How was that a limiting belief when I had no idea that would’ve happen? lol, anyways, I did it again, no side effects this time.

It’s subconscious, many people in the collective feed those thoughtforms while shamans sit with a bunch of spirits, without and circles or anything, so those astral thoughtforms can easily creep in if you don’t know for certain what will happen, that’s why in my opinion fear should be eliminated


Would a being that is blocking my ability to sense feel and hear as well as the ability for my personal pals to come out in me be regarded as a parasite? I’m told the pricks use grief and turn it into some kind of shield to isolate me. It makes it incredibly painful to the others to even try to come forward.

Mind you I can feel New beings and interact with them but link up and it’s silent mode. I wanna fix this ass hole in their tracks… Told they’re known as Alphas.

It’s not necessarily a parasite. A parasite feeds on negative energies, but if it’s using grief to block you, you may need to purge that grief so it doesn’t have anything to use.


I finally figured out how to quote… anyway are there threads that speak of this here?

Parasites? Lil bit :smiley:


Good for me to learn but I’m wondering how to purge the grief? how I can essentially free myself from this ones games… any ideas?

Kill it with fire, no, seriuosly. The negathread has a lot of ways to purge parasites, but going on the offensive has worked for me.

It’s easier than processing grief, which takes time. I don’t see a reason to deal with parasites while you’re doing that. And killing them, or, trying to hard enough that it drives them away, sends a message in the astral as good as a ward: this guy is not to be messed with.


I have a mantra from the archangel Azrael for processing grief and loss in my other mantra thread.


I didn’t even see this until now. Can I chant this in meditation to remove entities and parasites that may be clinging to me due to spell work and perhaps spirits that may have slipped through during evocations of demons.

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Yes. It raises your vibratory rate and basically makes your energy unpalatable to lower astral entities like parasites that feed on negative emotions like fear or depression. A higher order being, however, like a demon, angel or god, will not be affected. It’s not a banishing.


I don’t summon many demons to be honest only a select few. I’m not too worried about them as I know they are really good with humans and won’t lash out for no reason or cause unnecessary harm so long as promises and respect are kept.

My issue is these lower pests that keep bothering me in my sleep and making things go wrong in my home. I’ll definitely be utilising this @DarkestKnight

As well as the one you mentioned has an effect on grounding! I feel like I need that as I use a lot of moldavite in my rituals and that stone is known to raise your vibration so much as it’s an extraterrestrial stone by nature so it ungrounds you if a grounding stone isn’t used, which I don’t have.

So those two I’m going to be implementing a lot from now on before and after rituals to keep out entities from influencing my workings.

Will shadows be affected ?

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I’m not sure, but if the shadow is feeding on your negative emotions, the mantra will cut off the food supply because it changes your energy.

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Felt diziness and a light headache instantly after vibrating it. Also, began to feel extremely rested and full of energy in the middle of a sleepless night, while being drowsy before. Great mantra. Hail Raziel.

I’ve realised that I notice more abnormal activity when my mind is focused on it and I’m
In a state of paranoia and fear. On days when I’m distracted and immersed in activities and I’m in a energetic positive state I tend to not even realise there’s parasites there.

Is this how they operate do they become more powerful when we give them that title and show fear of them.

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It’s not for me, but for someone I know who has two shadows with her for years. I’m gonna give her the mantra and see if it’s working :+1:

During each of the last 4 days, I chanted the magickal potential unlocking mantra for 10 minutes before bed. Also, I chanted it for some time while walking outside of the house. My goal is to see what happens if I do this for 10 days straight. 6 more to go :).

Mantra chanting got tiresome when I chanted each rep right after another so I tried to take 2 deep breaths in between each rep. Later, it became 3. I like taking 3 deep breaths better. Unfortunately, It wasn’t easy to keep my breathing disciplined.

THE GOOD NEWS: I finished my last mpu mantra exercise about an hour ago. In the last 5 minutes, I started to feel tingling on the center of the top of my head (crown chakra). Wowie! My educated guess is that the mpu mantra strengthens the crown chakra’s connection to the universe, enhancing your manefestation power.

Thank you DarkestKnight and Raziel for these mantras!


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