Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

These sound awesome
Though since in not too educated on the angelic
Im worried these might connect me to jci “archonic” thoughtforms
Or do they just serve their purpose and nothing else

All I can suggest is to try them for yourself. Personally, I’ve never encountered anything “archonic” (whatever that means) when using them, just powerful energy.


Hello there! I’m back, reporting in about the Unlocking Magickal Potential mantra. I’m usually lacking order so I skipped some nights and made up on others. I also chanted as I went about my day to make up for missing minutes.

Anyways, I did not notice anything interesting besides more crown tingling during the chanting. At the beginning of all this, the tingling started in the middle of my head and moved up to the vertex. I listend to the below video on a couple of the days and found that the tingling started right before I could finish the first mantra rep.

Once again, thank you DarkestKnight and Raziel.

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Whew. Just completed an hour of chanting this one. Admittedly I was multitasking at the time, but I found I felt it very strongly in the crown, third eye and legs (I often have strong energy movement sensations in my legs and feet for some reason),
It reached its highest point somewhere between about 10 and 20 minutes, plateaued, then dropped and rose somewhat for the remainder of the time. I think I will make a regular practice of this (but for shorter periods).
Haven’t noticed changes, but this was just the first session.


Been doing the AY EEM MA TA AH daily for a couple of weeks now and must say it gets the ole forehead sensations going in interesting ways. I will experiment more with others later (find the other ones much harder to learn for some reason)


Would you reccommend to use a single mantra daily till some changes occur?
Or maybe to alternate a different mantra daily to speed up the process of evolution in multiple matters?

They should be used daily. The effect builds over time. I usually chant three or four of them a day for about twenty to thirty minutes each.


you know it occurs to me that I would love to hear these on a you tube video the same way I can find enns to play and speak along with when calling… they create them with both male and female voices to a calming music to play for up to an hr…

have you ever considered this? people would use the heck out of it and you’d probably be able to catch some side income off it too…


Wow… I did lots of magick today, starting with the basic calling from “Archangels of Magic”, then the basic protections rituals of both Brand and Woodcroft… just trying to clear things out, being a powerful full moon day and all.

Then in the past few minutes, did you innate divinity chant first. Everything just hunky dory. Felt good.

Then moved onto the negative attachment chant. Wow… within a few cycles, my voice became very gravelly. Sounds like it’s full of phlegm. I haven’t had cheese or other phlegm producing foods in a good week, so it can’t be that.

Even after clearing my throat, it’s still cracking.

Trying again now, same.

Maybe something is trying to prevent this chant!

really fascinating…

In my last year of so of doing lots of magick rituals, I can’t say I’ve ever had something like that occur.

So first, thanks so much for posting these! They really do seem to have an effect.

Second, since “remove negative attachment” really seems to be doing something, perhaps how many minutes a day would be advised?

Lastly, any particular banishing you could recommend for a relative novice afterwards? I have most of the modern, simplified magick books from 2015 onward. I know sometimes killer tutorials are posted here on the forum, as well.

Thank you kindly :pray:


You can use the mantras as often as you feel like it. As for length, based on my experience, a minimum of about fifteen minutes is a good base. Sometimes you may be compelled to do or more, or less, depending on how they affect you.

The Sword Banishing from Damon Brand’s book, Magickal Protection, is probably the simplest.


Does removing attachment mantra could also remove such a negative energy beyond mental like doubts,lust for results,impatience etc…

I’m not sure. It raises the frequency of your vibrations, making your energy unpalatable to lower entities, but having higher level energies don’t necessarily mean you won’t still have negative thoughts.


Eyy wasup my name is Fortune and am new hear. I was just wondering if maybe you could help me out with mantras that can help me better understand a voice that I have been hearing in side my head for the whole past month, I have been hearing a voice in side my head but I don’t understand the language that is being used, I think that the message that I’m receiving from the voices might be important but for as long as I don’t understand the language I’m afraid that the message will be of no use. So will you please help me out

Welcome @Fortune157 It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Awesome knowledge. Great share

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Has anyone seen a link to other similar posted words of power in this group? I may share some very easy ones in the future.

I have two other threads with more mantras.


Feedback on the addiction mantra: I noticed after trying it out last night that I woke up not feeling any urge for nicotine or withdrawl effects from not consuming it. Will come in handy since im preparing to quit anyway


Please, provide a link. Thanks

This one? @SonOfBelial666

This was me :rofl: I was like dammit, sorry dk but I am not quitting to test this further!

I do like that it puts it in your hands though. You want to quit? Chant this mantra when you get a craving. Sometimes we want spirits to just take it from us, but we spent years building a habit…

Even if they just did, anyone whose quit knows the time you suddenly have, not knowing what to fill with it and all of the ways it can be a negative experience, so I don’t ever assume ripping a bad thing out of me would be pleasant lol.

This way you can do it in your own pace, it’s up to you to do the work etc.

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