Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

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Idk if anyone Already Asked this Question but what affect will this have for those the have Succubus And incubus as lovers


It should have no effect. All it does is raise the vibration of your energy, basically, changing its flavour to make it unpalatable to lower entities like parasites.


Okay👌 thank you

How can I effectively vibrate if something is getting in the way of my vibrations/ability to vibrate? I entered a trance state to realize that outside influences were intervening with my ability to maintain connection to myself. Without sounding crazy, I have portals to abusive people I need to close and when I tried vibrating the mantra, I heard a distant voice say “What if we change her definition of what is abusive…”. I’m not trying to be a victim either. I am in this situation because I opened myself up to people/places I shouldn’t have and now I am attempting to rebuild myself while grappling with extreme circumstances. My mental modality is divided into 4 directions, for example. And my thoughts are being redirected due to a viral programing that prevents me from ‘receiving’ the meaning so I essentially ‘cannot’ take ownership of myself. I had invited toxic energies into my system which ask questions, prompt me to think of answers, and then they utilize that information to keep me entrapped in lower states of awareness. Bypassing my desire to maintain a sense of internalized meaning.

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Nothing can really stop you from vibrating. It’s your voice, so if you can still speak, you can vibrate words. Just chant.


I agree. As I was reading, someone just told me “Never speak up”. And the weaker aspects of myself are struggling. Is there a spirit who can assist with protection of aspects/soul fragments? I had a system which was protecting all aspects of myself and that system has been corrupted/attacked. Can I hire someone to create a servitor for me to protect me? Because currently my ability to manifest is too contaminated by too many connections to the outside.

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Your Divine Self. Your innate inner divinity is all you really need, but if you want external assistance, I would recommend the Archangel Metatron.


I’m pretty sure I picked up a parasite during my first attempt at envocation a couple days ago. So far, this mantra has been an invaluable resource, and I heartily reccomend it to anyone who has the same problem. Here is what I’ve noticed far:

  1. When I first got the parasite, I felt a general sense of anxiety that became my new baseline. If I focused my thoughts in a positive direction, I would feel temporary relief, but the anxiety was always there in the background, and it was getting worse. When I started chanting this mantra yesterday for a couple hours (either out loud or in my mind), my baseline shifted, and that’s a big when dealing a parasite. To feel like you have a sense of agency. This lasted through the night, and I was able to get a good night of sleep. Knowing that you can chant it any time you need to shift your baseline is a huge comfort. It’s like a safety net. It’s got your back.

  2. As I was chanting it for a couple hours today, I actually started to feel worse (more anxious, fearful). I realized that the parasite was freaking out, and was trying to bring me down by any means possible, such as getting me to lose faith in it, etc. I kept going and reversed the situation in my mind. I’m not afraid, it’s afraid because it knows it’s losing. That helped. Like DarkestKnight said, it will try get to you stop using it. Remember that no matter how you feel in the moment, the mantra is absolutely having an effect, and you can only improve your situation by continuing.

  3. The more I chant the mantra, the more I feel it moving up towards my head/crown chakra (pressures, sensations). I think that can be taken as a sign that it’s losing strength and being pushed out.

Here’s how I’m using it:
I created a recording of myself chanting it, and I listen to it on loop whenever I can. I chant along whenever possible. This makes it easier to chant for extended periods of time, because you can just follow along and do it more passively. It helps to chant while doing something else, such as driving or watching a movie that feels comforting or lighthearted. That way, you’re not in your head, and you’re less likely to fixate on your fear or react to any strange sensations or emotions the parasite throws your way.

A thought: what would happen if I were to create a servitor that chants this mantra into my energetic field 24/7 until the parasite is gone?


This last chant to unlock one’s magical potential, I did it before yesterday, got my japamala and vibrated it 45 times aaaand it didn’t work so I went about my day, nothing weird, next day I woke up totally drained and as if a truck ran over me. I wonder wtf could have happened.

The magical potential mantra calls forth your own energy from within. I’m not sure why you would wake up drained the next day. No else has reported that.

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I know, that was weird, I did a conjuring of an Olympic Spirit that day before chanting this mantra, I contacted my tutor and he used his tarot cards, they said I did something that went “too far”, maybe the combined energies were too much for me to withstand(the conjuring + the mantra minutes after that, I really don’t remember how long after the conjuring I started chanting this mantra). I’m gonna try again maybe next week and only this mantra alone before meditation.

I tried the one for magickal potential. no results immediately but when I laid down on my bed to sleep(about thirty minutes after chanting),I experienced alot.

I can not remember much that occured but I flash back to astral projections,levitating in my room and even apparitions.

Sounds like a limiting belief, Ive summoned over 20 spirits at the same time before and I’ve gotten amazing success, humans carry the cosmos inside of them… youre not a fleshbag

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@DarkestKnight … is there a particular mantra to smash sleepiness/confusion/loss of senses, or in short, smash black magic or demonic influence over a person?

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I’m sure there are, but I didn’t ask for any. I was more focused on mantras that would help beginners.

For this you could try the mantra from Archangel Michael:


Thank you, how do you do your mantras, on a string of beads, fingers up or down, just off top of head, etc? I think that Im going to do is try to find a rosary, or packs of beads, black and white paint and twine. In the meantime I guess I will knot a shoestring and use that for concentration on count. I’d like to get in a habit of doing it 108 times, to see gradually by tenths to see what the effect is, mystics seem to have a harden for that number, so we’ll see. So start with a count of ten, increasing gradually daily sound like a fair approach to really getting power out of the mantras?

Also … instead of enns, how do you personally summon of conjure, Solomonic approach, commands or request to come and appear in visible form, repeat the name and psalm corresponding to the name over and over until you notice a sense getting tripped?

I generally just chant for a set time, usually half an hour or so, sometimes more or less.

That’s off topic to this thread.

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