ANDRAS:The most dangerous demon in the Goetia?

You don’t need a book to summon an angel, however I understand that you may want some information that is very clearly written and not have to try and guess the best way, so please bear with me and in a few hours I will contact angels and send you an incantation or other instructions they give me for the best way to contact them. I have to finish some work now but will do this in a few hours.


for Balg followers it’s a little old fashion,
but generally it works:

Focus on the Picture and draw a mental copy of the image into your mind.
Place that Image around you, drawing it in astral lines (white or Purple),
the Triangle should be in front of you, the Circle around you.

Once you’ve drawn the Picture around you,
the Manifestation is already in Progress.

The Runes of that Ritual Set up are well known on the Astrals,
and used for Evokation.

At that point, focus your gaze into the triangle and simply call the Angel you want to work with,

you can go the extra mile and evoke Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael to stand around you as guiding forces.
(those being the cardinal Arch-Angels:

Uriel, Cardinal Angel of the Northern Corner, Elemental Angel of Earth
Gabriel, Cardinal Angel of the Western Corner, Elemental Angel of Water
Raphael. Cardinal Angel of the Eastern Corner, Elemental Angel of Air
Michael: Cardinal Angel of the Southern Corner, Elemental Angel of Fire

, like the Cardinal Arch-Demons:

  • King of the East: Amaymon
  • King of the West: Corson
  • King of the North: Ziminiar
  • King of the South: Gaap
    -those are old version, look into E.A.'s works for the current most reliable version.)

However, those are ment to guide you and help you in the process,
a solid Tower Ritual (growing yourself infinately big),
works aswell and furfills the same purpose in therms of power (potential),
but doesn’t come with the concious guidiance those have in store for anyone working with them.

Ah heck, i’ll write it out myself…

1.) Belial
2.) Azazel
3.) Amaymon
4.) Abbadon

-those being the modern version of the cardinal Demons, as in the Grimoire “Book of Azazel.”

Note that any of these can be approached individually and asked for guidiance,
to grant you a familiar which works with you,
Any of the Deities mentioned here,
are well capable of managing your circumstances and guiding you.
However, each of them is specialized in a specific field,
and you’ll gain the most when not devoting to just one,
but working in aliance with a complete set.
(hence, that’s how Magicians have done it for a very looong time. :wink: )




thank you in anticipation Goddess eva. Your maturity in response is priceless. though a number of people on this forum own the foregoing book. bliss mam.

I evoked him after that day I responded. His energy was wonderful. He may be extremely dangerous, be he was extremely courteous with me and vice versa. He unlocked his aspects, which were NOT the ones he is known for because he said I had quite enough of those already. But he unlocked something else. It was as though he sunk a finger in each temple and it was really a very pleasant experience.

But any god with a reputation of f*cking things up should be approached with regard. They don’t just earn the reputation by talking smack…

As for his protectiveness, that is also another aspect of his that he mentioned to me. As much as he is a destroyer, he is a protective god, just the same as Pazuzu is.


They would be breaking rules to share it with you, sadly. I am about to do angelic evocation and will reply to you by PM once I have the information.


ok thank you.


You are so sweet and blessed Lady Eva <3

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Although I’ve just started with the Goetic demons, this is what I’m noticing. Keep in mind, I used to be terrified at the thought of working with them, considering that I was raised Christian and taught that they were evil, and of the devil, etc. But, I’m glad I’ve woken up to the truth that they’re not as bad as we’re programmed to think they are. Hence, why I’m no longer afraid to work with the demons.

If you respect them, they’ll respect you. As for if someone crosses the line and disrespects them, especially after calling them for help and getting it, well … I’m glad I’m not that person because everything that was done prior to the disrespect, could come back and backfire. One helluva negative backlash, if you ask me.

Good luck hon. My experience has been pleasant, because I’m respectful to them. That’s the #1 rule - treat them with the utmost respect. :slight_smile:


because they know how to demand the respect you owe them,
if you don’t.


Also a way of seeing that. xD

Just came to my mind.^^




I have worked with him once, my house is really disorganized for a while, but because I used my own words and fully Focus the energy at the targets, the backlash wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

That said, the dude is nothing to toy with, he will mess your shit up.


Hello iam new to working with andras of getting to know him i would lile ti know where i began?


I wrote this for working with Andras. Give that a try and see what happens.


Things are good between me and andras now


I’m glad to hear that. :blush: @Luciferi222

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For me I’ve always felt as if he had personally taken me under his wing. I’ve felt protected by him I feel as if he shows me things too that he wants me to see. I adore him dearly he’s always had this calmness to him around me. I felt a connection with this spirit for such a long time and for me he’s been absolutely amazing and definitely works fast. I feel strongly protected by him but this is just my experiences I can’t speak for everyone else.


Joy of Satan high priestess, Maxine Deitrich says he has been so mistreated by humans that he is extremely hostile with us.
She claimed to have some positive results with him


Interestingly I’ve heard many worse accounts of summoning Archangel Michael than I have with most any Demon. That said I’ve never worked with this one in particular, and have never been one to be interested in Archangels whatsoever. Just in speaking with other practitioners over the years I’ve heard Michael can be pretty particularly short and nasty


Makes sense to me why cops like him so much

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Really? Lol Archangel Michael being nasty?

I always thought of him as “nice”.

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To be fair, there are many accounts of lesser entities posing as Michael and causing havoc.

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