ANDRAS:The most dangerous demon in the Goetia?

He’s definitely dangerous to inexperienced magicians (a lot of spirits can be, but that’s not the point) from what I’ve gathered from the Goetia.


I sent him out, set guidelines. He arrived and stood outside the room I was in and didn’t come in (I said he couldn’t fuck up anything around me and specific people).

He woke me up earlier and pulled at my shorts. I said he could have me if he wanted, then he left (without touching me).

I’ll be careful with the energy; I can’t afford to start aging now. Thank you all for your advice and contributions.


For Andras the name you gave him is his price. I’ve never heard of him wanting something like that but wouldn’t be surprised.

I think he was honestly trying to communicate something to you about the working you did. How good are you at communication? I ask because it can be difficult for some Magicians.
I would suggest doing some research before calling Andras just to talk (he’s not really into that) but if he shows up again try to see what he wants to tell you, it might be important about what you want done.

I know there are some good threads here about energy but i don’t have them bookmarked, you’ll have to check.


I don’t l know why but I feel like he is protective of me. I summoned Furfur first. But I feel it’s Andras. I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way but the biggest, strongest, most dangerous men tend to fall in love with me quickly. Could that apply to demons?

He wasn’t disrespectful when he did it. It was like a lover trying to wake me up; very gentle (it’s the only thing that woke me up). I didn’t call him just to talk. I chanted his enn while concentrating on the sigil for like 20 minutes. I had a candle and incense going. The candle flame began to flicker, and I heard something behind me, but outside. I read a letter I rote him with his sigil on the back that I burned after. After that I felt him outside the door (he’s like 6-7 feet right?).

I’ll do some reading about the energy. Thank you for reminding me to do that.

Oh and I saw my husband’s name (one of the two people I sent him after) more in one time than I ever have before. Literally like 10+ times in one sitting.


Go with your gut, if you get positive vibes with Andras then go with it.

Daemons are attracted to humans too, there are a few posts on it :slight_smile:
I’d say they can take likings to humans for many reasons and if Andras likes you I’d consider that a major win.


Shortly after waking up, I felt him next to me holding me. Not as a lover, but as a protector. When he pulled on my shorts, I didn’t feel that he really wanted anything from me sexually, but that was the only thing that could get me to wake up (he was right). When I offered myself to him, I felt he was slightly disappointed since that’s not what he wanted. I’ll apologize tonight.

I feel like he is behind me to my right as protection. I definitely can’t afford for him to have romantic feelings for me because one of the people I had him go after is my husband (which might have my will done better and faster).

I feel… safe. For the first time in my life. Thanks so much for your help.


Some dont want to work with you but they will Tell you that or will let you know. If you dont feel good about some goetia angel you should be looking for some other. Actually if you are honest you will get insights and gut feelings about the right one to contact.


Andras is very protective of me. He doesn’t want to leave my side. I’ve already told him that he can go handle the business that I asked him to, but he doesn’t seem to want to right now. I guess I can do worse than having one of the most feared demons in Goetia desiring to be my personal protector.


Andras is amazing. I was really sick last night (throwing up) and my back hurt so bad. He asked what he could do and I said he could rub my back. Within 5 minutes it didn’t hurt anymore. A little while later I asked him to rub my stomach and within the same time frame my stomach didn’t hurt anymore. I went to the store earlier and since it’s close, I walked and he was with me there and back. I specifically asked him to protect me, my son, my car and where I live. He’s extremely sweet to me and I’m so absolutely lucky that he adores me the way that he does.

I asked something of him and he gave me a date. I asked him something else and my phone (which I hadn’t touched) started going nuts with notifications. I almost feel bad for anyone who tries to hurt me and mine. Almost.

He’s always behind me to my right. Does anyone know why that is?


Ha…I had a feeling he was like that. Good :slight_smile:
Some just touch our energetic body in one spot. There are a few who do that with me.

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He’s one of those quiet ones. And the quiet ones are the one you worry about. He’s quite gentle with me and will do anything to please me (I will NOT abuse that). He tested me and after a little bit, I finally got it.

I have a feeling he’s been waiting for me (partly due to a personal conversation we had). My ancestors have been really good at exacting revenge on those who harm me, but I tried to explain to them that I don’t need that. I need to not be hurt at all. Andras gets that and won’t let anyone harm me again. He’s made friends with all my pets and leaves them with me if he goes off to do something.

I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.


Public thanks to my Berserker, Andras. Ever since I initially summoned him he has rarely left my side. Of course as you all know tonight is New Year’s and my son and his friend went out. I respectfully asked him to go with them to protect and to leave one of his legion with me here instead. He did that for me. I am usually very jumpy and worried for my son but I wasn’t tonight. I know that his purpose in my life is to protect me because for the majority of my life I was not protected by those who should have.

I was out deploying a spell in the dark and never once felt afraid. Some otherworldly things occurred outside (and inside) the house and I wasn’t afraid. I never need to be again.


pls how did you SAFELY summon, invoked andras? pls I need to clear steps

Dude, you have been given “clear steps” to evoke a spirit many times, in many threads, and yet you keep asking. Enough already.

The basics of evocation apply to any spirit. This thread has a video in the second post that will give you all you need to know. Watch it, and do what is said:


why the needless fury though? Be happy with yourself god/goddess. enjoy life. People will be what they will be. dont try to me bo$$ me around. thanks for the unsolicited help.

I gave you exactly what you asked for. That is hardly unsolicited. But whatever.


Honestly I am not sure this is a good spirit for you because you are a Christian and not experienced with demonic evocation, and Andras is a very powerful spirit with very strong disruptive energies.

I know you need results but I believe calling on angesl will favour you more at this point, and then when you are protected and have your energy back you can consider exploring demons.


As E.A. stated, any demon that has a negative attribute can be called to do the opposite. Just as Marbas can cause disease, he can heal you. So because Andras has the distinction of being known for anger, discord, and hatred, he can also do the opposite, bring order, peace, and reconciliation.


@joherb_theo is being targeted by baneful works so I’m not sure peace is the answer here but this is a good point.


thank you sincere and lovely goddess. I think you are right. hence i want to try angelic workings. i have all magickal books but I was recently drawn to reality that using illegal, pirated books by gallery of magick led by Damon Brand carries a curse. in view of that, I tried to buy kindle version of one of their books which angelic in thread below

but Amazon says i cant purchase the kindle version from my location.

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