ANDRAS:The most dangerous demon in the Goetia?

Why are people afraid to work with him? are they right to be afraid? anybody have experiences?


Well he is the demon of discord. He seems to be the very embodiment of anger, discord, and hatred. As for getting killed for stepping outside the circle (which is what Im assuming you’re asking about)…you take that risk with any spirit, even angels, not just Andras.


im just asking cuz i have read on other forums and people are just so reluctant to work with him.

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Ha, you know. It could just be me, but I tend to find supposedly violent spirits to be quite civil and pleasant, at least in conversations.

However, my personal suspicion is more of expectation and priming. Any spirit the operator calls upon will generally not do anything to them unless they seed it in the spirit.


andras is great and works really fast. if you have something you want him to do, go for it, he gets the job done.


Every time I’ve called on Andras, there is complete discord in my home. It never fails. You’ll call on him to cause trouble for someone else , and perhaps it is his familiars, then trouble is at your front door . Perhaps a banishing, before and after, would help.


you have to send him out not just call him. wherever he shows up will be trouble. he brings a shitstorm so don’t call him, send him.


How would one send him without calling, invoking or evoking him?


I did call him,like 2times,basic,seal,and invocation, not sure about black candle,i tnk results were,dim, i have never find out,

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Maybe try evocation rather than invocation then.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to invoke Andras, due to the trouble he brings with him. Precisely what the fool stated above.



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I say, if you still wish for him to cause trouble and you’ve noticed that he brings trouble with him to where you do the work. If you know these people, I’d do work in their home, rather than at yours, The house of someone connected with him also would be ideal. If you can just use a candle, his sigil and a portable cord. it is possible. Leave the trouble where you do the work and watch for the results.
The advice ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’ does help sometimes, when you socialise with people and they don’t know how you feel, you could work at their places. I know I would… the ends justify the means, how much do you want to hurt these people? Then bide your time, get closer, and when they least expect it, strike! In their own home!


yes he does,one of the spirit I’ve used for the curse,the results were verry quick,a week I THINK,when you enter into the dark you live it,feel it,breath it,and demons become your friends and ally there is nothing to be afraid


Can you elaborate a little more on the results you got?

How do I call on Andras to help me dispel the counsel of my enemies? Please step by step guide as I am a novice. Thank you Sir


Sounds deep Milla. But please could you outline step by step process to call on Andras to unleash trouble on a close enemy and how do I shield myself from any possible consequences of working with Andras. Please your guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.


He commands respect, your self.your true self


I just summoned Andras and sent him out to do my bidding. I am now DRAINED. Is that normal?


Yes that is normal you used energy to summon him


Maybe look into energy cultivation techniques, build up your internal energy so using it affects you less, and you know how to a) replace it and/or b) use external energy not your own.
You don’t want to continually drain yourself, that way can lead to early ageing.