Invocation of Andras, Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction

From another thread. I inboxed this to somebody. Putting a modified version online in case someone else needs it.

Neither the original poster, nor BALG takes any responsibility for what you do with this info.

With that said,

Get this together:

Set up your Triangle:

  • Record yourself slowly reciting An Explanation Of Solomon’s Triangle, from Ars Goetia, pg 50.
  • Turn the tv or computer screen on so it has light.
  • Tape the Solomonic triangle on a computer screen.
  • Tape another blank piece of paper over top so you can see the triangle underneath. This makes a lightbox.
  • Play the audio of the Explanation. Repeat the Explanation out loud as you trace the Triangle onto the blank page with your marker. Meaning, recite ‘Thou art great god of all…’ as you write Anaphaxeton, for example. Redraw the Triangle in this way. With this exception: where it sais Mi-Cha-El, write Lu-Ci-Fer instead.
  • Put the redrawn Triangle on a table you have designated as your altar, preferably facing South.
  • On the back of Andras’ sigil, write simply what you want to happen. ‘How soon can you cause ___ to die a sudden, violent death?’ etc.
  • Put Andras’ sigil in the Triangle’s circle.

Set up your altar:

  • Put on your rubber gloves. IMPORTANT.
  • Take the 3 Devil candles and anoint them liberally with Black Arts oil.
  • Roll the candles in the Black pepper and Basil so they’re covered in herbs.
  • Pour a spot of Devil oil (or Lucifer oil) onto the Lu-Ci-Fer letters you wrote inside the triangle to anoint them.
  • Put the 3 Devil’s candles just outside each point of the Triangle.
  • Put the fireproof bowl in front of the Triangle.

Set up your effigy.

  • Use the industrial tape to tape your target’s photo to the cushion you don’t want anymore. Make sure it’s taped on solid, you don’t want it to come off easily. But don’t cover any part of the photo if you can help it. IMPORTANT.
  • Put out your Black Arts oil and DUME oil by the effigy.

Do the Ritual:

  • Light the candles around the Triangle.
  • Put yourself into trance however you can. I recommend the Betty Erickson induction if you’re new to trancework, with this exception: start with 9 things rather than 3, and work your way down to 1 of each. 9 is an important number, plus this gives you more time to sink into receptive trance.
  • Follow the Thirteen Steps, incorporating the Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction from the Satanic Bible. You don’t need the chalice and elixir, or bell to do this ritual.
  • When calling the Infernal Names, call only Andras. In reading the Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction, change ‘in the name of’ from Abbadon to Lucifer, and alternate Andras’ name for all other spirits named. Otherwise, follow the instructions as given.
  • When you get to step 10 ©j. of the Thirteen Steps, take the knife and begin stabbing the photo you attached to the cushion, while yelling at it telling it exactly what you want done to your target. Do this for around 45 minutes to an hour straight or until you can’t move anymore. Be very careful not to cut yourself or get any of your own blood on the photo. If you cut yourself doing this work, make another effigy and redo the ritual from scratch. IMPORTANT.
  • When you’re done step 10 ©j., remove the now mutilated photo from the cushion and put it in the bowl on your altar.
  • Put your rubber gloves on, to ensure you don’t get any of these oils on you. IMPORTANT. Pour the Black Arts oil and DUME oils into the bowl and all over the photo; soak the photo in the oils in the bowl. Make sure the photo is covered in the oils.
  • When you get to step 11a. of the Thirteen Steps, skry Andras’ sigil and conjure him anew with his enn (Entay ama Andras anay) until you feel his presence very strongly. Then continue.
  • Tell Andras exactly what you want to happen to your target. Then burn their mutilated photo in one of the candle’s flames, and put the photo into the bowl to burn out. Skry the flame as it burns and visualize your target going out how you want them to go out.
    The oil in the bowl may make the flame kick up a bit. Don’t put your face or gloves near the bowl while it burns, and be sure NOT to get ANY of the oils on you. IMPORTANT.
  • When the photo is completely burned, sit at the altar and skry Andras’ sigil for a while. Don’t release him. Instead, send him to your target and tell him to give you an unmistakable sign that he did to your target what you wanted done to them.
  • Sit at the altar and skry the candles for a while, letting them burn down while you repeat the appropriate Enochian keys for step 12. I recommend substituting Marlene Dietrich’s Satanic Enochian keys for LaVey’s own.
  • Let the candles burn out as much as you can in one sitting. Keep in mind what you want to happen to your target the whole time. Don’t let your mind wander or allow skepticism to creep in. Focus.
  • When done, burn the triangle in the bowl as well.
  • Dispose of the wax and ashes at a crossroads by throwing them over your shoulder; don’t look back as you walk away. You’re best off to do this at night.

Try that and see what happens. Keep us posted.


Very nice. Thanks


Fuck man
There are several reasons for this being the most brutal curse I’ve ever seen in writing, but the lightbox is genius. That really tickles my fancy and I’m gonna use it.
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Wow! Looks like I have a ton of stuff to buy…


Computer screen or tv screen - you have one at home. Most people do.
Tape $1.00
A4 paper $2.00
Printouts of the Solomonic triangle, Andras’ sigil, and perp’s photo $0.25 each
Markers $1.00
Rubber gloves $1.25
Black Devil candles $5.00 each
Black Arts oil $5.95
Lucifer oil $5.00
DUME oil $5.00
Black pepper $2.00
Ground basil $4.94
Baking pan $1.50. put one upside-down under another one right side up on the altar, so the pan isn’t flat against the table. This prevents heat from burning the tabletop when the paper is on fire.
Packing tape $1.25
Find an old cushion or pillow at home, or look for an old couch on Craigslist under For Sale > Free
Lighter $1.00 at any bodega
Satanic Bible $8.99
Knives $2.00

Total: $58.63 plus tax. The whole thing can be gotten for around $70 total.


Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, or best to do two different rituals?


Any reason? These are Marlene’s Keys:

Marlene’s translations are more—Satanic. The first link above leads to a page that explains exactly how to pronounce those words in Enochian.







Thank you for this information i will use it