An ambitious musician who has had enough of it

Well I don’t really know why I’m writing it but I’m pretty upset and I think it’s a lot of people who might have the same experiences but in a different branch of their interests and plans.
I don’t want to whimper here I just want to share my feelings because, as I say, I am not alone here who has experienced something like this in life who has done almost everything for it and still failed.
Some weeks ago I was sending my new music demos to one of the labels here and I have to say that the songs are really good have radio potential and I chose the most catchy songs I had and what do you think.The guy who wrote me back before did not write me back this time.Absolutely ignored my message I received no response from him. Damn why?What else should I do? If you heard what kind of music trash is in our country on radio you wouldn’t believe it … Man says where all this leads and it feels like one big farce.Fuck on these cunts who talent seekers call themselves. It’s all one big farce.I want to come to the label and beat everyone with my guitar. One comes with really good material and the response is still zero.
Golden nineties it was great music it was good times and I would have had a contract in my pocket and I believe that I would have done something long ago but now? All the same pop quantum shit that sounds the same but true quality music that has the potential it is probably already wrong … I will probably become the farmer and I will play cows on pasture mine (hits)


Sounds like a different label might be better.
I’m sorry, though. That is definitely not awesome.

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the problem is that our country is quite small our country has a population of about 11 million and there are only two big labels

I completely understand. Maybe relocating would be better for your music career.

As an artist myself, I think you’re approaching it the wrong way. Do it for yourself… and continuously do it for yourself.

I run a business, so I maintain a conventional approach of work which I don’t exactly like to be honest — but I had a close friend many years ago who had incessantly got his name out there. He had this stubborn, ambitious mindset that was almost cocky and predatory-like — but in the end, he put all the hard work and dedication and now he’s known.

I’ve known a few people who made themselves be known just by regularly posting their content online, doing gigs/sets at any given chance… do basking or sets at a lounge bar, restaurant, function event, wedding — collaborate with other well known artists who like your music. It’s a vast world.

Prove to yourself that you can prove it to yourself. Don’t prove it to yourself that you can prove it to them. That music you made is your creation. Keep creating and uploading content. Only leads to recognition.


Harness the power of YouTube.

Quick reply, I put some ideas in this post:

Lady_Eva’s guide to social climbing.

And 2 Little Tricks To Look Cool On Video & Meetings


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This is great Lady Eva but

  1. is there any bannishing like LBRP? What if I dont do it in this

  2. Have you tried it and can a beginner do it?

  3. If I don’t have the best developed astral senses, can I see the spirit in this ritual? (it happened that even people who did not have astral senses developed they seen entity)

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You don’t need to do LBRP to be able to use this method because it does not use godnames or force, however, if you feel safer doing it, you may do it before, and/or after:

The “banishing with light” method in this is also good:

Yes, I started to evoke spirits when I was a child, I used images I had drawn or sculpted, and then later I learned how to structure by imagining an image for the spirit to inhabit, which is what is used in core shamanism (though they do not describe it that way) to create the interface to spirit realms.

I use this method and it works.

Yes, you have to IMAGINE, to VISUALISE, the entity to give them a “house” to inhabit, at first you may not see anything much but notice when the image you have VISUALISED may seem to move, or the eyes may flash, or you may hear words in your mind.

Take notes of everything that happens, and be assured their senses are much stronger, so they are DEFINITELY seeing you. :+1:

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Great instructions Lady Eva thank you are my hero :innocent: this is amazing I would like to ask what if Spirit appears but I will be afraid suddenly
I will be shocked If I would be nervous when spirit apear If I will be a little afraid but will treat him with respect how will Spirit feel at this moment when the mage is afraid but speaks to him with respect, yet most people were nervous for the first time when they saw a spirit for the first time with their own eyes.
is the fear really such a big problem even when the mage behaves with respect?

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You will be structuring their form so they will already have that image in your mind, however when it becomes obvious the form is also holding a real spirit, looking out, it may be a bit intense because you are not used to it.

Remember past times in your life you did something for the first time, and were nervous, and then how rapidly you become comfortable with the new skill. :+1:

No, they understand because as you said most people feel a little fear, it is natural, and they understand this.

Treat this like a very big job interview or meeting with a big powerful millionaire businessman, so not grovel, but do not be cocky or give attitude either, just be respectful, certain of your own absolute right to be there, and be performing magick, because it is your birthright as a human being. :+1:

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I will not use any LBRP I really like this method a million times thank you Lady Eva if I do so I’ll do it somewhere outdoors during the day somewhere in nature it looks great :heart_eyes:

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@Lady_Eva The second time in this week I had a dream in which was about my fame my desire my goal in both dreams I saw myself as famous In first dream I was waited at the station with a talent seeker and second dream was just today and it was incredibly live dream first began with having a big spider in my room aaarrgh… then I went out and suddenly I saw the concert stage the big stage on which I and my friend were playing the guitar and I was singing it just before the concert and playing the intro at that moment I saw me going there and getting ready for It I got a microphone in my hand and I had a lot of goodstylishly I had a black coat then we came to my house with my friend Because I wanted him to kill the spider so we came but there was no spider and then he eventually jumped on my back and my friend wanted to give him away but once he jumped on my back I woke up.Strange dreams…I dont know what they means is that your dream they dreamed to me in a short time.
The first dream on the same subject was so, say, three days ago and today was the last one in which I saw myself on stage.

I agree with those saying to place your content on YouTube. It has a global audience, and potential to generate a lot of interest from the general public.
Record labels don’t always sign the most talented artists, but those who will make them the most money. They look for people generating buzz, interest for whatever reason because it will translate into sales.
I am certain you take great pride in your music, originality, and creativity, but I will forward some advice I heard from a musician when he was starting out.
Aside from your original content, do a cover of a song, from another artist, as well. Change the arrangement, make it yours, unlike it has
never been heard before. This can bring the attention to the rest of your music as well.
Wishing you luck, friend. Generate your own magick.

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