2 Little Tricks To Look Cool On Video & Meetings

So years ago I made an analysis of why some people - I actually chose David Bowie, and secondly, Christopher Walken - are just always so damned cool on camera.

Being me, I kind of clairvoyantly scried for an image that would be replicable, some kind of visual cue to generate that same air of instant cool, and also exactly what the basis was for their charisma and magnetic presence.

I came up with two seperate things - and I’m sharing them here because more & more mages are recording rituals or giving presentations on camera, where people are going to scrutinise every last movement before they decide whether they should trust you with their problems, and their time, and their money.

Both work for women every bit as much as men, in my experience.


Firstly, my study of Christopher Walken showed me he always seems to give the impression that he’s debating whether or not he approves of the people around him.


This is important - as my hero David Neagle says, in business, “The need to be liked is the enemy of influence” because if you’re craving approval yourself, the potential customer out there who’s come to you with his or her problems will see a replica of their own needy self, instead of someone with the answers who’s going to help them out.

You put yourself on the customer’s level the minute they see you as having their own type of insecurities, and for that reason they’ll usually mark you down as not able to help.

So, since most people subconsciously crave approval, if you can master in yourself the air of being someone who’s evaluating everyone else, you will subconsciously gain status in any meeting. Don’t take my word for it - watch any movie where CW is playing a charismatic bad guy, and see how he has that exact vibe.

Try running a small repeated loop - “Do I like you? Are you worth it?” etc., in your mind, find words that work for you and that make YOU the one whose approval matters.

Ice Ice Baby!

The second trick I scried from David Bowie, as an image of how he looks cool, and I’ve used it countless times, also taught it to a select few other people who needed to speak publicly or on camera.


It’s deceptively simple: you need to hold, and repeat frequently, the image of blocks of actual ice falling off your body, like the ice in this gif of a glacier: Glacier Eruption.

For some reason, that image, if you hold it or flash back to it frequently, will tend to cause other people to perceive you as “cool” - that indefinable quality that can be so mesmeric & attractive.

Practise it a few times at home, in front of a mirror, see that ice just falling and falling off you endlessly - you might also notice your shoulders relax (ALWAYS keep your shoulders pulled back and down, if you want to look impressive) and your whole posture changes.

People pick up on this, and because we’re all aware of our own insecurities & inner tensions in a magnified way, when you appear to have far fewer of them (and for some reason this image seems to be a short-cut to conveying that idea), they immediately evaluate you as having a higher status, and therefore being worth their trust, time, and money.

Finally, there’s an acting masterclass on YouTube, run by Michael Caine, the first nine-minute segment is here.

In the first segment, he talks about the importance of tiny eye movements, controlled blinking, and a load of other really good stuff in creating the right impression, and the whole class would be a good use of an hour of your time, if you plan to use video heavily as part of your business.

So there ya go - don’t take my word for it, try them both out, have a look at MC’s video, see what happens. :wink:


I thought you where gonna say keep the lights dim and vape. :stuck_out_tongue:

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