Am I parasitized by demons?

So recently I started smoking weed for the first time in years, I started hearing voices saying im a god and theres other voices saying im a retard, they have become more and more intense, its starting to make me depressed and they wont stop. Should I stop smoking? Btw I have very little experience with magic, I tried to make a pact with every Goetia demon before (lol) but didnt got any results. Help me please

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I think the more experienced users will give you quality advice regarding the voices and the demons.
My quality advice however is yes, you should.

For real now, if you tried it for 1st time, don’t rush it with drugs. +I think the weed is bad, if it brings voices like the mushrooms…change the plug.

I just did shrooms recently, and they didnt work, I think I got scammed…
I don’t want to quit weed tho, even if those voices are obnoxious, this is one of the closest things I may get of magic in my life, what I want to do is to try to work with those voices, maybe its a blessing disguised as a curse.

How about you start digging this forum? Search for evocation methods, other people’s success stories and the basic books the majority of us use. And start doing magic by yourself. Magic you can control, not like the voices controlling you, when you get high.


@german_cb please do the introduction that you were asked to do (it’s in the forum membership rules btw) so we know more about you so we can give you better replies with regards to your situation.

As to drugs… quit or don’t is up to you but if you think it’s linked to your situation you need to think long and hard whether you want to keep doing them and then decide that for yourself.

Especially if the ‘voices ‘ whether demonic or just neighbors playing tricks or what are being unpleasant.

If it brings unpleasantness… well then you need to think about it.

Whether it’s legal where you are or not should also play into what you decide with regards t drugs (if it’s illegal then it’s easy just don’t do them. I’m if you get caught it can fuck up your life big time).

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I already did my introduction, did I do something wrong? oh and thanks for the advice

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I couldn’t find your introduction. I searched.That doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, maybe I didn’t use the right search terms. Anyways… if you did the introduction then…

Thank you and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think you’re right, it’s parasites looking to feed on the emotional results of negging you. It’s very common, especially when the untrained do drugs, which opens doors they don’t know what to do with.

Cleanse and banish, and don’t do more drugs until you have got your Spiritual hygiene on point.

Here’s a collection of info on how to cleanse and put up protections, you want to attract beneficial entities not the ones looking for a free lunch.

Get better voices, seriously. :eyes:

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Is in new magicians, the title is ‘my introduction’ :wink:

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they just want to keep my loosh for themselves lol

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If you go to his Activity page, and scroll down, then it shows up. Here:


Thanks. @Mulberry Got it now. So…

@german_cb Sorry. It was my bad. But I see it now :peace_symbol:

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Wow, I did the mirror one with a real mirror (with a paper sticked on it saying the words) and it appears to be working. I even feel good vibrations now. Thank you so much!!

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Oh f…the voices are calling me a retard and are becoming strong, im afraid those words are hurting my soul and mind by actually making me a retard. aaaahh
atleast there are some good voices that are helping me. but the evil ones are so obnoxious, but its worth the suffering, if it wasnt for them I wouldnt be here following my true path

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When I used to smoke heavily most days everything would be perfectly fine. Others though I would become extremely paranoid and scared for no reason. I would feel impending doom almost and I would go into a panic attack. A lot of the times I would feel like there was something around me, messing with me or my energy. It freaked me OUT.

Once I stopped this all went away. I’m not saying forsure that’s what’s happening to you but maybe take a break and see what happens :woman_shrugging:t4:

When I first started smoking weed I would literally feel like I was “tripping”. It can be wild sometimes depending on tolerance levels.

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Now that I think about, smoking weed is bad in illegal areas, I live in an illegal area but I will stop now because the energy thats is caused by the illegality will make it a bad experience spiritually.

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Not to mention jail if you accidentally have too much on hand if you get caught (possession versus intent to sell charges depend on amount of drug you are in possession of. 1 is a minor offender most places but a criminal record that intent one is serious jail).

Glad to hear you’ve decided not to risk breaking the law (besides which doing so gives the bad voices ammunition to use against you telling you your bad for doing it. If you don’t do it they can’t use it against you can they?).

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