To LHP practitioners, how are you not scared of hell?


The issue you have here is you’re still looking at it from the perspective religion programmes into you. Religion is a tool of oppression and slavery, literally, figuratively, physically and even spiritually. They’ve been using the concept of hell for a very long time to utilise the power of fear to keep people in line. Believe it or not most of the Christians who are educated today don’t even believe in hell allow me to explain.

Christiany invented hell as a predatory scare tactic, not just christianity but almost all of the main monotheistic religions. Imagine being controlled in life, literally being enslaved what is your release ? Would that then be death, what if i can make you enslaved to me even after death. This is literally one of the main inventions for hell, if i can not only make you fear your life and live to submit but i can always simultaneously keep you afraid of dying. There isn’t anything at that point you won’t do for me, at least thats how its used.

Besides the obvious facts which i wont cite here yiu can research yourself that theres literal proof hell was invented. The majority of people in the left hand path well versed in these matters, have broken free from the programming of our society, strict religious families and other oppressive institues. Which not only keep you enslaved in educational systems which literally function the same as prison, but simultaneously seeks to oppress you mentally and spiritually. Once the black magician/witch/sorcerer whatever term you choose to go by attains these realisations it becomes apparent that we aren’t going to go to some false realm of damnation after death.

Now there are many that will say ‘well hey man you know places like hell existed before the bible’ yeah my friend your right and they were oppressive religions like the main monotheistic religions today. However of course there are spiritualities which have realms like hell, however those more ancient beliefs also remind us that heaven and hell is within us. Their states of not just mind, but states of being if we believe we are gulity we become our own wardens in our punishment so to speak. Yet those beliefs simultaneously understood even heaven and hell were illusionary concepts one can transcend them and then be ultimately even reincarnated or reunite with (source/divinity).

Now to also clear up any further things, you may hear from many black magicians who don’t believe in this false place of damnation, that we actually have astral/soul travelled to literal hell-realms and yes that’s correct. They are but one example of the other millions of other realms in the astral plane, and if you thinks that’s insane remember that the astral plane is one of many planes of existence.

These hellrealms are often viewed in different ways if you are already programmed mentally with the belief thats were sinners go after they die. Sure enough if you astral travel there thats what you’ll actually encounter and experience, question is why are you experiencing that if its not true. The reason is because our assumptions, beliefs and often ideologies give us unique perspectives and since we are have our own subjective realities, then we will all have unique and subjective experiences.

If you instead don’t have that programming and you astral travel to a specific hellrealm, you see it merely as the abode of the entities often referred to as demons. That too is a complex situation so allow me to expand on that, most demons of today are ancient demonised gods and goddesses. Religion literally destroyed temples, idols and so forth of ancient pagans and then also on top of that demonised their divine deities and gods, transforming them into heretic demons. That isn’t a theory either nor is it my opinion its a fact, once again just do some digging into that you’ll be shocked. Demons such as King Bael being traced all the way back to ancient gods of Mesopotamia known as Baal, or the foul fallen angel of called Astaroth literally being a beautiful poweful goddess Astarte and so on.

Not only are these beings ancient gods and divine, they now wear the masks of demons why because they move in accordance with mankinds belief regardless the connotations attached to their new infernal masks. Besides that just look at the word demon its derived from the greek word “daimōn”. Which is also referred to as a daemon an intelligent spirit, also meaning genius and so forth. Not an evil or good being since good and evil are only man-made concepts morals and ethics, which serves no pivotal spiritual or evolutionary role. These beings transcend such finite human concepts of good and evil.

Now you know demons arent evil or want your soul, nor do they seek to torture you on hell. Now we also know what hell is and have broken that down a little along with the reasoning hell is used as a tool of oppression and a fear tactic. This and all that is also mentioned above should serve a foundation for some greater clarity and understanding, also allowing you to maybe even research more into all of this.

So no eternal damnation break that programming, sever the connections that installed that line of thinking into your mind. Start seeking the truth out yourself not believing in what a religion tells you, especially one built on the backs of slaves, crusades, holy wars, and more blood and bodies than we can count. Hopefully if you transcend above this yourself, you’ll come to understand things a lot more.


Now i understand it like this we have source, the source of all creation, what some could call god but it isn’t a anthropomorphised living thinking being like religion would have us believe yet it is a conscious. It is the force of creation, formation, destruction, recreation etc. We are all aspects of source, which lives out its life as a separate consciousness. To experience its own creation from a different vantage point, theres a video here below which explains this somewhat using a hypothetical scenario, it’s an oversimplification but it gets the point across.

Once you watch it you realise and look at what all religions, spirituality, myths, stories and mysticism etc have been saying for years is similar. We are all God, we are all connected, there is no you and there is no i. That is merely the illusionary constructs of this existence.

Someone once asked me if that’s true why do we experience that separation of being individuals and obviously its very necessary and is important. One of my favourite quotes on the subject is by occultist/black magician Aliester Crowley.

“I am divided for loves sake,
For the chance of union”.

Once all of this sets in and then you begin exploring deeper on your own, the concepts we were brought up believing or even hearing about become so laughable you’ll start asking yourself.

“How the fuck did we fall for that shit” :joy:

Which is a good attitude then congratulations you are free and no longer held back by fear, programming or any form of spiritual oppression and enslavement. Burn the holy scriptures, proclaim thy blasphemy to the false god who condones sickening horrendous atrocities and then ascend. Acheive your own godhood tap into your limitless potential and use that godhood for there is onlh one rule on how you use it.

“Do what thou wilt”.

It is up to you how you use it, no god, no condescending, judgemental hypocritical preacher, priest or imam. You are your own person, your own consciousness and you are divine. You have two options explore that and open up your life to a greater dimension of understanding and potential, or simply don’t and continue on as you do now.


My friend @german_cb I’m afraid you’ve been sold a bill of goods on the subject. I’m going to use some language that might be easier for you to digest than some of the above posters ( which I agree with almost completely I might add)

In the Judaic faith there never was a “hell” In the christian sense of the word. There was a place called “Sheol” translates roughly to “the underworld” or more literally as the “gloom” this was a dark and listless place. It was not filled with torment or lakes of fire ( if you’re into that sort of thing). It was a peaceful place for the dead.

That was the worst that a man could expect in his afterlife. The rationale being God knew man would make many mistakes and errors ( I do not count association with demons as a mistake either!) And he had no desire to punish us or make us suffer greatly.

There was literally however “a special place prepared” for all the rebellious angels. This was not a place that men ended up.

That’s the basis of Christianities concept of hell and the afterlife.

If you doubt what I’m saying to you please feel free to speak to any rabbinical authority. They probably won’t use the verbage I used but the message and substance should be about spot on. Wanna know how I know that? Because I asked not one, but several rabbis on this subject.

So my friend there are many misconceptions and false beliefs on this subject and all of it seems to be a tool to get you you to be a good little follower so you won’t go to hell.

Well my friend I say to hell with that.


You see the things from the christian perspective on life. We usually don’t do that. I would say we look into more ancient beliefs and religions that appeared before the Abrahamic religions which are mostly propaganda and shit. I was raised as a christian. Even as I young child I could tell their religion is toxic and unfair (as most religions are). I will never follow strict rules regarding spirituality, I don’t think that’s how it should work. Even if the christian god would be the only true god there, I would prefer burning in hell for eternity than following his word.


As all stated above hell is made up. In Buddhism, there is no concept of punishment or reward and there is no divine being who decides who goes to hell or heaven . There is merely the illusory results of our thought, words and deeds, which we call karma. Hell is a temporary place and there is no reason for those beings to suffer there forever.

The Buddha’s Teaching shows us that there are heavens and hells not only beyond this world, but in this very world itself. Thus the Buddhist conception of heaven and hell is very reasonable. For instance, the Buddha once said, 'When the average ignorant person makes an assertion to the effect that there is a Hell (patala) under the ocean he is making a statement which is false and without basis. The word ‘Hell’ is a term for painful sensations. 'The idea of one particular ready-made place or a place created by god as heaven and hell is not acceptable to the Buddhist concept. What we consider hell maybe not hell for those that reside in it. Higher vibrational being will consider the life we live in as hell but the ones above this higher vibrational being can see the world the lower one to be hell. So actually there is no hell or heaven.


I believe in hell, both as a dimension and a psychological state of mind.

I summon demons with Psalms invocations from the Bible and I use angels to constrain them and protect me. As well as being power to the working.

This works a lot better for me than calling demons by themselves. I feel the demons always abused me when I did it the way some people on this site recommend. Whatever, everyone had their own method.

I enjoy working with demons and I have an entire journal praising them for their work.

When I use angels, Psalms, and names of God (Biblical God) I have no problem with the demons listening to me or doing what I say. I’ve also never had a problem with demons trying to get me to sin (at least not directly in ritual).

I really doubt God has a problem with working in demons in this way, it really is a testimony to God’s strength and power, the fact that I can command demons in God’s name(s) with the help of his angels.

I’m not sure if demons are here to ruin everyone’s life or cause havoc. They aren’t imps they are powerful dukes, kings, and presidents. I treat them with respect but they listen to me. The book I use says to treat them like royal servants, that works well for me. I’ve used demons to bless my friends and help situations happen in my life.

I think the Bible is corrupt, which is why I plan to read it in Hebrew to get a more true sense of the truth. That being said I still have an underlying faith in the Bible despite its flaws.

Happy late Easter brother :latin_cross::innocent::call_me_hand::

If you are afraid to work with demons (even with angels guiding and protecting you) or you think working with them will lead you to hell I suggest working with angels. Angels are very powerful and useful, my friends have change their entire lives working with them.

The ones I work with are the 72 Shem angels.

“the 72-fold name was used by Moses to cross the Red Sea, and that it could grant later holy men the power to cast out demons, heal the sick, prevent natural disasters, and even kill enemies.[6]”

The book I use doesn’t say anything about killing enemies with these angels but I do have a book on “Angels of wraith”. I haven’t used it yet (just haven’t had time) but I will soon enough.

If you wanna work with angels I suggest 72 angels of magick by Damon Brand the gallery of magick (magickal society he’s a part of) also has other books on angels (wraith, love, alchemy) and more.
They also have a book on the 42 hidden names of God.

Some people like demons (way more than they should in my opinion) but to each their own. I work with angels, demons, and names of God. And my life is going great all things considered.

I was actually talking to my Dad about all the prophecies Jesus full-filled. Well he was talking to me.
Like I said the religion isn’t perfect but Jesus is my homie and I like working with angels and commanding demons. You don’t have to worship demons or do even do demonic magick to be LHP. LHP is just operating as God (or one who speaks or confers with God) to create their ideal reality.

Working with angels especially has only increased my faith in the most high, I hope it can do the same for you.

My favorite worship song (listen to soulful black church music when you get a chance :innocent::+1:)

My church playlist :heart::pray:t3::latin_cross::


…so you’re willing to work “magick” with “the voices” that may or may not be demons or other spirits, but you’re not willing to accept the fact that we choose to work with demons and are here on an occult forum shaming and judging us for it?


…and you must have changed your mind about wanting to do magick then, since you’re now wondering why we choose to do it. Why did you join an occult forum if you’re just going to look down your nose at some of us for what we choose to practice? How is what we’re practicing affecting you? That’s not snark, that’s a genuine question.

I read the Bible, I call on demons, I still pray to the God I was raised to praise, but I still feel I’m ultimately in control of my life. This is what I choose. It works for me. I don’t judge others for how they live their lives. If they choose to down talk the God I praise, that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. I don’t let it bother me…because at the end of the day, I’m still going to do what I did to create my ideal life, which was call on demons and angels and be happy doing it.


Because we understand that there is no god to judge beside man. We are our own gods.


No, I’m not shaming nor judging, sorry if I appeared like that. I just wanted to know your view on hell, since I was born catholic, I am terrified of such idea, and was curious why would someone choose a path which is very risky in my catholic view. yeah, i’ve been changing my mind a lot recently, jumping from various religions such as buddhism, hinduism, wicca, even omnism. I’ve been looking what suits me the most, and I feel like magic would do the best for me. But I’m scared and I thought the comments of experienced people would help me with it.


Revelation 14:10 “they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.”

yeah… this seems to cause fear into my soul
I wish I was born in a witchcraft family, goddammit catholics :sweat_smile:

I’m beginning to think that people who say this are just trolls.

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The quran says the same in even more horrible way.

No Im not lol, just want to see your views

and buddhist and hindu hells are way worse, but they balance with the temporal time you spend in them

Just in case you aren’t aware…Catholics practice magick, they just don’t call it that. Their rituals are not that different from the rituals that magicians perform. Mass, for example, is just invocation by another name (and those little old ladies in the back pews mumbling over their rosaries pack quite the spiritual punch).

The clergy of the Catholic Church have been summoning demons themselves for centuries, so there is no reason why you can’t maintain your faith, and still practice. Summoning demons in the name of God is actually part of ceremonial magick.


So basically like how the Hell Loop works in the Show Lucifer? The people just torment themselves with their own guilt?

King Solomon, the one who was granted wisdom by God
He worked with demons, so would I be allowed too? Or only he was allowed because he was an important person who was a friend of God?

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yeah, they practice magick too, but are only allowed to do certain practices, or am I wrong?

Because it’s fun and offers amazing magick results.

Most people probably aren’t okay with that. The tradition of Sin Eating might give some insight?

Personally though, I’m not going to “Hell.” You have in your mind that the tradition your perspective is based on is the One True Truth otherwise you wouldn’t have posted this question. That is not true. Religions that preach on “hell” are newer than those that don’t, “hell” is a fear tactic to control indoctrinated minds that are afraid of seeking out different paths.

Sure, I believe there are “hell realms” or “hell planes,” but I not 'm going to be eternally damned to one.

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This is my bet, but still, (I don’t want to sound all hippie) I’m trusting the universe with the role it chose for me, and I don’t want to rebel against it, not saying my religion is only the right one because I was born in it, I’m kind of a omnist and I believe God judges us based on the paths he granted us

“but I not 'm going to be eternally damned to one.”
I surely hope that’s not the system God uses

That’s a lot of trust you’re putting in something that isn’t you.

Cool, not my cup of tea.

Until you’re sure, you’re probably going to be scared of it.