My introduction

Hello my name is German,
Ive been interested in the spiritual for some years but Ive been too lazy to do magick even tho I want to :sweat_smile:
Im interested in contacting demon and spirits but I am a skeptical and don’t know where to start. Any tips are cool. I made a thread about some problems I have which I think it involves demons, an answer to that is truly appreciated.
I recently did a astrology reading where the woman said I was a magician in my past life and I think it would be a good idea to keep making stronger that area of my life (but I dont know how :frowning: )
Btw my magick name is Medietas, which in latin means in the middle, because I want to be not a human nor a God, something in between…like a demigod.


Most people start with a good beginners book, and if you search here for that you will find book recommendations. Try the search string “beginner book recommendations”.

Work that from start to finish and see how you feel.

We have many free tutorials here provided by members if you don’t want to spend any money: search “tutorial evocation” or “evocation guide” or for whatever you’re looking for. The forum is over 10 years old there’s a lot. :smiley: We have collections of tutorials in fact.

I recommend you start with developing psychic senses and spiritual hygiene. It’s not useful to you when you can’t psychically see or hear them when they come, or if you can’t tell that what came is a parasite.

Wow, so after skimming through the tutorials it would appear there is enough to keep one preoccupied for lengths of time that could become indefinite, truly a fascinating collection of tutorials.

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