A spell to k**l

In my college there are bullies who had threatened teachers and many students. So any easy spell to kl might do justice for his wrong doings on those teachers and those female student he bullied . Instant kl and easy incantation.

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Eh… I don’t think that’s a thing, buddy.


Death curses are not easy, and you’ll want to have your own spiritual hygiene and protections on point, not just in case of backlash, but in case your activity attracts things you don’t know how to deal with.

If it was an easy and quick solution to the problem you wanted, and I assume safe(er) for you, you’re better off with a binding. Look up Vovin’s freeze spell :slight_smile:

Note: OP edited to remove pollical slant. The form has a moratorium on politics aka the No Politics rule. :+1:


I’d start with a hefty binding, personally.


The one I did took a year.


You don’t need to kill anyone. You can try help with Protector like Archangel Michael or Samael.
Or Infernal like Kru’vest.


What about ea koetting 4 powerfull incantation, the one for vengefull destruction, okay not death if so but what about injury, like injuring his body to the point he is unable to do his stuff

I already explained that to you in the “sick spirits” thread.


Yes there’s “To Rouse Vengeful Destruction”. This is at your own school?

I’ve not tried this specific incantation, I have called Andras for something similar. To err on the side of caution, I would do this on people that typically exist at least a mile away from you at all times.

You might get what you wanted, in spades, but be caught in the middle of it. And that sucks. Been there done that :sweat_smile: Or it can bounce off protections and only affect you or people around them and that’s sad.

Bindings tend to solve the behaviour issues without being sensed as an attack and not deflected.

I would also try not to dictate the way the spell works in too much detail, that tends to make things take longer to manifest, as the energy has to find a way around and ignores faster options that don’t meet the specifics. State what you want, which is, it sounds like, to stop the behaviour fast, followed by some justice. Does it matter what justice looks like as long as it works?

You could also do both, start with a binding, do some workings on your own shields and wards, and then do the incantation.

There’s more ideas if you search on here for “death curse”.

This one is fun: :slight_smile: Instant, possible but that’s more about luck and perfect timing, not easy to create without lots of practice.


Yeah i also send you 1 more reply there telling what really got my attention on this spell

Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for Working with The 72 Demons (The Gallery of Magick) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07122HYS3/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_JNVM4WP3B2Z39KWNKF1Y

There you go man also consider magickal attack or angels of wraith by the same author.

Obviously people are horrible but considering making the person suffer before you just end his life.
There’s multiple ways to go about this and the book has a lot of demons that can destroy him before you finally end his life.

I’ve done a curse before (it wasn’t a death curse) but it ruined the guys entire life. He’s still alive but he has to keep suffering.

If you kill someone they are just dead, consider making them pay for what they did before you finally call it.

With curses in general especially one dealing with death you must cultivate patience unleash all your hatred within the ritual(s) (another reason I’m recommending multiple layers of curses before you kill him, to let everything out), if you think about the curse after the fact just imagine their life is ruined or dead if that’s what you want, don’t doubt your magick.

I’ve done a um…very powerful curse on someone who tried to ruin my life and relationship (with my former girlfriend) he had done the same thing to about three other girls telling lies and basically raping them socially people like that I have no issue…well giving them what they deserve. Last time I checked on him nothing had happened maybe this is the demons giving me opportunity to ruin his life before everything kicks in.

Also keep in mind from a legal point of view never admit to a crime.

Magick is great because it’s a solo experience so there’s no proof.

Don’t curse someone then go commit a felony…just be quite and keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anyone about your curse (for legal reasons and more). If anyone complains about you to him say “karma will get him” or something to that effect. Even if someone tells you they’ve cursed him never admit to cursing someone ESPECIALLY if your are doing a extreme curse.

Give that fucker hell :wink::call_me_hand:


Make sure you’re ready for it. The fact that you’re scared of the word kill kinda shows that you’re not. You’ve gotta be all in on death curses. And you have to know how to hold and direct your power as well. It’s not “instant kill” like in a game, make sure you’re ready for the weight of what happens.

That said, I’ve written my own death curse (worked), asked Glasya-Labolas for help (worked), and asked Forcalor for help (worked). Make sure you know what you’re doing, make sure you’re ready for what happens. Stay protected, keep clear intentions.


I recommend Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield. There’s a spell in there that allows you to punish someone in a way that they know it was you. I haven’t actually used it as I don’t feel a need too but you could try it.


Is there any specific ritual in there, like i dont wanna dabble right now where I shoudnt. Would ea koettings vengefull destruction be enough to cause him injury/death , like i like the simplicty of it just wisper or say it out loud that incantion multiple times and its done

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I think he would encourage experience unless you want to destroy

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It’s also about you. Anyone can say the words and do the actions, that doesn’t mean anyone can pull of the curse effectively.


Yes bro, I just gave you the specific (41st) demon to do a death curse…I also gave you the purchase link to the book I’m recommending and I personally use.

I also explained how you can layer a spell to make him suffer before you kill him…I ALSO gave you two other books you could use.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because I think you are new to all this…you SHOULD read an entire magick book or at least all of the relevant sections.
A day or two reading the book IS A LOT SAFER AND" EASIER" THAN the alternative (physically - aka acting like a ape) when you do magick you ACT AS GOD, killing someone as God in a ritual has far less repercussions.


No, just no.

Use the book I recommended if you want, if this is your first spell…then oh boy.

I don’t really know what to tell you. You should really put your own house in order first before you go around killing people.

You obviously have no idea how to swim or tread water but you are jumping in the deep end, no not even that you have never touched water and you read a guide on the benefits to swimming so now you wanna try to swim in the ocean.


A bind spell is probably much more appropriate or at least a normal curse.

Do whatever you want bro IDC just don’t come crying to us if you blow your face off.

Also SOMEONE on this site will probably do a death curse for you, but I’m pretty sure we have a rule against advertising at all (except in personal bios and profiles). Anyone who is agrees is likely gonna charge you up the ass and rightfully so, since you’re basically asking them to do a death curse.

Bro I have no idea, I gave you the book, method, and exact demon I would/already have used.

It’s your life, your death curse I don’t even know why your are consulting strangers on a topic like this…

Everyone has given your resources, alternatives, and method.


Okay yeah very usefull advice, and i saw a pattern in comments which lead me to choose not to do this spell not even think about it, just simply hire proffesional magacian , the words use like backlash and repercussion freaked me out at first. I was like i was about to do it for bringing justice not to fuck myself up, so just hire and also climp up the ladder as it should be .

They say if you want something right do it yourself…hmm I guess this is only partly true since your basically commanding a spirit(s) as hitmen.

Don’t piss yourself over the idea of “backlash or reprocussions”. You gotta realize you came in with very…well noobie energy, so I think everyone wanted to make sure you “checked yourself before you wrecked yourself”.

Me personally I DO NOT believe in the idea of reprocussions or karma when it comes to the magick I do (the books I provided). The book gives you the authority of God, I don’t really feel like explaining why this bypasses karma but just realized it does.

God can do know wrong as long as you act as God you are justified in what you do - I’m speaking in terms of ritual and magick. Don’t become an edgy narcissist claiming to be God in your normal life. By nature magick is exclusive and hidden.

Even if you tell people, show people, and explain magick in a cohesive way they will still reject it. It’s really only for a chosen few.

The magick I gave you was developed by people who have been doing magick since before I was alive (I’m 21 years old by the way) that’s PROBABLY more than most people on this site. The cool thing about magick is people who are more advanced can basically transfer you all their experience points. Before I had these books I was basically just blowing my face off through trial listening to some fucking idiots on this site. Most of the people who replied are regulars or mods so I’m not talking about them or anyone in this thread for that matter. Just be careful man lmao.
The books I gave you have protection and everything built in.

If you want to bring justice to this fucker I fully support you and I definitely think it’d be less costly and far more effective than hiring some “professional” magician. I’ve been basically robbed by “professional” a magician he actually used to be associated with this site, it’s whatever… I think he needed the money more than me. But he was like 3 months late on one of my rituals, he sent me emails and set everything up with the specific date and time. I sent him multiple emails and got no response, then I randomly got the sigil and material for the ritual. He also sent me an email sending what to do…uh sorry dude I’m headed out of town in 3 hours I don’t have time to do a full blown “meta-link” to this demon with absolutely zero notice. Not to mention the second ritual didn’t even come with the promised video so I literally have no proof he did it… anyways just don’t get scammed. Most online magicians use cash app, PayPal or whatever. So if they wanna run off when your money they totally can, just saying.

@C.Kendall did a ritual for me awhile ago so I can vouch for him it was basically a gatekeeper meta-link or like reverse possession, something to that effect. Basically I was going to become intertwined with all of these super powerful demonic kings. I got a deal $50 for 9 demonic gatekeepers is awesome, he was doing some sort of promotion. I don’t remember if he provided a video for proof but it doesn’t matter, the night after or whenever I went to sleep I had a dream about the ritual and I actually saw Mr.Kendall doing the ritual and it working. I can’t same for the other “professional” who charged me 4x as much.

Again personally I think you should just buy this book (especially since you established it was for justice and not cuss you hate the guy):

Angels of Wrath: Wield the Magick of Darkness with the Power of Light (The Gallery of Magick) Amazon.com

"There are twenty-nine powers to be revealed:

The angels can bind, destroy defenses, remove wealth and destroy a business, while rendering your victim too weak to respond and unable to see what you are doing.

You will have the power to silence and confuse, bringing illness and insomnia to those who trouble your life.

For more severe enemies, you can bring the wrath of judgment upon them, and remove their ability to find spiritual sanctuary.

You can produce hatred between those you name, while causing anxiety, dark moods and memory loss, with confusion of the heart and mind.

There is a ritual to prevent your enemies from working magick."

The book is $7 if you buy it and use the Kindle app (free)
$7 Ă· 29 (powers) = $0.24

I can almost guarantee if you hire someone else for a baneful work, especially death curse you’ll be lucky if it’s less than $75 (assuming they even do it).

If you ask me… just buy that book and see magick is real and relish in your enemy’s demise.

But again do whatever you want. Also note someone recommended free work Mr.Kendall provided for the entire forum (see above).

If everyone scared you that’s fine lol, just realize I’ve cursed someone and destroyed their life. It FEELS REALLY good to get someone back. He basically stole $1,000 in my name and my curse is gonna cost him AT LEAST $3,000,000 and 18 years of his life, you can do the math on the difference between the two.

But if you’re no longer interested in baneful magick whatever, I still recommend you do magick in general, checkout this post I just write helping someone else:


Andras could be of help here but I agree you need to have extra protection on yourself for these things and not take this lightly, you could start off with lesser evil but same result, like giving them a reality check, nightmares about what they’re doing etc