Physical protection


Just asking for advice.
I’ve been thinking of somehow enchanting a bracelet, talisman, necklace (or anything really that someone can take with them) with mainly strong physical protection (and protection in general). Now, I dont know any spells on this. Shall I just ask a daemon in that case?
Do you know which daemon would be good for that? I can work with angels and gods as well, it doesn’t matter really. Thought about Archangel Michael for example. Do you think thats a good idea? It’s for my little siblings who had a few very bad encounters so I really want and need to protect them.

Would the book of Damon Brand on Magickal Protection be a good idea to buy and to read? Does anyone know if theres any stuff on physical protection as well to protect from attacks and sexual harrassment and stalking if possible?
I would also take other book recommendations, anything helps :slight_smile:

Would be really thankful for any answers really. I’ve tried looking through the forum but I couldnt really find much on it as i didnt know how to phrase it either lol

Thanks guys!


Thats nice!!! I’m sure that would help. Thanks for thr advice, really. I’ll keep it in mind.
Have you ever tried putting protection on a thing to carry with you? Idk how that works but it sounded like a good idea.

For the future i want to make a servitor for protection anyway but for now something like that would be nice, especially since the protection isnt really for me but for other folks.

Thanks again by the way! I’ll ask Astaroth!

For me, I’d get s Mjolnir pendent and enchant it to Thor, to get that god’s protection.

Thor and the rune Thurisaz associated with him have been used for protection for centuries. Do you not only have your own magick behind it, it lets you leverage that build up of energy in the collective unconscious so you get good strong effect with less effort.

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Hecate is an excellent choice

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Nice though. Thanks for your advice really! I’ll test both methods I think

I haven’t even thought about using a pendant of Mjölnir. Thanks so much! Thats actually a great Idea and i think that would work out. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

I’ll look into it, thanks!

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Yes it covers all that with sigils, but there’s a master protection ritual that basically sets you up for a life time of protection. I don’t think it’ll have anything specific for the purpose of the bracelet but it’s a good idea in general and I’d highly recommend.

This book is probably more relevant to the bracelet thing. There’s Angels to avoid enemies, or protect against them. You basically contact the angel then command it with a written request. In your request just specify your will is to embed the bracelet but you could always just do a normal ritual and command the angel to protect your sister. These angels are really powerful.

You can also layer spells (so you use multiple angels to protect her for various things) this would probably be better than tying it to a bracelet, charms are cool and all but in this case it’d be limiting the protection to when she wears the bracelet.

I’m sure you could do a general protection ritual and explain you want her protected and you also want her bracelet to be imbedded with protection.

From my understanding demons use people to manifest things so if you worked with a demon it’d probably manipulate humans to protect her whereas angels (from my experience and my friends) work faster and are more concerned with long term goals and changing all of fate and destiny to align with the goal. Whereas demons manipulate the hearts of men/women and their power is more physical.

I think two angelic rituals would be plenty.

I think the book I recommended would be perfect you, you can specify in your ritual to share the power with your loved one, you can specify a percentage 50%, 70%, or 80%. I’m pretty sure you can also just state "it is also my will that this protection is shared with my loved one, family, or specify each siblings name, or just say “my siblings”.

From my experience angels are EXTREMELY intelligent and they actually can read your heart and mind, so if you say “my will is to protect me and my loved ones” it’ll definitely know what you’re talking about.

Also note, sharing the magick doesn’t make it weaker, the book actually says it makes it stronger and improves results.
I don’t know how many people are in your family.

But the Kindle version/app is $9 and the paper back is $16 (if you ask me definitely go with the Kindle version, the book is pretty big and the sigils aren’t colored - they didn’t wanna make the book expensive with the red ink.)

If you have two siblings and you do one ritual for all three of you it comes out to about $3 per person (Kindle version-app).
And with the paper back it’s about $5.5 per person.

This doesn’t include all your loved ones but $16 bucks to protect 3 people seems like a better deal than a $20 bracelet for each person. It’s your life and your family but keep in mind what I said about the magick being even stronger if you share it.

My family has a lot of personal testimonies of angels so they play a major role in our lives. I also recommended that book to two of my close online friends, and they’ve changed their entire lives for the better. Rituals are 11 days long but this is preferred since you are working with them for long term change, they work with the long term in mind but me and my friends have had our requests filled before the 11 days of the ritual is up. Angels work really fast and ask for no sort of offerings. They’re benevolent in nature, you don’t have to have any sort of religous beliefs or even believe they’re real, as long as you act as if they are real it’ll work. One of my friends had major reservations and doubts regarding magick but soon enough he had a spiritual experience that changed his life.

You don’t do magick for a spiritual experience (at least I don’t) you do it for change, when you look back at all your magick you’ve done you’ll realize magick is VERY REAL maybe even more real than reality itself.

Also keep in mind there’s 72 angels
$9 ÷ 72 (angels) = $0.125 per angel

Each Angel has 2 or 3 powers, there’s over 200 powers in the book.

$9 ÷ 200 (powers) = $0.045

I don’t know where you are financially but I feel like anyone can justify access to 72 angels for a little over 1¢
Or 200 powers for less than 1¢.

Idk I’m an investment nerd so I look at ROI (return on investment).
I’ll say…this $9 for this book is basically GRAND THEFT as far as I’m concerned.

If this book was priced at $100 you could get your money’s worth within a month.

I’ve spent over $200 on “professional” magicians and honestly I was robbed haha. It’s cool though. With $200 buck I could’ve gifted this book to 22 people, smh.

I’ve shown the sigils to a Jewish girl in my class, she used to live in Israel and is well adept (and fluent in Hebrew) when it comes to magick, kabbalah, and more. She compared the book to her research over the years and she was VERY impressed. She started questioning how I got my hands on such high quality magick, “gotta know the right people, I guess”.

Multi-millionaires from a secret society recommended these books to me, I have no idea what I did to deserve this level of magick but now that I have it I feel it’s my obligation to share it.

Also that publisher (The gallery of magick) has a book for working with the 72 Demons of the Goetia, the book is written a lot more…hmm just different.
The author really makes you think about how to use the demons and it’s really experience based.
You’d have to read the book and see if you’d have to do a demonic ritual for each person or if the demon can protect multiple people with one request.

Originally when I came to this site I was working EXCLUSIVELY with Demons (no angels and without any sort of angelic…mmm help, guidance, or protection within a ritual) I believe that was a major mistake. I also worked with the Demonic book far more than the angelic book I recommended to my friends. I dunno some people on this site made it SEEM as if angels were some how inferior or less powerful than Demons. I DEFINITELY DO NOT think this is the case, I’ll let you decide for yourself though.

I actually was somewhat envious of how much my two friends had progressed within the same amount of time. In my experience Demons take longer to manifest results, this maybe since the spiritual growth and experience you gain is a result of material gain.
Also I’ve had negative experiences working with demons WITHOUT angelic constraint, or guidance. Some people have no problems but I HAVE so I’m just speaking from personal experience.

I couldn’t find the exact post I was looking for. Basically someone asked if “Are demons benevolent or Malicious” the mod, @DarkestKnight replied something to the effect of “Yes”. I respect him and his work, and he has some powerful angelic rituals.

But consider this:

Magick in itself is neutral, the idea that angels are winged babies who couldn’t harm a thing is just laughable, and the idea that Demons are little imps running around is stupid, they’re Dukes, presidents, and Kings. I couldn’t tell you what the Goetia demons are or what their “true” nature, I don’t wanna turn this into a philosophical thesis but just realized there’s a great book by the title of “Beyond good and evil”.

That being said I would never bind or imbue a bracelet with demonic energy for protection. I just wouldn’t.

But I WOULD use demons to develop a multi layered spell of protection. I’d start with angelic protection and then add the demonic powers (refer to the difference between the two beings and how they manifest change). Also it’s important to note back in the day there’s was little distinction between what an angel was and what a demon was, and I think there’s strong evidence they are a lot closer than people realize. That being said here’s the book for working with demons I recommend:

Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for Working with The 72 Demons (The Gallery of Magick)

There’s 72 demons + 288 angels. Here’s a shirt exert from the book:
“For each demon in this book, you will find a sigil that contains the demon’s unique seal, a seal for its ruling angel, and written in Hebrew the names of three Angelic Emissaries that constrain that particular demon. In total, there are two hundred and eighty-eight angels, several divine words, a ritual to wield power, and a ritual to encourage the embodiment of archangels. Against these powers, no demon can resist or rebel. You will not sell your soul to the devil or dabble in cruelty, or sacrifice any animal, to obtain your desires. Indeed, I believe that when magick lowers itself to such levels, it is because the imagination of the occultist in question is severely lacking. While animal sacrifice and offerings of blood and meat, or actions of cruelty, have been used to energize magick, it is fair to say that these approaches are primitive and less effective than what I propose. More harmonious alternatives have been found that produce more effective results.”

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there preferred methods but I PREFER, AMD HAVE SEEN SUPERIOR RESULTS working with a Demon alongside 5 archangels, 1 ruling angel, and 3 angelic emissaries.

I identify as a LHP magician so within the ritual I embody the authority and power of GOD (please note the all caps) - the author provides everything you need including the divine names that’ll give you authority.
People will throw fits about the word “constraining” or this line “Against these powers, no demon can resist or rebel”. I’ve had demons resist, rebel, and more.

The book goes into how you should view demons and the proper play of power. Basically they are royal servants, you treat Demons as employees (angels too), you are respectful…but they know who’s boss is.

Anyone that has a problem with this…well I’d question whether they truly believe they are a living God. Last time I checked God can do whatever it wants. Demons fall into a hierarchy…put simply if angels required some sort of constraint I’d use that too.
From my experience angels listen just fine as long as you recognize (or embody) the role of GOD.

I’m not afraid of Demons or anything and I’ll gladly keep working with them, I’m not longer naive and I’ve gained experience.

Here’s my Demonic journal (all these were done using the Demonic book I recommended- using the connective evocation ritual):

And finally this is a book by the same group for working with Archangels this book is the most mysterious to me I’m sure in a year I’ll look back and see how everything connects. If you stopped it’s book of everything except the invocations it’d still be well worth it’s money. I did a invocation for discipline (regarding learning/creative endeavors) and I am completely awestruck by the results. That’s all I’ll say.

Archangels of Magick: Rituals for Prosperity, Healing, Love, Wisdom, Divination and Success (The Gallery of Magick)

This book is probably least relevant to the original question but you mentioned archangel Michael and he does offer protection. I forget if you can do the rituals for other (you can I think) there’s a tailsman (calling multiple angels) that cannot be used for others and invocations are only for you.

Best of luck with the protection and your magickal journey!

PS: If you’re short on change I’d recommend 72 angels of magick, if you can only buy one.


Hey Mulberry!

How can I charge my mjolnir? Is there any ritual I have to do?

You don’t have to, it works as is, but for extra oomph, you could charge it with your intention for protection.

  1. First get into a nice calm state and bring up all the feelings of being magickally shielded and protected, nothing gets to you, nothing can reach you or harm you.
  2. Put the pendant in the palm of your left hand, take your right hand formed into sword fingers, and keeping that energetic feeling, see it easily and naturally flow through you out of your finger tips and into the pendent.
  3. Keep doing it until you naturally feel it is enough, and so it is :slight_smile:

Optionally, you can help direct the energy with words that keep your mind focused, “you are enchanted and provide a shield for me” or something that suits you. Doesn’t have to rhyme or anything :smiley:


Thor and Archangel Michael are probably 2 of the most feared names in the universe…

Thor and Michael have protected me without even asking for it

Honestly I wouldn’t enchant only one entity to an object, I’d find a neutral object that isn’t dedicated to any of them and I’d ask them for them to enchant the object for me with their protection and blessing, this way you have an object that’s bridging the protection of multiple entities because often times there’s more than just one even the ones you’re not aware of

I’ve never needed objects for protection but I suppose it can work with some extra perks