Forcalor: Death Spell

I have had wonderful success with Demons on Magick. and was wondering if anyone had used Forcalor for a death spell and how long it took to manifest.


I’ve worked with Forcalor before back in Feb but not for death. It only took a few weeks for things to manifest. It was for revenge. Since you’re new to working with demons, per your introduction, I just want to remind you of the importance about cleansing, banishing and protection before doing such spells.

Here are a few topics about Forcalor:


Thank you so much Queen Mustang. I have been using the techniques provided in Demons of Magick that uses angels to constrain demons. Do I still need to cleanse and banish? So far I haven’t done so.


DOM might not be the best method, but you do you.


What method would you suggest?

DOM is a perfectly fine method. Many here have used it, so don’t change anything if you’ve had success with it.

The book provides a banishing ritual already as part of the ritual preparation so you don’t have to do anything else.


I don’t give out death magick how-to’s to strangers. Others do though. I’ll say none of the ones I’ve read are DOM or similar systems. Personally, I wouldn’t try to summon Furcalor into this system for fear of retaliation, but that isn’t to say it’s impossible to obtain your results.



I’ve worked with Forcalor and evoked him several times. I did get guidance from @meow and @QueenMustang last year on Forcalor.

I will not go into the baneful aspect on a public Forum, and you’ve got some really good info shared on here.

But I’ll say this on record. Forcalor is one of the bad boys of the Goetia and is extremely effective and quick. He does have a sense of “righteousness” about him. So if you’re calling him to eliminate someone make sure in your head atleast you feel they deserve it.

Apart from Baneful I’ve been helped by Forcalor on removing a 4 generation bloodline curse.

As suggested by @meow Focalor is one of the Goetic Spirits I’d think twice before using Solomonic methods with. Just speaking from what I’ve known of him and what he’s told me. But you do what works for you. This is just my opinion.


Thank you so much for this reply. I made a petition to him. A genuine petition, no evoking. I was extremely and cruelly used by this person. This was not a frivolous request…never in my life have I felt this way. I will have have patience and faith in knowing he will come through.

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I worked with him using Archer’s book. I felt suicidal after… I think it was residual energy after the ritual. Probably best to do a banishing after, think.

Ah, I think that’s what I’m experiencing. The energy in my home and spirit is heavy…a bit dark. @QueenMustang you’re right about the banishing. Noting this heaviness @Kindraathe mentioned I know Forcalor is powerful and trust in his work. As I stated above this was a genuine petition that I feel the target is deserving of. I truly appreciate the feedback from the forum. Although I’m a newbie, all my workings from GoM have come to fruition, so I’ll be patient.

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What type of confusion? What did you ask him to do?

Thank you. I’m not seeking death magick how-to’s. I’ve already performed the ritual…I was just curious how long it took others to see manifestation. I realize that’s lusting for results and have let it go. I have no fear of retaliation because what this individual did was so heinous. Every thing this person has done to me has come back on them. Every.single.thing. Forcalor has already been summoned and after the ritual this person displayed even more vicious behavior which has showed me there is an effect. In my intro on this site I mentioned I am new to magick…that is not exactly accurate; I’ve just started working with GoM in recent years. I have manifested thing mentally. I’m not sure if that falls under “magick” per-se, but I’ve done it multiple times.
Anyway, end rant. lol

I called on him for revenge. The story is too long and drawn out to bring up again, but he delivered and did exactly what I asked him to do.


@meow, thank you for your reply and I see what you’re saying. As I’m new to working directly with spirits I’ve applied the GoM method, and I like an actual process. I’m ready to branch out as their method is very taxing and involved, but I need to find my way. Forcalor reached out to me earlier today and said I need to purge this person before he delivered. And I literally vomited. I feel so much lighter. And I’m so glad Forcalor communicated with me. I’m not sure if you saw above, but my natural abilities are clairsentience and clairaudience, so I’m not surprised by this. I heard him. I felt him.


You can always make a process that fits your needs and wants.

That’s great! Furcalor is a spirit who seems to keep “favorite” humans more than most others I’ve encountered.

When I met Furcalor, he first approached me. I’ll admit the energy intimidated me a little. But we’re great friends now!


@meow you’ve been so kind in your replies. To adjust my rituals my intuition is telling me to meditate on the sigils and still write and burn the ciphers (I really enjoy that). My emotional manifestations have always been powerful and I think I’ll figure out to incorporate an eventually pair down the other stuff.

Forcalor’s energy is so strong. I feel him. I still feel his presence so I know he is working. That’s interesting that he has “favorite” humans.

Thank you so much for your responses.


I second this!!

If you are on Forcalor’s good side you’re golden. He has very few of those.


I asked forcalor to remove a curse placed on me and my family, few weeks later the one who placed the curse came back to our family angrily and placed another curse but during her conversation, she made a confession that someone have removed her previous curse spiritually so she is now here to place new death curse on me and my family. But I have asked forcalor again to reverse her new curse back to her and her children.


Can you share if Forcalor delivered what you asked for? Thank you in advance.