5 Days, 5 Spirits, 5 Q&A's

Here is my second Q&A.

2: Aratron, the Olympic Spirit of Saturn

I wasn’t sure which cardinal direction to face for Saturn, so I went with South, which is my default, and placed my chair facing that, within my UC.

This was performed on Saturday, in the Hour of Saturn. I didn’t have any candles in the appropriate colour so I just went with what I had, light blue.

I performed the cloud exercise and the countdown to get into trance. I focused on my breath for a few moments to stabilize my trance, and then decided to chant Ea’s Conjuration to Summon All Magical Powers. This deepened my trance, and seemed to cause the room to waver.

I gazed at Aratron’s sigil, while still chanting, and the sigil really seemed to grow, with the lines widening, and becoming almost 3D on the paper. I called to Aratron to appear before me.

My vision began to fade, and I had a difficult time keeping my eyes open. I felt something come into the room. It felt heavy, yet light at the same time. My body was also set upon by shivers.

I moved my vision from the sigil to my scrying bowl, to try and see the spirit. The water darkened, but I couldn’t make out anything. I closed my eyes and focused my inner sight. I got a sense of great age, wisdom, and endless patience.

I welcomed Aratron, and was greeted thus:

A: You, who fear Death, why have you called me?

I must admit, this threw me. Don’t we all fear death?

DK: Yes, I fear Death, Aratron, but I have called you here because I seek to move beyond my current limits, and to extend my current boundaries. I have read that you can help with this. Is this true?

A: Yes. The Sphere of Saturn can extend boundaries but know that everything must have an end, for without an end, one will never have something to strive against.

DK: I understand, Aratron. Thank you.

A: For my aid, you must know what your boundaries are. How far are you willing to go? Can you break where you currently are? I can help you, but you must be clear.

DK: I understand, Aratron. I am currently trying to understand my limits, for my life has grown stagnant and I seek to expand my influence and power.

A: Saturn is the sphere of stasis and petrification. My influence can lay heavy. Call me again when you have decided.

DK: Thank you, Aratron. Do you have any advice for me regarding my Ascent?

A: No.

DK: Thank you, Aratron, for the knowledge you have given me today. Please, go now, and may there always be peace between us. Go. My Will be done.

I sat for a few moments, collecting myself, and then counted up out of trance.

I felt quite sleepy afterwards, but, paradoxically, I couldn’t sleep.


Very nice communication my friend, very interesting will you be doing?
This is the kind of post I like to see on balg

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Hi Turbo, the cloud exercise is an exercise EA gives to help get into the Theta/Gamma sync. It is basically visualizing a cloud above you and then feeling it descend down your body, relaxing, and calming you. The Parting of the Veil is a gesture to “soften” the reality around you, to make it easier to sense spirits. It’s simply inserting your hands into the space in front of you, and pulling them apart as if parting a curtain.[/quote]

So the cloud never worked for me I use doors. I create the door. The door will have a sigil on it creating a link to a realm or Spirit. Evocation is godhead, mastering reality and self. It becomes second nature to fall down reality into the rapture state.


I have been very lax in posting so many apologies for my procrastination.

Here is another Q&A.

3: King Paimon

I set up my UC and table facing South with my scrying bowl. For this King, I used some new, white candles.

I performed my usual opening meditations to get into an altered state. I gazed at King Paimon’s sigil while chanting “Itz Rachu Mantantu…”

The sigil opened very quickly, taking on a 3D appearance and floating above the paper. I called out, “King Paimon, I call thee to appear before me in beholdable form, and to speak to me in a clear voice I can understand. Great King, come! King Paimon, come!”

I repeated the call until I heard a voice say, “I am here. So you finally decided to call, eh?” This was followed by laughter.

I welcomed the great King and thanked him for coming.

Here I did something I have never done before, and gave King Paimon an offering of a piece of milk chocolate. This was done for personal reasons that I will not get into.

P: Thank you. Why have you called me?

DK: I have some questions.

P:Speak them.

DK: How is your name pronounced? Is it Pay-Mon, or Pie-mon? Are you the Paymon from the Book of Abramelin?

P: It matters not.

DK: Thank you, great King. I seek mastery of myself and Ascension. Can you aid me in this?

P: Of course. Why ask a question you already know the answer to? You have much to learn.

DK: Mighty King, can you help me gain control of my thoughts and overcome procrastination and depression?

P: I can work with you on this, if it is your Will.

DK: It is my Will. Thank you.

P: Call me again when you wish to begin.

DK: I am a writer and an actor, and I am currently working on a play that doesn’t seem to be working for me. It is said you have knowledge of all art and science. Can you help me with this?

P: Yes. What do you require? Inspiration? Technical skill? You must be specific.

DK: I have the skill, mighty King, but no compelling story.

P: The story is what matters to you, eh? I can work with you on this. Open my sigil when you sit to write and call upon me.

DK: Thank you, King Paimon. Do you have any final advice regarding my Ascension or progress?

P: Do not let your fears and uncertainty stop you. Take control of yourself, of your mind. You cannot master others before mastering yourself. This you already know but have forgotten. Your mind creates your world. If you desire to be the Master, you must hold the reins.

DK: Thank you.

P: You are an interesting one. I see much potential but a weak spirit. (Here, I was given some very personal information I will not share.)

Any more questions?

DK: Any advice for others who may call upon you?

P: No. Just do the work and call upon me.

I thanked the great king again, and gave the license to depart. I extinguished the candles and counted up out of trance.

Again, I did not perceive anything in my scrying bowl but I did get a heavy presence to my right, in the West and the “voice” seemed to come from that direction as well.

I slept deeply afterwards. I kept the offering on my altar for about 30 hours, before disposing of it by burial in the earth.


Sounds like you’ve been real busy with evocations over the last few months and I can verify what you have said about the correct way to pronounce his name, he has told me “The pronunciation of my name is not important. This is your reality, so speak my name however it is most appealing to you. I will always come, no matter how my name is pronounced.”

I was also told that one must first learn to master the self before one can learn to master others. The same thing is true with help. You must first learn to help yourself before you can help others. If you were facing south and you heard the voice coming from the right, that makes sense. He is obversed to the west so you would have been observing and hearing him from the west.

You said you slept deeply afterwards, that is no surprise. When he is near the energy is so strong it feels like electrical shocks and fire running thru you (well at least for me it feels that way) like being near an open flame, my body temperature even heats up and I start sweating. But when he leaves you sometimes can barely keep your eyes open, falling to sleep almost immediately after the evocation and you stay asleep all night.

Something funny just came to mind, I should bottle up some of his energy and sell it as a sleep aid. LOL


Okay, last night I did another Q&A. This one was very interesting, as I definitely did not get what I expected. Also, some personal stuff was revealed to me that I have decided to share for your edification.

4: Lilith

Same altar arrangement as usual, facing South within my UC. I used two red candles for this one, plus my scrying bowl.

Entered an altered state through my usual meditations. The sigil I used was the triangular one posted to the forum by DouglasCameronFuego.

I gazed at the sigil and chanted the Summoning of All Magical Powers incantation. The sigil seemed flat, no response at all. After 9 repetitions of the incantation, I stopped and focused on my breath for a few moments. i started chanting the incantation again, another 9 times.

This time, the sigil started waking up. It was very gradual, though, almost like slow motion. Instead of the flashing or 3D effect, the iris of the eye in the middle of the sigil seemed to spiral open.

I called out, “I call thee, Lilith, Goddess of the Night, to come and appear before me, in beholdable form, and to speak to me in a clear voice I can understand. Lilith, come!”

I repeated the words, while continuing to gaze at the sigil. I didn’t feel anything, no sense of presence at all. I didn’t sense anything building either.

Then I heard, “I am here, sweet one,” followed by laughter. It was like nothing was there, and then suddenly, this voice spoke.

I paused, reaching out with my senses for a sign of her energy or presence. I felt nothing. I continued gazing at the sigil but greeted Her.

DK: Welcome, Lilith. Thank you for coming. I have some questions.

L: Thank you for calling laughter And I have answers.

I continued to gaze at the sigil until I got a flash of impatience.

L: Why do you keep looking at the symbol. Am I not here?

DK: I am sorry, Lilith. Sometimes I am unsure.

L: You are forgiven. Ask your questions.

As I was about to ask my first question, in my mind I got the impression of a young woman twirling around, full of joy and happiness.

L: Well?

DK: I have heard you can aid in Ascension. Is this true? How could you aid me?

L: Yes, it is. And in so many ways. Which way would you like? I have much to offer one such as you.

DK: What do you require of those who work with you?

L: Devotion. Love. Fierceness. Power. I expect and demand such from the ones who call upon me. i am often called for sex, but I offer so much more than mere lust. I can fulfill all desires. What do you desire? here the voice dipped low, with a what I thought might be a smirk

DK: I am seeking to know my inner most heart. Do you have any advice or meditations that can help me in this?

L: There is so much you have hidden. So much hurt. A love lost. Guilt. You must learn forgiveness, my child. Let go of the past or you cripple your future. I can help you with this. I can open your heart. I can heal your pain. It cries out for release.

DK: Who do I have to forgive?

L: Yourself. You must forgive yourself. Call upon me and I will love you. sigh

DK. Thank you, my Lady. I seek mastery of myself and my world but I feel blocked. Any thoughts on this?

L: You hold your emotions in, but they desire expression. Release yourself from your self imposed chains. Be free. Be wild. Let loose the Beast inside! Bring yourself pleasure. Be who you are meant to be, a god upon the earth.

DK: I am part of a community where we share knowledge. Do you have any advice to share with others who may want to work with you?

L: Yes, I know. Tell them, there are no limits. Break the chains. Indulge themselves. Revel in the flesh and the blood. Taste all the world has to offer. Is there anything else you wish to know, my love?

DK: No, thank you, my Lady.

L: Next time, bring me some wine. I love a good red laughter

DK: Thank you again, Lilith. Please return to your home, and may there be peace and respect between us.

L: Always. I love you.

DK: Please return, and be ever ready to come when I call.

L: I have always been with you, silly boy! laughter

This was not what I was expecting from Lilith. There was no Darkness, or Power displayed. It felt like I was talking to a teenage girl who had a crush on me, but there was a very subtle undercurrent of danger to it. It was flirtatious but not overtly sexual.

After counting up out of trance I was quite unsure if it was indeed Lilith I had spoken with. I have since had it verified by a third party that it was so this was definitely one of the most interesting Q&A’s I’ve had.


No, that was Lilith alright. I could tell based on the way you said she interacted with you. The flirtaciousness, the teen girl type aspect. I could feel her in the words you typed.


Thanks, Raven!


so inspiring!!

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King Paimon

This reminds me of what he tells me, King Paimon is great to work with.
You should call upon him again sometime!


so when your evoking do you write down what you hear or do you just remember it? becuase EA says in that state its gonna be hard to remember much of the interaction

[quote=“TheBaphomet666, post:34, topic:7212”]so when your evoking do you write down what you hear or do you just remember it? becuase EA says in that state its gonna be hard to remember much of the interaction[/quote]I write down what I hear.

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[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:1, topic:7212”][…]

DK: Not ready? For what? Whatever this is, it greatly hinders my physical expression.

R: No, it does not. You hinder the pursuit of strength. You must work on yourself through your energy and chakras. Make yourself as strong as you are able.


First, thank you so much for these posts.
Second, could you (or any other on the forum) talk a little more about “how to work on our energy and chakras to heal ourselves?”?


There are a lot of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function - also, please start a new thread about this topic, that way this one won’t go off-topic talking about that - cheers! :slight_smile:

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Dear Dark Knight could you please describe your scrying bowl

Angel, my scrying bowl is simply a black ceramic bowl filled with water.

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DarkestKnight are you still evoking entities?

Wow, this was a fantastic read. I know this is an older topic, but it’s definitely helped me, since I’m starting my journey into evocation, and this gives a good amount of info on how it feels when you open the sigil. Thanks for sharing!




This is incredible I enjoyed reading it.