Lilith help ~ new to her

i am thinking to work with her,i posted this becuase i seen that she is hella differed of other demons,more witchy stuff,anyways,
what she likes?offerings,candles,
and how to approach her?

Ahhh… this should get flooded by numerous women thinking they are Lilith very quickly

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Lmao :joy::joy::joy:


awesome thank you!

lilith in bottom left here


If you feel like youre being seduced it is a test of will and strength

i feel a little

She is lovely.

I did not approach her through the qlippoth when I called her. I used a triangular seal that was posted to the forum by a member. She came and was very flirty but she did not “test” me, nor did she try to intimidate. She was loving, and quite understanding.

You can read about my experience here:

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