Lilith crying for me?

So this week I was watching some Kevin Samuels and Andrew Tate stuff. Very interesting. I don’t believe in everything they say, but the mentality of “become the best man you can be”, is awesome and more men need to hear this.

But I kept getting their videos recommended more and more and then I get into this whole “Men are useless, men need to be this and this” debate and the more I listened to everything, the more I felt terrible, not only about myself, but also about women.

Women being described as hypergamous and never happy with a man, always cheating, always lying and scheming, made me very sad deep down. But I just repressed it and moved on. Thinking it’ll just go away and not realizing how much this might have had an effect on me.

So today I meditated and I called Liliths name and she came immediately almost, with a very intsense sad energy. As if she ran to me with tears.

I heard in my head “I cry for you my, child”

At first I didn’t know what was going on, but my emotions that I repressed quickly came up. The feeling of worthlessness and the idea that true love doesn’t exist and that I will never have it, a female companion that will always try to cheat on me and maybe even disappoint my kids.

I talked with her. While I didn’t understand everything she said, I kinda felt what she said, hope that makes sense.

Very interesting experience. I am still kind of sad, because it just happened and I’m immediately posting it.

Did this ever happen to you? And why is she referring to me as “my child”? Or am I simply nuts lol?


That’s her,the first time i saw her in dreams she put my head in her shoulder for what happened to me in my life, these people care so much about love,and that’s so sweet

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Yeah I really have a hard time believing and dealing with the fact they’re so gentle and loving. I never gotten so much love and understanding from my fellow humans, so that’s probably why.


Wow i had Lots of misconceptions about her as mad feminist n shit :thinking:
Reading this post made me Sort of happy Cos she Values Emotions of morden men amount of Fuckery we go through is insane ,Nobody will give a fuck about ya if ur Avg Man Always remember brother keep grinding :muscle::100:


I would think that this notion is the expression of someone or something that knows better than turning mad at you because of your emotions, assumptions or simple misconceptions. Showing compassion for you instead, for whatever has happened to you that made you experience your life líke this. Sharing the pain and feeling for the other person instead of denying it, etc.

The hardest thing a human can possibly do is not to resort to their own emotions about something when being confronted with another persons feelings. We tend to turn emotional as well, casting reason aside for the sake of being right or making a point (causing even more differences and rifts between another).
Spirits are often free from such reactions, I assume that their longevity and them witnessing the same stuff over and over again made them less reactive and more understanding, from an intellectual point of view (for better or worse, haha).

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Thats the only real conversation with lilith that i can find in balg, read it like 10 time ,and dont believe those sex story’s about her

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Yeah me neither. She doesn’t even come off as sexual. Naamah is more of the “sexual” type tbh, but then again it’s not as one dimensional as people make it out.

Btw here is a channeling of her. Idk if you’ve watched it already

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Tnx,my English is not so good but i dont trust Internet at all, specially you tube,she is ninlil the lady wind,the gentle wind in night,the goddess who love children and give them good dreams with that wind,but are fellow humans told us that she is a monster who eat children.I’ve had some visions about goddesses and they were naked or half naked, that is not mean anything sexy,just beautiness, believe me,i find it in a hard way

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Ok i listen to some of this and laughed, lucifer(archangel heylel)told one of my friends that you should forget about light and dark war,every spirit and person in universe has its own plans and agenda,

Yeah I agree with that. That gets evident when channels or magicians start discussing politics or history. The spirit usually just accepts it without comment. It’s bizarre when a spirit does take a stand and agrees with the politics of a channel. Major red flag for me.

I think that’s why I like Pamelas channeling of Tiamat so much. Tiamat publicly shat on her politics, while she was live channeling him, going the complete opposite route lol.

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Is it normal to have experiences like that? And how strong is my bond with her, where she cries for me and refers to me as her child?

We are moving on foundations that are considered as unnormal to most societal standards, so I’ll stick with the german “Jein” here :slight_smile: Personally I am considering it as something normal if a close spirit chooses to express their personal view on how I perceive my surroundings or draw my conclusions. Other folks on here do not appreciate such rather intimate interferences and it all depends on how you are negotiating your boundaries with them.

I don’t like to act as some kind of mouth piece on behalf of a spirit; establishing such bond and navigating through its meaning is something that should unravel between you guys.
(I know, “Your bond must be special and strong” would be the most desired answer on this, but it isn’t for me to estimate this)

If she refers to you as “child” it could have many different meanings. One of them could include that she wishes to take a maternal role in your life, maybe establishing healthy relationships to typically feminine matters like emotions, the unconscious and mystical aspects of yourself, all the aspects that include (self)care and (self)nourishment. Maybe she wishes to nourish these aspects - like a mother - so you can develop a new perspective on women (as it seems to be a core problem for you), finding a way out of your mind trap.

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Danke für die Antwort. Wusste nicht das du Deutsch bist :wink:

Translation: (Thanks for the answer. Didn’t know you were german)

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One of the forum rules is to use the english language, to make it accessible and understandable for all users :nerd_face: If you feel the need to communicate in german just drop me a PM :slight_smile:

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Yeah okay. Added a translation lol.

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The lady in the video channeled the same message that I received from Astaroth years ago about stagnation. “Stagnation is death.”

Lilith is “feisty”, they said in the video. She is just intense and passionate. Lilith is so misunderstood. She really is “cool people”, once you get to know her.


Once i got angry with her(I’m crazy and idiot, sorry lilith)and i got a vision from her like that(she look 20 y/o)
For a month, whenever I remembered it, I laughed from the bottom of my heart

I’m aware of Kevin Samuels, but not so much Andrew Tate. And I will attest to something. What they, and others, say about being better men, it sounds reasonable. But then you find out that they’re idea of a “better man” is this hyper masculine and joyless bully who has to control the people around him, some sort of authoritarian uber stoic. And then because the algorithm is the way it is, it keeps on sending you to more and more extreme stuff. It’s sort of like you’re standing in the center line between two camps with bricks tied to your shoulders. So, when you lean to one side for some relief, you risk falling over. So, on one side, you have this camp that fetishizes this traditional “High Value” man bs. Then on the other side, I won’t finish that sentence out of respect for forum rules. But you know what’s in that other camp.

I will also say this. Technically, I don’t think I was ever given the opportunity to learn how to talk to and communicate with women. In fact, I’ve often felt attacked for even trying. Today, I find women in my age group to be scarce. But that’s what you get for living in the middle of nowhere. Even when I’m around them, I feel something telling me that I shouldn’t approach them because of blah blah blah. So, I keep my distance. So, a combination of all of this, plus politics, plus the internet being designed to show me the worst of them, I’m not sure if I respect women. So, I myself feel vulnerable to all of this stuff.

I’m not actively working with any female spirits or goddesses at the moment. I feel like I need to get in touch with my own masculinity. So, for now, gods and male spirits only. However, if I were to define what I mean by masculinity, I’d say it’s about passion, not control. The idea is that the need to control others is a sign of insecurity, but passion is actual strength. I think Jaden Yuki from Yugioh GX is a good example of what I’m describing. Something tells me that, if I can develop this form of masculinity, the universe will reward me, as if I’ll be worthy of the attention I seek.


Nuts, 10/10 nuts.

I have lived an year in delusion from parasites and from myself, a clear sign that your conversation with a being is false is that when you feel a certain emotion like sadness or happiness, suddenly an ‘entity’ wants to talk to you and apparently shares the emotion that you are feeling. Be aware.

Always try to focus and get normal before engaging with entities and always confirm your conversations with entities using tarot.

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It happened while i was calling her. She didn’t just pop out of nowhere and said “Hey, u sad?”.